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My Boss Want Me Episode 1


πŸ’–πŸ’‹ My boss wants me πŸ˜³πŸ’‹πŸ’–

( He’s a sex freak ) πŸ˜‹

By Authoress Simrah ✍️

πŸ’žπŸ’‹πŸ’– Episode 1  πŸ’–πŸ’‹πŸ’ž

Jeannie’s POV
I walk hastily to the last floor to get the file before that ass of a boss comes in to his office. I need to drop it as quick as possible to leave there, I don’t just wanna see him and neither do I want any of his troubles.

I searched for it and as if nemesis wanted catching up with me , I mean I couldn’t find the damn file on time and I’m very sure the boss will be in his office already 🀦.
Ah! Finally!
I sigh as I saw the file , I took it and used the elevator to the second floor..

” Good morning sir here is the file you asked me to bring it for you first thing this morning” I said while he raised his head staring at me lustfully.
I dropped the file quickly as I saw him stood up and I left for the door but he was quick enough and held my wrist ..


You think you can run away the forever ? Why are you being so hard for me to fuck and give you the pleasure in that’s in sex ?” He asked and licked his lips while I struggled to get out of his grip ..

” Can’t you just let me be sir , I’m not those girls you fuck like you said and I will never be one ” I spat.

” Really? For the past three years, you have been able to work here and refused to follow my sex others , who did you think you are ?” He said and held me by the waist while my boobs collapse with his hard chest .

” I’m here to work as your assistant not a sex slave ” I informed rolling my eyes

” And that includes satisfying me in bed too ” he sad flirtatiously as I glared at him disgustingly..

” Oh that! You will never , I mean never ever get to see my panties talk more of fucking me which will never happen. Not even in your dreams ” I said and pushed him to the floor . He might be my boss but I ain’t afraid of him , not while I still work here .

” I’m Xavier Cooper , the only one that made it at a younger age . No one has ever rejected me and you think I will let you go? I will have you. It’s a promise Ms Jeannie I will fuck you sooner than you think ” he yelled and stood up from the floor while I left



My boss wants me 😳

(He’s a sex freak)πŸ˜‹

Episode 1 (ii)

By Authoress Simrah ✍️

Jeannie’s POV
Tired 🀦 I closed the laptop and rested my head on the table, I can’t kill myself because of some office work at least my health first .
I need to sleep for some minutes before I continue editing this file .

I heard a loud bang on my desk and I jolted from my sleep.

” What the hell ” I shouted and raised my head to see Mr Xavier smirking at me while I sighed

“Are you here to sleep or work ?” He asked

” I’m sorry sir I slept off” I replied

” Anyways I need the documents in my office immediately I don’t know how you are gonna do it , just 2minutes else remember there is always a consequence” he said and left my office .
I know the consequence is always creepy but how did he expect me to be through with the editing before even printing them out huh ?

. .
I was done after good ten minutes .
I headed to his office to drop the document.

” This is not the exact time I asked you to bring the files Ms Jeannie ” he said while I mop at him

” You don’t expect me to finish that in just two minutes you gave me ” I replied and dropped the file …

” Well like I said earlier there will be a consequence” he said licking his lips as I told my arms staring at him ..

” What consequence sir , I think I already gave you the document?” I said and rolled my eyes.
This man here is too problematic like he derives joy in frustrating me in this company

” You don’t dare question my order Ms Jeannie I’m the boss here ” he said authoritatively.

” I’m sorry sir ” I said through gritted teeth. He’s too bossy gosh!

” Now your punishment is to give me a massage” he said while I glared at him..

” I’m sorry sir I’m not some kind of call girl but I can get you one ” I replied

” I don’t want any but you come now or you loose a year salary and trust me when I say that ” he said. Sighing, I went to him standing in his front ..

” Are you going to stand there and look at me? Come sit in the desk here and massage my chest and abs ” he commanded.
I sat there and watched him take off his shirt . I must say he’s well built. His broad chest is really attractive but I won’t let him know that..
I brought my hand and began caressing his chest slowly while he closed his eyes in pleasure. I mean what kinda boss is he ?
He opened his eyes and stared at me while I looked away . I’m just doing this for my salary.
I was so lost in thought that I didn’t noticed he was rubbing my thigh …
What’s wrong with him ? I jerked off his hand and stood up on my feet..

” What nonsense sir ” I said and arranged my skirt ..
He stood up and pinned me to his desk smacking my butts …


” Why can’t you let me have you just once” he said and traced his hand into my shirt fondling my breast as I tried very hard not to let a moan escape my lips but couldn’t help it …

” Please let go off me ” I said faintly..

” Not now pretty ” he replied kissing me neck down to my abdomen..
I can’t let this happen if I can survive it for three years now ..
I need to do something so he could let go off me ..

” I will have you Ms Jeannie either willingly or not ” he said and left me .. while I ran outta the office breathing heavily.
Maybe I should just resign already. I don’t think I can continue this anymore.
I think I’m falling for his charm which is not a good news to me .
I can’t let him have me and count among the numerous girls he have bedded .
Not happening.. never .. I need to write my resignation letter as soon as possible.



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