Model Taxi 2 OST Part.6 – Seungyoon Kang

SBS Fri-Sat drama ‘Exemplary Taxi 2’ OST Part.6 ‘Kang Seung-yoon-Face to face’ released!

‘Face to face’, the 6th OST of the SBS drama ‘Exemplary Taxi 2’, ‘Kang Seung-yoon’, a member of the group ‘WINNER’, participated in the singing and fully captured the energy of ‘Kang Seung-yoon’ with an emotional yet powerful tone.

“A society in which justice is missing, just a phone call is okay” A private
revenge drama in which the mysterious taxi company ‘Rainbow Transportation’ and the taxi driver ‘Kim Do-gi (Lee Je-hoon)’ complete revenge on behalf of the wronged victim, ‘Model Taxi’ The two faces of the youngest knight ‘On Ha-joon (played by Shin Jae-ha)’, who newly joined in season 2, were revealed, further heightening tension. The 6th OST ‘Face to face’ of ‘Exemplary Taxi’, which is receiving a lot of attention once again by throwing a heavy message to our society beyond the thrilling development and exhilarating cider action, is a song in the powerful rock genre that heightens the level of immersion in the play. is expected to contribute to

‘Face to face’ is a particularly impressive song with lyrics from the point of view of ‘Kim Do-gi’, the main character who condemns the wicked in the play. The content of ‘Now it’s time to face me, I will make you pay for the sins you sowed’ accurately penetrates the theme of ‘Exemplary Taxi’. After the intro that starts with heavy drums and low-pitched guitar riffs, ‘Kang Seung-yoon’s charismatic verses that seem to reproduce British rock vocalists in the 1970s and 1980s created a more complete rock genre song. In particular, the powerful yet rough vocals of the chorus adorned the strong climax of this song.

OST Executive Produced by SBS Content Hub (Sanghee Seo, Dongwook Seo)

Lyrics by Zeenan(CLEF), Lee Jeongwon(CLEF), CLEF CREW
Composed by Zeenan(CLEF), Lee Jeongwon(CLEF), CLEF CREW
Arranged by Zeenan(CLEF), CLEF

Background vocals by Zeenan
Guitar by Jungwon Lee

Digital edited by Zeenan, Jeongwon Lee
Recorded by Shin Sung Kwon @YG Entertainment, Zeenan @ABG Studio
Mixed by Yonghee Park @Black Key Studios
Mastered by Jeongeon Park @Honeybutter Studio