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Married To Mr Ego Synopsis

Married To Mr Ego Synopsis

My Egocentric Hubby

(He'll help me…but I have to marry him)





He's Hot She's Hotter

He's Crazy She's Crazier

He's a Wacko She's a psychopath


Annabella Stone, a strong headed girl who works hard everyday to make ends meet. She lives with her Aunt and uncle (A drunkard) she despises her uncle a lot cause of his irresponsibility… She's beautiful, smart and doesn't give a damn about anyone. Her only goal is to provide for her family and one thing you need to know about her…she's crazy, extremely crazy…you don't get on her bad side and go Scott free.

Liam Henshaw, is another person entirely, he's one of a kind…Handsome, Rich, charming…everything…he's one of the youngest billionaire in the whole of Texas..girls go crazy over him, they drool on the mere of seeing his face but he doesn't fucking give a damn to that..he's rude..pompous..Egocentric and could call him anything you want…he's a proud Handsome freak. He hates ladies with everything he has…he gets irritated by them and never believed In love ever since he lost the only girl precious to him.

What do you think will happen when crazy Anna and Cranky Liam Cross path?

What happens when they have to get married for reasons best known to them?

Will they be able to cope together??

What awaits Anna when she finds herself falling for the tetchy Liam??

Will the stone hearted Liam ever fall for her?

What about Claire? Will she let her be??

Who is Claire???

How is she related to Liam?

Find out in the story


Another crazy_romance story from Faith Ifeoluwa…?

Watch out!!!

My Egocentric Hubby

(He'll help me…But I've to marry him)



Sub title: Meeting Mr Kooky 😡


❤Anna's p.o.v❤

My sound sleep was disrupted by the sound of my phone ringing what.the.fucking.hell! Not even my alarm. I ignored it and let it ring to an end but it began ringing again and I groaned out of my sleep and reached for the phone which was on the head of the bed. I opened my bleary eyes to check the caller and discovered it was scarlet what the…? Why the hell is she calling me this early. I picked the call.

“Annabelle!!!” She screamed and I flinched what the hell is wrong with her?

“Girl you can't believe what just happened to me? All the months of fasting, going to churches, mosques and even Temples finally paid off. Right now I'm the most happiest person on earth, the deities finally took pity on the poor me..oh gosh I'm so happy i finally made it…?”

Oh mercies! That's the problem with scarlet..must she wake me up early in the morning just for her silly gists..if not for the fact that she's my friend and my best friend at that I'd have sow that loosed mouth of hers ages ago..I don't understand how someone could be so garrulous and to think I'm stuck with her..gosh! It's tiring.

“Hello! Hello!! Annabelle are you still there?” Her voice came at the other end.

“Geez girl..what exactly is it? You woke me up?” I said sleepy

“Oh my gee!! Don't tell me you're still in bed girlfriend, aren't you going to work it's already 8”

“What're you saying 8? alarm haven't ring yet” I mumble as I checked the time on my phone.

“What!!!” My eyes almost popped out of its socket. “Shit!” I cursed under my breath and sprang up from the bed.

“Why the hell did nobody woke me up!” I yelled to no one in particular as I ran to the bathroom. It's already 8:30 and I'm supposed to be at work by 7 I can't believe I overslept this fucking alarm of mine didn't even do its work I'm really sure I'm gonna get a scolding from my boss or worse a query. Taking a quick bath I jumped back to my room I didn't even brush my teeth..I opened the wardrobe and took whatever my hands touches. I'm sure of three things. First ” I'm dead ” second “I'm gone” and third “I'm deadly gone”. I took my bag and rushed out of the room.

“Anna won't you have your breakfast?” My Aunt shouted on sighting me running outta the house.

“No Aunt I'm late!” I yelled as I find my way to the bus station.

“Oh no!” I exclaimed as I check the time on my wrist watch, I've been standing here for almost fifteen minutes now and there's no sigh of bus..I think I've no choice but to take a cab, after about two minutes i hailed a cab.

After thirty minutes drive i finally arrived at my destination.

“How much is it?” I asked the chubby cab man.

“50 bucks” he replied

“50 bucks? That's too expensive!” I shouted and he frowns

“This is a cab not a community bus Missy…pay my money or I'll call the police” he threatens and I signed

“Okay fine…?” I grumbled and gave him the cash..he gave me a deadly look before taking off.

“Pig if not that I'm late I'd have put some manners inside that empty brain of yours!” I yelled and began running to my shop oh mercies! I'm really late.

Oops! My manners, I didn't even introduce myself..well nothing special…I'm Annabelle Stone, 24 years, not tall not short either..not fat..not lean either..I live with my Aunt and her husband. They have a daughter which is about my age and she lives with her friends not with uncle is a drunkard and a gambler most of the times he beats up his wife and whenever I try to intervene he beats me also..he's such an irresponsible bastard…I pity my Aunt for marrying an animal like him..he doesn't even comes home and when he does he only beats us up and collect money from us. We rented an apartment which manage. I work at three places and have another extra job. I work as a bartender in a club which I really hate cause guys always have their eyes on me fools do I look like the sluts they came there to find. I also work at a restaurant along with my best friend scarlet and at a pizza shop and trust me their pay is good. I work as a chauffeur sometimes that's my extra job I don't have time for relationship I think it's just a waste of time so all my time is devoted to work.I mean I'm supposed to have become a billionaire with all the work I do but hell no! Instead I'm as poor as a church rat and that's all because my so great uncle took all the money I earn to gamble and If I disagree not to give him he beats up my Aunt until I surrender..gosh I really hate that man.
Lastly coming to my attitude I'm what you can describe as crazy and stubborn.i think that's enough introduction for now..I gotta go.

Breathing like a bulldog, I rushed into the restaurant like one being chased by a hungry lion. The customers were all staring at me like I'm sort of a movie. I eye search for my boss and didn't find is scarlet day off so she can't possibly be here. I tried tiptoeing to the kitchen but stopped when someone suddenly tapped me from behind my heart sank as I prayed it shouldn't be my boss or else I'm dead.

“Which way to the restroom please?” I heard a masculine voice and saw a young guy with glasses

“Show me the way to the restroom..I'm pressed” he said arrogantly. Calm calm..Anna he's a customer. I wore a fake smile

“To your left's right there? I said and he tucked his hand in his pocket.

“cool…by the way that smile doesn't fit you “he smirks and leaves…wow must I encounter a proud duck nose early in the morning…what a great way to start my day. Signing I want to the kitchen. I met Ina my other coworker washing the dishes.

“HI” I whisper

“OMG Annabelle…why are you just coming?”

“Long story dear..the boss?”

“He's not here yet.he called this morning and I covered up for you” she replied

“Oh thanks're such a life saver…I knew I could count on you”

“Hurry change your clothes and attend to the customers” she smiles

“Oh sure…?” I heaved a sign of relief and change to my work attire…I'm so happy I managed to secure my job. I attended to the customers and the rest of the day became as busy as hell.

* * * *
Working in the restaurant is really stressful, you'll have to Stand all day taking orders, running around and to make it worse those annoying customers gosh! I really hate them

“ANNABELLE!!” Someone screamed hmm there's only one person who could be so crazy to call me like that. But what's is she doing here at this hour.

“Anna!!” She screamed again..I wonder what joy she gets in screaming my name every time

“Hey cool down what are you doing's late already”

“I…I..have some..thing to” she said breathing heavily.

“Then you could have wait till tomorrow or call..why come here at this what's it?” I asked

“I…got in!” She said happily and twirled around

“Anna I got in..I got in?!” She said again holding my hand

“Okay wait…where did you get in?”

“C'mon Annabelle..what do you mean? If course it's the most famous company owned by one of the youngest guy L.HHHH ENTERPRISE” she said laying emphasis on the ‘H'

“Ohh..never heard of that” I replied rubbing the back of my neck.
* * * *
“So you mean it's a big company owned by a young guy” I asked and she nodded

“And they called you in for the second interview?” I asked again and she nodded

“Wow girl you're lucky congrats” I said and she grinned widely

“Right right..I can't believe this finally I'll be able to see my Liam ”

“Liam? Who is Liam?” I ask and she glanced at me somehow.

“Oh my gee..girlfriend don't tell me you don't know Liam Henshaw one of the youngest billionaire and entrepreneur in the whole of Texas or I must say America” she voiced out and I rolled my eyes all these for one guy.?

“He's not only rich…?” She continued

“He's handsome, cute, charming, ah!he even has a nickname”


“Yeah…king of gods”

“King of gods?” I burst into laughter

“ isn't funny” she and obviously getting angry.

“Of course it is…is he that handsome?”

“It's because you haven't seen him”

“So you mean you applied for the job just because of this one guy?

“Of course..and I can't wait to see him and melt In his arms…our love story will begin”she giggled while I rolled my eyes.

❤Liam's p.o.v❤
‘Rise and shine!” I heard Ray say and my eyes fluttered open..I yawn stretching my arms widely.

“Good morning Ray” I greeted grunting after the stretch.

“Morning might wanna brush your teeth and wash up” he said and I got up from the bed.

“Meet me downstairs when you're done?” He went out..I took off my clothes and wrap the towel around my waist and went to do my business in the bathroom.
Short intro bout me. I'm Liam Henshaw one of the youngest billionaire in the country. I'm 27 and the CEO of my own company popularly known as L.H ENTERPRISE. I'm tall, handsome, cute, hot and all that trust me not that I'm bragging but that's what the girls says about me. Some even called me a demi god and all sort of things but I don't give a fuck because I totally detest them and how they drool over's irritating. I have a friend Ray and he's the complete opposite of me. He's also handsome, cute,hot,sexy blah blah cut it short he's a playboy..a total Casanova.he specialize in seducing girls and having a night stand with them then dump them. He doesn't even feel guilty about it. Just can't believe I have a friend like that still I love him because he's the best friend ever…I think that's enough into for now.
I went downstairs just to find Ray making a call probably to one of his slut Girfriends. Girls are just so cheap that's why I loathe them.
On sighting me he ends the call.
“Are you going out” He asked

“I'm going home?”

“Home?…so soon C'mon spend more days with me”

“Two weeks is enough in babysitting you…I'm going home now..I miss my house. I'll call you when I get there” I said walking towards the door.

“Why do I feel like we're divorcing and you my wife is packing out leaving me all alone in this big cruel lonely house…how lonely would I feel” he said and I shake my head.

“We aren't divorcing dear..just separating for a while”

“I'll miss you love” he pouted and I smiled

“See you later” I went I won't feel like I'm disturbing him in bringing home those slut over.
I arrived home after some minutes, I don't need to go to the company since I'm the CEO I only goes when there's an emergency or have any important work to do so I spent most of my time at home.
Suddenly feeling hungry I went to the fridge to get something but found nothing eatable there, I don't have maids to cook for me since I hired none so I decided to order for something.

❤Anna's p.o v❤
“Good morning Mrs Peter” I greeted as I entered the shop

“Good morning Anna, you're just in time, here take this and deliver it” I collected the pizza from her and took the address

“No 27 at the dark villa” I read out the address and took my helmet in my left hand.i put the pizza inside the box and tied it to the back of my vehicle and wore my helmet. I made a sigh before starting the vehicle and hit the road. It was a 15 minutes drive. I entered the dark villa the place waa so beautiful and rich.i parked the vehicle along the street and walk towards the gate. I pressed the bell and the gate opens I went in admiring every nook and cranny of the beautiful.
I pressed the door bell and waited eagerly for the person to open up. I pressed again this time forcefully the door opened and my mouth dropped. A beautiful handsome guy waa standing in front of me..brown eyes..pointed nose his lips were a combination of pink and red and his hair was dark and it looks so soft. I was lost staring at him, his features, cold aura it was indescribable. He look cold yet cute like the most handsome guy I've ever come across..I really can't believe standing in front of a handsome cute guy like this.

“When you're done drooling, can you hand over the pizza?”he said in a cold voice jerking me outta my thoughts

“” I hand the pizza over to him and him he gave me my money.he wanted to close the door but then I stop him.

“Do we still have any unfinished business?” He said in a rather soft voice this time.

“Umm..the thing is the business is not with you..but me?” I said and I can see confusion in his face.

“Actually..I need your help with see…?”

“Will you go straight to the point and stop beating about the bush” he said coldly again.

“Okay..okay the thing is I need to use the restroom” I said holding my stomach.but he just stood there staring at me like I'm displaying some movie without saying anything.

“I really need to pee pleaseee” I said again fidgeting with my legs.

“You…?” He said and examine me from head to toe.

“You don't really expect me to let you take this your filthy, stinking and ever disgusting Body into my house talk less of my toilet”

“Wha…what! Dis..gus..ting” I Stammered.

“You know this is the problem with you bitches..anytime you see a handsome guy you'll look for every possible to get them into your traps but I'm sorry to say Missy I'm not one of those shameless guys you chase around get that into your skull whore!”he snapped and slammed the door to my face.

“Geez…did he just called me a whore?..that bastardized oaf, he must be so blinded by his handsomeness that he didn't realize his brain is turned upside dare him call me a whore” I kept banging the door till it opened widely and I almost fell.i entered the house while he keeps yelling I go out or he calls the cops..I went straight to the restroom and ease myself.
Shortly I came out relive and saw him sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed.

“I want to tender my apology, I didn't mean to do that but it was urgent” I said and make my way to the door

“Also I'm not a whole and have zero interest in you so I hope you don't misunderstood ” I tried opening the door but it was locked.

“You shouldn't be in a hurry..the police are on their way” he said after a moment of silence.

“What po..lice?..why police?”

“I reported you for trespassing?” He dropped the bombshell and before I could say jack I heard a knock.

“Oh the cops are here?” He said with a smirk and went to open the door leaving me dumbfounded.

He really called the cops on her…?

How is Anna gonna escape from this??

So what do you think about this chapter?

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