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Mother-in-law Episode 1


👑🌹💋 Mother-in-law Episode 1 👙👇💋

Naijalanded writes ✍️💞💞

👑👑👑 Episode 1 🌹🌹🌹


“I love you more 💞!” Janet said with her heart full of excitement. “Hahahaha!” Emanuel guffawed. “How many times do we have to go through this? I love you way more than you love me. Don’t even think you can catch up with me in this love game. Janet, you are the air I breathe, the water I drink and the sunshine that lights up my world.” Janet strode across the polished floor and swept him off his feet for a second. “I like it when you say those to me, even though I know I love you more,” she said with her face beaming with resplendent smile. “The reason you feel that way is that deep within, you can sense I love you more,” he said and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.


“I am done arguing about who loves who more. I just can’t wait to show my love to you in our marriage. From all I have read, marriage is where the real test of love is. I hope I won’t become a bad wife soon after our wedding. If I become one to you, then you will have failed the love test,” Janet said strutting about on the polished wood floor. “My love for you has been in training for years, I have over those years developed enough muscles to deal with anything your love comes along with. I still won’t let you scare me. I love you die (so much).” “Okay, I quit. Let our marriage be the proof of it.” “Now you are talking,” Emmanuel said and led her down stairs to continue with their friends to work on their wedding plans.


Over their two-year courtship, they had learned to find some private time for each other to reaffirm their love and to steal a few pecks and light kisses. Their conversation upstairs was one of those. When they rejoined their friends downstairs, they plunged themselves back into the work of planning every detail of their wedding which was a few weeks away.
Three Weeks Ago

Mrs. Eme Asibong, a top bank executive was in her office, hard at work when an old acquaintance she would have paid money just to never to see again, walked in unannounced. “Udo! What are you doing here?! How did you pass the security to get here?” Mrs. Asibong asked, shaking with a measure of fear. Strutting like a peacock, Udo ambled across the floor and reclined into one of the armchairs in her office. There was no smile on his face, and Mrs. Asibong could not remember him ever wearing a smile. “What now? Why are you here?!” she yelled, eager to have him leave her office.


“Your manners stink to the highest heavens. How long ago was it since we saw last?” Udo asked, admiring her office. Since Mrs. Eme Asibong returned from her studies in the UK, she had received multiple promotions and had become one of the highly placed persons in Gold Bank. It was no surprise her office furnishings held Udo’s attention for a few minutes. “My manners are fine! The truth is that I was hoping to hear of your death! How do you do it? How do you manage to keep yourself alive? Can’t you wake up one morning and drop dead. If I could, I would pay to have you killed,” Mrs. Asibong barked.

Much to her shock, Udo smiled, revealing his gold-filled set of teeth. “I didn’t know you hate me this much, Eme Asibong.” “If I had the choice to choose between you and the devil, I would choose the devil over you. What brought you here? Please say it and get out!” Udo cast an angry look at her, but she refused to cower. With all the hatred she had for him, she returned the angry look. “How is your son Emmanuel?” Udo asked. “Oh my God! Please don’t ask me to give him up. He is all I have got left.


Please Udo, ask for something else! Ask for my life, I will gladly give it up,” Mrs. Udo knelt on the floor, pleading for her son’s life. “Relax Eme, I haven’t come for his life. No one wants him dead.” Mrs. Asibong sprang to her feet with obvious relief on her face…

She drew closer to the man whom she loathed much more than the devil. “What then do you want with my son Emmanuel?” she asked. “We need his male strength.” Mrs. Asibong’s jaw dropped in shock. “Why do you and the others hate me this much? Have I not given the best I have? Let him be, please!” “It’s been fourteen years since anyone asked a thing of you. That is fair, isn’t it?” “This is cruel! I can’t give that to you. In fact, I have nothing to give you! Go tell them I have nothing left!” “Madam Eme, we know about your sacrifices, losses and pains. We know you have nothing left. So, out of the nothing you have, we have only asked a little of it from you. Do it, and we will ask nothing of you for the next fourteen years,” Udo said and stood up to leave.


“Wait Udo!” Mrs. Asibong pleaded. Just then a call came in. She picked it up quickly to dismiss the caller. “Madam, Virgin Atlantic called in now to inform us that your flight to New York will be delayed by six hours. Should I cancel the flight and put you on another airline, and which one, ma?” that was her personal assistant. “Cancel the flight and put me on another airline!” She was hardly in the manner of yelling. Her personal assistant was surprised to hear her yelling easily. Calmly she asked, “Which one would you prefer ma?” “Put me on any one you like, Geraldine!” she barked and dropped the call. Geraldine wanted to go see what was wrong with her, but balked at the idea on a second thought. “Emirates will be fine with her,” Geraldine whispered to herself.


“Udo, I hope you know what this means. I have only got Emanuel and Arit. If Emanuel cannot procreate, my husband’s lineage will be closed for ever. Please ask for something else,” Mrs. Asibong pleaded. “For every sacrifice you make, there is an equal good attached to it for you. Do it and you will find out that somehow, your husband’s lineage will not close,” Udo said and stepped out of her office. She stood gaping at her door hopelessly. Before she left office that day, she placed a call to Janet, her son’s fiancé, “Hi Janet.” “Good evening mommy!” “How is your wedding plans going? I have been too busy to contribute bits of my ideas, please forgive me.” “Common mommy, I know how busy you are. I am fine with your frequent calls to know how I and Emanuel are doing.” “I would like to see you tomorrow by 2:00 pm at Muri Okunola Park. Can you make that happen?” “Yes mommy, I will do my best to be there.” “Thank you Janet.” “You are welcome mommy.”
Emanuel’s House

“Have you noticed my mother has been moody since she got back from New York? I can’t even have a meaningful conversation with her anymore. Sometimes it feels like there is something she is hiding from me. Have you two spoken lately?” Emanuel asked. “No,” Janet lied. Mrs. Asibong had warned her never to reveal their meeting at Muri Okunola Park to him. Had Emanuel concentrated a bit on the look of Janet’s face, he would have seen she was lying. His attention had been drawn away by the new bum shots Janet was spotting. He top was hanging just a little above her belly button, revealing her sublime figure. Emanuel stroke his hand on her flat tummy and whispered into her ears, “I am fighting very hard not to fall for this temptation.” Grudgingly, Emanuel pulled away from her. “I am very sorry I put this on. It usually gets too hot in here when I am cooking for you,” Janet said, smiling.


“Maybe I should fix an air conditioner here for you. What do you think?” “Where did you get the idea from? People don’t install air conditioners in their kitchens, baby.” “Okay, maybe I should sell the house and buy another one with a bigger kitchen for us,” Emanuel offered. “Are you kidding me? I love this house! This is where we are going to have all our babies.”

Just then a frown crept up on her face. She had remembered what her Mrs. Asibong told her about Emanuel possibly being able to have babies. “What is it baby? The smile and glow on your face are gone. Was it something I said?” Emanuel asked. “No. I am just having mood swings. I will be fine in a few minutes,” she lied yet again. There must be something wrong with me. Why are the women in my life suddenly acting strangely ? Emanuel thought to himself.

To be continued……

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