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2nd December 2023

💖 Married By Force 💖

{Couple madness}
Episode 15

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️💫

💘 Jaylen 💘
Omg OMG she's being nice again.
Am so happy right now at least am getting somewhere.
“You won't take it right?” She smirked evilly.
” Nope I won't. ” I looked away.
” Okay fine am gonna feed you myself so is either you open your mouth now or am gonna use this fork on your manhood. Choose wisely. ” She smiled.
Seriously she's tryna blackmail me.
“Okay fine. I'll have the soup.” I rolled my eyes.
“There you go.” She shove a spoonful of soup into my mouth.
Hmmm it's not so bad than I thought.
She picked up a tissue and wiped off a crumbs around my mouth.
I held her hand and pulled her close.
“Am sorry.” I whisper audibly.
“For what?” She asked.
“For everything have done to you. And for also misjudging you. If there's any way am gonna make it up to you then I'll do it. ” I added.
” She inhaled sharply and pulled away from me and sat down at the edge and kept on feeding me soup.
“You have to prove to me that you have changed truly. And Will be a wonderful husband to me too. ” She mumbled as she shoved a spoonful of soup into my mouth.
” I promise am gonna do anything to win your trust.” I said like a desperate child.
” Okay then am looking forward to that. In the meantime finish your soup.” She frown.
“Thank you so much for everything. ” I smiled as she hand me a glass of water.
” It's nothing okay? ”
Turns out Jeremy was right .
💋 Skyler 💋
He took my hands
Then brings his head closer to mine
what's he Tryna do
“Erm let me clean this up” I stammered as I quickly pack the plates and head in for kitchen
I dropped the plates into the sink
wait, Is he trying to kiss me?
“no it can't be” I said shrugging away the dirty thoughts
After am done in the kitchen
I went into the sitting
I met him there watching some silly match
I so much hate all sports stuff
I sat on a chair opposite him
Then he changed the channel to my favourite channel
wait how did he know that
He left without saying anything
He didn't even bother to finish watching his match
I stared at him in surprise as he walked back to his room
This isn't the same jayden I know
💔 Kim 💔
“yeah he knows the truth, Now what are we gonna do” I asked Mack
“don't worry, all we are gonna do is to force him to get our bid done” he smirk
“how are we gonna do that” I asked
“abduction is the best in situations like this” Mack said
“what!!, we can't do that, What if we are caught” I said in panic
“calm down lady, I got everything under control” he said
“so how do we get him” I asked
“leave that to me lady” he said as he silence me with a kiss
“you are not gonna kill him OK, All we need is his money” I said as he kept on kissing my neck.
“sure, my lady” he whispered as he bite my earlobe
💋 Skyler 💋
I was bored watching movies alone so I went to get jayden but couldn't find him in his room
I knocked the bathroom door several times without getting a reply
I decide to open the door surprisingly it was not locked
I look in for Jay but he wasn't there either
I went out check each rooms and their restrooms
I couldn't find him still
My body shook in fear
Where did he go
maybe he's in the swimming pool or in the gym house
I walked through the corners leading to the swimming pool shouting his name but didn't get any reply
I got to the swimming pool but couldn't find him there then I proceed to the gym he's not there either
I collapsed on the floor
Wondering where he has gone to
There's no way he's gonna go out without passing me by
I went back to his room
This time I was careful checking every where
Then I saw trace of something being dragged on the floor
oh no was he kidnapped
I sat down crying
Just the time this relationship is going well
Then he was taken away from me
What kind of life is this
💘 Jayden 💘
I woke up in dark room
I tried to move when I noticed I was being tied up to chair
I struggle trying to free myself
Not long after the lights went on
I saw Kim and Mack walking in smiling wickedly
“so what's up bro” he said
“no what's up with you, What just did you want from me and you Kim I can't believe you did this to me” I shouted
“and well I never loved you, I just want your money duhhh” she said in a little mockery
“anyways mr, time is far spent, Call your wife to send us the documents or you die” he said
“what, are you threatening me right now” I said
“whatever you call it, it's none of my business, My business is your money” he said
“we don't have time do we?” Kim said
“yeah we don't, Let's do what suppose to be done” Mack said as he brings out his phone
💋 Skyler 💋
He didn't come home since yesterday
So I report it to the cops
Just then a call came in from unknown number
hello who's this
hey sky are you there I heard jayden's voice from the the other side
jayden is that you, where have you been, When did you leave, Why didn't you call yesterday
can do you me a favour
answer my questions first
I will answer you when you grant my request
ok what's it
I want you to go to the drawer beside my bed, I want you to get some documents
I will text you the location of the place you will bring it
OK now will you answer my question
But the line hang up without any explanation
I went into his room
Bring out the documents
I read the contents of the documents then I was able to pinpoint that the documents is his properties documents
Why would he need this for after going away for days without keeping me abreast
Not even a call from him and when he did
He couldn't even explain to me why he did that
Something smells fishy..
To be continued……
Am sorry for leaving you guys hanging for long 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Artist Name; Married By Force, Romantic stories

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