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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 10

🌻🌺🌹My daughter’s nanny🌹🌺🌻

🌺🌹Episode 10🌹🌺

Anny’s POV

I turned around only to find Sir Mig.. with Abby. Did they really come back for me?
Abby ran from where she was and came to hug me. I was totally shocked. Does it mean she likes me now?
My landlord who has been standing since was totally confused, he didn’t even know what to say.

“Abby, baby, are you okay?” I asked her and she nodded. Sir Mig walked towards my landlord and stood in front of him and then he finally spoke;

“Is this how you harass a lady? For crying out loud, how much does she owe you that made you drag her out like that?”

My landlord couldn’t say anything, he was obviously ashamed by what he did. Sir Mig asked me how much the rent was and I told him. He quickly transferred the money to the landlord and even added extra. I was just staring at him until he spoke and broke me out of my thoughts.

“Well, what are you staring at? Carry your bags and get into the car” he said

“Uhm.. sorry sir. But where are we going to?” I asked stupidly. He gave me an angry stare before speaking up.

“Are you for reals? Get into the car now before I change my mind”

Why’s he sounding cold anyways? I walked towards the car and got into the back with Abby.

“Anny, come sit at the front” sir Mig said


“You heard me the first time, don’t make me repeat myself”

“Okay sir”

I sat at the front and trust me, I was totally uncomfortable. He started the car and drove off.

I was expecting him not to say anything. He kept on throwing glances at me.

“Why did you lie to me Anny?” He asked

“Huh? Lie? Me? Sir? When?” Was all I could say

“About Abby, why would you lie? You know how I’m praying for her to talk and you still had the nerves to lie” he said

“I swear to God sir, I didn’t lie. Abby actually spoke. I couldn’t have stayed up all night waiting for you to get home if she didn’t speak right?” I said

“Well, I don’t care. All I know is that such act shouldn’t repeat itself again.” He said

“But sir.. I’m serious”

“I don’t want to hear those lies again” he said raising his voice this time

“Sir believe me she actually spoke.. I’m telling you the truth…”

“Is that understood?” He yelled

“Dad? Why are you yelling at her” was what we heard next

We turned back and it was Abby, she spoke again. I knew I wasn’t lying.

Sir Mig quickly stopped the car.

At least now he will believe me


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