A MUBS student Mitchelle Selina AKA Life Of Selina has released a clip of her own sumbie to social media in-laws as they prepare for Juliana Kanyomozi and B2C concerts. Additionally, many have liked it as it has acted as an accompaniment to them in this very cold weather around the City of Kampala.

According to Sabula Ug new sources, it is still unclear how these clips surfaced on the internet especially how they came out to the public. Hmm, we are not sure of the person who shared them however, they are making rounds on different social media platforms.

Life Of Selina is a well known MUBS Student, an entertainer who loves dancing and this evident from the kind of posts she uploads on her social media platforms.


This now becomes the fourth clip from a student to be released in a space of two weeks. Earlier on we had a clip from a BSU student, followed up by Kyambogo, Makerere and then boom, MUBS.

In the past months, we’ve seen her posting different video clips, twerking with barely nothing on to exposing her everything but now these new leaks have set her on fire.