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2nd December 2023

πŸ’– married By Force πŸ’–

{couple madness}
Episode 2

By naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’«

πŸ’“ Jaylen POV πŸ’“
My parents are impossible forcing me to get married to such a loose and characterless b*tch .
Ttch trust me I'll make me her hate getting married ever again.
β€œWait do you think I actually wanna get married to someone as disgusting as you ? ” I said , hurting her feelings by my words intentionally.
β€œTrust me man the feeling is mutual” she spat.
” And if I were I would opt out of this alliance else am gonna make you regret ever getting married to someone like me”I said coldly.
” In as much as I don't wanna get stuck with you I'm seriously not scared of threats ” she glared hard at me.
She goes clubbing all night and act all saintly by the day.
Durr!! I can't be fooled . She's probably not a virgin .
β€œI don't make empty threat I make em happen and when i do you gonna suffer” I smirked.
” Aww you guys are getting along pretty well huh?” Dad said as they all came back to the living room.
Smiling sheepishly .
β€œThey'll make a very cute couple don't you think?” Her Mom cooed and smiled at her dad.
” Whatever mom but just know I'm getting married to some random dude ” she cursed underneath and ran upstairs.
” Don't worry about her she's gonna come around soon .you know girls and how they act ” her dad said and winked at my dad who laughed wholeheartedly.
” Okay if you say so we'll be leaving now ” dad said.
Yeah that's a relief am getting outta this place.
We bid the family good day before leaving for our various homes.
Yeah I don't live with my parents not when I have my own cash.
I'm jaylen Cortez , the guy every girl dreams of.
Trust me it ain't easy to be extremely handsome.
I own ten biggest casinos around.
Age 29 .
Youngest billionaire who's about to get married to one loose spoilt brat.
I have a girlfriend whom I truly love but right now as it is.
Dated so many celebrities and models too but Kimberly was the only one that was luck enough to captive me.
My parents are seriously trying to come in between me and Kimberly.
I know she must be feeling in secure about the whole situation.
I placed a call across to her immediately I got home.
She picked up after several dials.
Baby ” I voice out.
Don't baby me please” she sounded angry.
Come on dear I thought we have been over this issue huh ?” I frown .
I know but I can't but get jealous knowing you went to see your so called bride to be . Am scared you might choose her over me ” I could sense sadness in her voice.
Ofcourse not my love , she's not even close to you when it comes to beautiful. You're a beauty queen and I won't trade for anything ” I assured.
Are you sure baby?” She asked.
100% you know what? Why don't you come over let's catch some fun ” I smiled.
Yay !! Be right there in five ” she squeak.
Don't keep me waiting” I said and hang up.
I miss her so much it's been two days since I last saw her in person.
To be continued….
Promise to make the next episode longer


Artist Name; Married By Force

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