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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 15

🌹🌻My daughter’s nanny 🌺🌻🌹♥️

🌻🌹EPISODE 15♥️🌺🌻🌹

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Anny’s POV

What’s she saying?

Sir Mig likes me? That’s impossible.

He said he was only trying to protect me from the owner of there restaurant. Is it possible that’s he likes me?

Nope.. it’s not, like he said, he only likes me because I’m taking care of Abby.

“Baby, don’t say that, it’s not possible”

*Nanny, I’m serious, it is.

“But I don’t love your dad”

*Oh nanny, don’t like, I can see the way you stare at him, whenever he holds your hands, you’re in love with him.

“Well, I don’t think I am, and even if I’m in love with him, what will people say, I’m just your nanny

*Do you really care about what people say. Nanny, if you love me you’ll do this for me


“Please ” she said..

“Okay baby, I’ll try but I doubt if he loves me. And besides I thought you don’t want a step mom”

*Well, I did not, but seeing dad happy means a lot to me and if you can make him happy, I don’t mind

“Okay, so what’s your plan?

*For these few days, we’ll act normal… Then I’ll ask Dad to take us on a vacation

“What about his work?”

*Oh forget that, he’s the owner of his company. And if you back me up by telling him that it will help me talk faster, he’ll listen to us

“Wow, baby, all these ideas in this your little brain

*Don’t judge a book by its cover nanny. And we don’t need Isabella in all these or else she’ll ruin our plans

“Okay baby, no problem. I just want you to be happy and be able to talk , okay?

*Well, I’ll do it for you nanny

“ thank you. Now go to bed it’s late already.”

*Okay nanny

“I love you baby” I said and pecked her forehead

“I love you too nanny and thank you” she said♥️

Aww… she’s so sweet… And she always talk when she wants to say important things..

I’m not too cool with her plan, but I’ll do it for her sake. I don’t want sir Mig to think I’m a goal digger or think I’m like Isabella..

If he truly loves me, then I want him to approach me himself and not me trying to make him prove that he loves me…


Sir Miguel’s POV

I sat on my bed. I couldn’t even sleep.. Can this be true?

What if Abby is right and I’m truly falling for her? What will people think?

I’m in love with my daughter’s nanny? It sounds terrible

My wife would not be happy with me even in the grave.. Abby will also feel bad..

I can’t let it happen. I can’t fall in love with her. If it was Isabella, it would have been much better. She’s a high class lady, who is intelligent, pretty and she knows us better than anyone.

Maybe I should start keeping Isabella close to me, so that the feelings I have for Abby will die.. Yes, maybe like a vacation..

I’ll go with Abby and Isabella.. and Anny can stay behind, and by the time we get back, my feelings for her will be dead.

Yes, we’ll go to Miami for a month, yes that’s a great idea. We’ll go the day after tomorrow, I’ll inform Abby tomorrow.. As for Isabella, I’ll call her to come tomorrow

”Hello?” I said through the phone

”Hey Miguel, have you called to shout at me again?”

“Calm down Isabella, I’m sorry for shouting at you okay?”

“You’re lucky I can’t stay mad at you. What do you want?”

”Can you come to my house tomorrow?”

”Sure, I’ll. I love you.. bye”

”Bye Isabella”


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