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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 13

🌹🌻🌺My daughter’s nanny ♥️ 🌻🌹🌺

                   🌺🌻🌹EPISODE 13🌹🌻🌻

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Miguel’s POV

“What!” Isabella yelled

Why’s she shouting anyways? Why’s she sounding so surprised. Besides, there’s nothing attached to it. And even if there was, what’s her business with what I plan on doing with my life.

“You heard me right Isabella. Please leave now” I said

“But… Miguel?”

“Sorry ma’am.. but you heard my boss, he said you should leave the house now” Anny said

I stared at her and she kept shut immediately. When did she become so courageous. I like this side of her, not the Anny who was scared of ten years old Abby. Well, I just love the fact that she’s now able to defend herself, I guess staying with Abby really changed her alot.

“And who are you to talk to me, you smelly rat” Isabella said

“With all due respect ma’am, this is my boss’s house, so I have every right to ask you to leave” Anny said

“Well, I don’t care.. you are just a nanny”

“And you’re just a teacher, meaning I have more right than you here. Besides as a nanny, I should be protecting and taking care of little Abby here, and these actions of yours is disturbing Abby. So leave before I call security” Anny said

Wow! I’m impressed.. At least someone will put Isabella in her place

“Miguel? Miguel? Answer me. You will just stand here and watch this stupid, dirty pig insult me?” Isabella said

“But she’s right Isabella. You’re just a teacher” I said to her and I could tell she was hurt but I don’t care. She’s going too far.

“I’m not just Abby’s teacher, I’m her mother to be Miguel and you know that” Isabella said

I raised my hands up to slap her..but held myself

“You are very lucky I don’t hit ladies”

“Abby, Anny, let’s go” I said and they followed me

Isabella is crossing her boundaries. I’m just giving her the respect.. she’s my late wife’s best friend so I just have to respect that.



“Welcome, ma’am, sir” the waitress said

“Yea. Can I see your menu please?” I said to her

“Sure sir”

I gave Anny one of the menus, I also gave Abby hers. Anny picked the cheapest thing on the menu and I was shocked. She had the chance of picking anything she wants, and she decided to go with that.

“Sir, what will you like to have?” The waitress said bringing me out of my thoughts.

“Oh, I’ll have same thing with her” I said and Anny stared at me. I guess she’s wondering why I wanted to have the same thing she wants.

“And what about the little girl?”

“Same thing with us” I said

They brought the meal and we started eating. Anny was picking her food, probably shy or something.

“Hey eat up. I don’t bite okay?” I said to her touching her hand which was placed on the table.

She stared at my hands and then at me. Well, I guess I was making her feel uncomfortable.

The waitress came to us. What does she want?

“Uhm, sir, my boss wants to know if you guys are married”

Anny quickly looked up, together with Abby

“Do your boss asks…” Anny wanted to speak but I interrupted immediately

“We are dating but not married yet”


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