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2nd December 2023

πŸ’– Married By Force πŸ’–

πŸ’“ {Crazy couple} πŸ’“
Episode 6

Naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’«

πŸ’ Jaylen πŸ’
Her mere side disgust me , I doubt if I would be able to cope in this God forsaken wedding. We arrived at the airport in Dubai and a car was just waiting outside for us. I walked ahead of her and got into the car , she got in shortly without saying anything. The driver drove us to the penthouse where the stupid honeymoon is gonna take place. She Crossed her leg like a boss and was viewing the city through the windshield. We were halfway through when I decided to deal with her a bit.
β€œStop the car please” I mumbled and he driver stopped the car.
” Why did we stopped? β€œShe finally spoke.
β€œGet down” I groaned.
β€œHuh? Excuse me ? Get down for what” she irritated me the more.
I got outta the car and went to the other side opened the door and pulled her outta the car. β€œWhat the fvck is wrong with you” she half yelled.
” You'll have to trekk behind this car to the penthouse or you can still enjoy the street cause that's where you belong. β€œI entered my car and asked the driver to start the car at first he hesitated. ” Are you daft ? I said move this damn car! Or do you wanna loose your job? ” I barked at him. ” Am sorry sir ” apologize and brought the engine to life.
He drove to the penthouse leaving Skyler behind.
She should find her way here I don't have to go everywhere with her. The driver was almost close to the penthouse when I asked him to make a u turn back to the place I left her . He drove back there but she was nowhere in sight.
Maybe she got kidnapped you never can tell.
Well I don't care if she was.
He drove me back to the penthousehouse and went upstairs to the master bedroom. I took my bath and change into my casuals and rested Abit before leaving the room.
πŸ’› Skyler
Gosh I hate my life so much. I wish I wasn't born into the gray.
I foamed in anger as I stopped a cab that took me to the penthouse. Luckily I had the address.
I got in and went to the living room.
The place was so quiet and beautiful too.
Just then he descended from the stair all freshen up.
β€œWhat was the meaning of the stunt you pulled earlier huh ? ” I growled at me. He ignores me and went over to the couch.
He turned on the TV and focused on it.
This isn't a marriage but a dead zone and I have to be strong if I wanna teach this dude a lesson. I walked quietly to the water dispenser and filled up an expresso jug with water before walking back to where he sat. I emptied the water on his body angrily.
β€œBloody hell!!!!! Have you lost it !!” He yelled angrily as his eyes were so red. ” No it is you who have lost it ” I glared at him and took the stairs upstairs. I got to the lobby shortly , there were much rooms .
I ended up picking anyone that has not been used by that ape ..
I pulled off my dress and walked towards the bathroom naked.
I mixed a bath and stepped into it .
Gosh so relaxing.
After bathing , I stepped out and dried my body .
There were lots of cool lotions. I picked up one and rubbed it on my body. I strolled to the closet to have a fun..
β€œWoow so dope, There were so many clothes and bags with shoes.
Now this is what we call class.
I picked out a black bumshot and a white singlet .
Damn am so hungry I better go cook something for myself.
I walked quietly to my door and opened it only to be poured lime all over my body.
To be continued……


Artist Name; Married By Force

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