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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 11


🌹🌺🌻EPISODE 11🌹🌻

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Sir Mig quickly stopped the car immediately and we both turned to look at Abby.

“Abby baby, you talked…” He said and stared at me and I gave him an I told you so look.

He smirked and turned back to Abby.

“Abby, can you say dad?” He asked and she tried saying something but no word came out, she tried again and still nothing.

“But she just talked now, you heard her right?” Sir Mig asked me

“Of course, I heard her. But it will take time sir” I said to him. He stared at Abby again, I could feel it, he was hurt.

“Okay, we are going to the hospital right away, the doctor should be able to give a good explanation” he said to me

“Yes sir, that’s a brilliant idea” I said and he stared at me and I used my hands to cover my mouth and he chuckled.

“Okay, let’s go” he said, started the car and drove straight to the hospital

We arrived at the hospital and we all came down from the car..

Abby came to me and held my hands. I still couldn’t believe it was the same Abby that hated me. People change though and thank God I came to understand why she was like that.

We walked into the hospital with Abby still holding my hands. People were just staring at us. I felt nervous and awkward.

Finally we got at the doctor’s office and I beckoned Abby to go with her had into the office.

“Anny, come on, hold her hands, we are going in together” sir Mig said


“You heard me ” he said, held my hand and knocked on the door..

I kept on staring at his hand which was holding mine. I could feel butterflies in my Tommy.

“Come in” someone said from inside the office

Sir Mig opened the door and we walked in.

“Miguel, how you doing? Abby, oh, you are now bigger than I remember. And who’s this pretty lady here, Miguel? Your new girlfriend?” The doctor said

“Andrew, how you doing?” Sir Miguel said and sat down, beckoning me and Abby to do same.

“Ah, my friend, you’re yet to answer my question” the doctor said.

“What question is that?” Sir Miguel asked

“Is the pretty lady here your girlfriend, cause I would love to take a shot” he said

Sir Miguel looked at me and smiled, then chuckled

“Well, something like that” he said and trust me I almost fainted

Did he just say something like that?

“Aha! I knew it. You have eyes for good things you know. And it seems Abby already likes her” Doc Andrew said

“I guess so”

“To what do I owe this visit anyways?” Doc asked

“Well, it about Abby” sir Miguel said

“Oh really? Abby come” Doc said and Abby went to meet him

“So what’s the problem this time?” He asked

“Well, she talked again. And trust me, this time I heard her speak myself” Sir Miguel said

“We both heard her speak” he said and looked at me.

“Is that so? Okay, we’ll run a few tests on her” Doc said.

And he left the office with Abby, leaving me and sir Mig alone in the office.


It’s been long already, and the doc isn’t yet her with Abby.

“I just pray she’s fine and will be able to talk very soon” I said aloud

“Don’t worry, she’ll, very soon, okay?” he said and placed his hands on mine

“Okay” I said and just then the door opened and sir Mig quickly stood up

“Well?” He asked the doc

“Calm down my friend, it was confirmed that she talked” doc said

“I know that already” sir Mig said

“And the reasons she spoke was because she was concerned about someone she really likes. And with time she’ll be able to talk very well” the doc said

Wait, she spoke because of me? Like for reals? And the other time she spoke was when she was asleep, and she was dreaming about her mom.

“That’s a relief, Andrew” sir Mig said

“Thank you” he said to the doc and they shook hands

“And take care of my friend and his daughter, miss?” The doc said

“Anny, sir” I replied

“Oh, just call me Andrew. I think I like you already for my friend. Alright later” he said

“Bye Andrew” I said

And walked out of the office with Abby and sir Mig..


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