[STORIES] married By Force Episode 17

πŸ’– married By Force πŸ’–

{Couples Madness}
Episode 17

Naijalanded writer

🚬 Mack 🚬
Seems he succeed this time getting me but I can’t lose to him totally
My coming back will be worse ,No mercy .
Am so gonna torment him
I will use his weakness against him
Even though my plan a and b failed there’s still remaining 24 alphabet Plan C is coming right up .
I just have to be free from this mess, Then boom jay you are gonna escape this.
πŸ’˜ jayden πŸ’˜
I can’t just believe mack will do this me remembering our days together
I can’t believe nice, gentle, weak mack has turned into what I called a beast going to extent of killing me just to attain my properties .
Everything is all wonder. Even Kim I have put so much trust on her not knowing she was only tricking me.
What a life
Someone I greatly despise, Someone I had always wish death is that same person that saves my life twice
Still in thought when I heard someone cough
“It’s sky”
She’s awake
πŸ’‹ skyler πŸ’‹
I tried opening my eyes as the vision is blurry
“Sky are you awake” i heard jay’s voice
“I want to eat burger” i said to him after opening my eyes fully
“OK there’s no burger here but let me get some for you” he said as he walk away
let me disturb this guy a little bit when he comes
Seems he’s caring after all
But being wicked is the other side of him
Turns out he’s really nice
He came in some minutes late with some burgers
“I want some cheese too and a ice cream and a sphagtti and a water” I said
“Huh, OK here’s some water” he said
“No I want tea” I said
“Like seriously”
“Yeah” I said
Just then jeremy walk in
“Hey what did i see, some lovely couples” he tease while I just chuckle at his words
“OK good you came can get her what she wants” jay said
“I don’t want him, i want you” I said
“I want some sphagtti, ice cream, tea, some cheese, pizza and a vegetable salad” I said
“Huh, you are saying, repeat again” jay said
“Get this, I can’t stress my self so use your brain” I said.
πŸ’‹ skyler πŸ’‹
As soonas jay left
Jeremy came to my side
“You are one beatiful lady, you know” he said
“Yeah i know, so what” i said
“And you should be treated like a queen and not the way my brother treats you
” i have been crushing on you for long, i wish you are never married to that dumbass” he said
” you are someone special, and needed to be treated in a special way and if you agree to be dating secretly with me, i will sure treat like a queen” he said
I coughed in pretendance
what’s he saying, i hope this one has not gone insane
“You need to be treated a queen and trust me i will treat like that if only you will say YES”
“Huh have you gone insane, your brother wife??” I said in surprise
“Yeah have gone insane at your beauty, you can’t imagine that pain i felt when he treats you like trash or speaks trash about you” he said
“Wake up man, are you sleeping, this is skyler your brother’s wife” i said tapping me
“I love the feel of your hands on my body, can it be more than this” he said in a lustful voice
“Have you gone naught, like seriously” i said
He move further by trying to grab my br**st but i pushed him away before he could do that
He landed hitting his head on the wall
Just then jay came in
He quickly sat back acting as if nothing happened
“Ohh You are back already” jeremy said
“Yeah am back, should i sleep there” jay said while i chuckle
He hand over the food to me
“What?? Are you not going to serve it” i said
“Hmm ok” he said
He gave my the food
“Hmm baby come closer” i said
Then i tucked a burger into his mouth while i eyed Jeremy
Soon one of my doctors came to check me out
Saying i was ok
“Body temperature *check
” bone movement *check
“Seems she’s okay and will be discharged tomorrow” doctor tom said
“Ok thanks” he said as he sat beside me
“Darling are you okay” my said as she rush in with my dad
“As you can see, yeah am ok” i said
I went in telling them what happened while jeremy looks at me in surprise
“Why will you do that” he asked
“I owned my life to my husband even he hasn’t save me before, so what?” I said while he rested his head on his palm with his elbow on his laps.
To be continued…….

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