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Mother-in-law Episode 7


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Episode 7

***** Emmanuel’s House *****

“Now do you believe me? I told you I saw a man take something from our bed and all you did was laugh at me,” Emmanuel said with sarcasm. Their house had become very charged with an ominous presence since Emmanuel saw that figure in their bathroom. On their bed, they lay holding each other with the lights on. None of them was the praying type. They had already prayed as much as they could and lay back on the bed, hoping the presence would lift. “But baby, you told me the figure you saw might be your dad. Why then is he angry with us?” Janet asked. “I wish I had a clue. Perhaps my mother might know,” replied Emmanuel. “I have to call her now,” Janet said looking around for her phone. “Baby my phone is on that table, can you get it for me?” she requested. She was afraid to get off the bed.

Emmanuel got off the bed and brought her phone to her. She twiddled with her phone for a moment and quickly placed a call to her mother in-law. The phone rang a few times before Mrs. Asibong took her call, “Hello Janet, why are you calling me by this odd hour of the night?” “Mommy, we are under attack! Something is hovering over our house!” “What!!! Something hovering over your house?!” “Yes, mommy. We are really scared. We don’t know what to do!” “Where is my son?” “He is here with me.” “Give him the phone.” Janet handed the phone to Emmanuel. “Emmanuel, what is going on in your house?” “I was hoping you would explain it to me… I think I saw daddy in my bedroom…” “Oh God!!! Did you say you saw your father?!” The sound of fear in her voice was palpable, and Emmanuel took note of it. “Mommy what are you hiding from me?”

“What is wrong with this boy?! Why would you ask me that question?!” Mrs. Asibong barked. “What did you mean when you told Janet that daddy died for nothing? What are you not telling me? Why is dad showing himself to me after fourteen years of his death? Why do I suddenly remember all the events which happened before and after dad’s death? I want to know the meaning of the white ribbon you tied around his coffin! I want answers now mom!”

“I have nothing to tell you Emmanuel. If I find out why this is happening I will call you back. For now, I need to get in touch with my fellowship for prayers,” Mrs. Asibong said and hung up. Emmanuel had been hearing about his mother’s fellowship for years without a clue that the fellowship was actually a secret cult. About thirty minutes after the call with Mrs. Asibong, the presence in their home broke and lifted completely.

Emmanuel and Janet were happy for that and attributed it to Mrs. Asibong calling for prayers over the situation in their house. That night, they had sound sleep and woke up in the morning, happy to see a new day after all they had been through the previous night. After their brief morning prayer, Janet went into the kitchen. Emmanuel went into the bathroom to wash his boxer shorts and some of his wife’s undergarments. While he washed and whistled happily, he began to feel a cold sensation spreading from his abdomen down to his male organ. It was odd and scary. When he could not bear it anymore, he left to tell Janet about how he was feeling.

When Janet saw the look on Emmanuel’s face, she knew something bad had happened to him. “What is it baby?” she asked with her voice filled with fear. “Something strange is happening to my private part. I feel a cold sensation over it…it feels like that part is dead. I can’t feel it anymore,” Emmanuel explained with his face riddle with morbid fear. Janet rushed forward and pulled down his boxer shorts. To her, Emmanuel seemed fine. She turned off her gas and said, “Come with me, let’s go see if something is wrong with it. It looks fine to me.” Hurriedly, they entered their bedroom.

On the bed, Emmanuel and Janet lay, doing their best to see if Emmanuel could get a stirring sensation in his private part. For over thirty minutes, Janet labored over Emmanuel to help him rise up, but nothing happened. “This is unusual. I can’t have my male organ working fine just last night and this morning, it goes completely dead! What is going on here?! God what is this!” Emmanuel cried. His wail tore through Janet’s heart. With tears streaming freely from her eyes, she took him in her arms and held him as firmly as could. “We are in this together, baby. Together we are going to find a solution to this. I think the first thing to do now is to get down to the hospital and see a doctor. This is not normal, male organs don’t just die like this. There might be more in play here, but to be very sure, we need to hear from a doctor,” Janet said, trying her best to mask her fears and worries.

Deep within her, she wondered if Emmanuel’s problem was the problem Mrs. Asibong hinted at before their wedding and for which she gave her the ribbon which they made use of on their wedding night. “Right from the first night we made love after our wedding, I have been feeling like something is wrong with me. I can’t explain it, but I know it within me. Something is wrong with my body,” Emmanuel said amid hot tears cascading from his eyes. His words knocked Janet out of her reverie. “I don’t get it. You performed very well that night and have been doing so since that night. How exactly are you feeling?” Janet asked, wondering what Emmanuel was getting at. “I feel like my body is no longer complete, like something is gone from me.”

His reply left Janet much more confused. She wanted to ask him about his previous experiences on occasions his male organ crashed completely. She did not know how to ask him about that. She did not want him to know his mother had told her all about it and had informed her that it was a common ailment amongst males in the Asibong family. While she thought hard about the case they had on hand, thoughts of how long she would have to go without sex assailed her thoughts aggressively. In that moment, her mind was like a battleground, a beehive of activities went on in her mind at the same time.
“Get dressed baby, let’s go see a doctor,” Janet said as she sprang out of bed. The both of them dressed up quickly, ran out of their house, got into their car and drove off. Because Emmanuel did not want their driver to hear their conversation about his crashed male organ, he decided to do the driving. The drive to the hospital was a nightmare for Janet, Emmanuel drove like he was possessed with a demon. Janet had never seen him that mad and angry before. It was as though some other man was in the car with her. From their house to the hospital, Emmanuel never stopped shedding tears. “When I had that feeling from our wedding night, it was as though something told me there was trouble coming. Look at me now, I am worse than a dead man!”

Emmanuel’s frequent mentioning of what he felt on their wedding night, left Janet wondering if she might be the cause of Emmanuel’s problem. Before she met Emmanuel, she had sexual relations with only two men and none of them had complained of his male organ crashing. Why would this feeling he speaks about start from our wedding night? Janet thought to herself. Then a thought flashed through her mind and she let it out as quickly as it came to her, “When we made love that night, I remember you saying that you had never felt that sort of energy before. What was the energy like?” “At some point it felt like it wasn’t me. As if something was helping.” To Janet, Emmanuel’s words “As if something was helping me ” meant he had never had good sex before. So Mrs. Asibong was right about the males in the Asibong family experiencing male organ crash.

To be continued……

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