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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 16

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2nd December 2023

🌻🌻🌺My daughter’s nanny 🌻🌹🌺

🌹🌺🌻EPISODE 16🌺🌹🌻

Miguel’s POV

I hope I’m making the right decision. Isabella really loves me, maybe I’ll just try to give her a chance.. yes that’s what I’ll do.

I can’t be with Anny, she’s not in my class and Abby will be angry that I fell in love with her nanny. I don’t want that, I love Abby so much to hurt her. I know she doesn’t like Isabella but I know that with time she’ll get to like her.

I myself don’t feel anything for Isabella but it’s not bad giving it a try right? Well, let’s see if she’ll be free to travel with us..


“Good morning sir” Anny said to me and I just stared at her

I was actually sitting in the living room and she came to meet me.

“Uhm, sorry to disturb you sir, I only came here to thank you for yesterday. For protecting me, even if it was not necessary” she said

I stared at her again and faced the television, I didn’t understand what I was watching but I really wanted to ignore her..

“Uhm sir, did you..” she said and I interrupted rudely

“I heard you the first time Anny”

(Door bell)

“Why are you still standing there? Go check who’s at the door” I said to her in a harsh tone and immediately I could tell her mood changed. She was hurt, like real hurt. It was as if she was going to cry..

Well, I just have to push her away. I don’t want my feelings for her getting stronger. What if she turns me down? Then I’ll be turned down by an ordinary nanny.. never

She walked towards the door slowly and opened it and it was…


Just the person I was waiting for..

“Good morning ma’am” Anny greeted. She’s respectful tho.

“What’s good about the morning, smelly rat?” Isabella said. This is the problem I have with her, she’s very rude. But maybe it’s a good thing, cause then if I eventually get married to her, then she’ll be able to cause Anny.

“Sorry ma’am, I thought Abby doesn’t have a class with you today?” Anny said to her. I know she’s doing her job but she’s now over stepping her boundaries.

“And what’s your business” Isabella said and pushed Anny and she fell hard on the floor.

“What did I do…”

“Shut up Anny” I said to her and honestly she was shocked

“Miguel baby” Isabella said coming towards me. She hugged me and pecked my cheeks

“How you doing Isabella?” I asked her

“Oh, I’m fine. And I guess you’re good. Where’s Abby?” She asked

“Uhm… Anny will you get up and go call Abby right away?” I said

She stood up and nodded… I could tell she was really hurt



Why’s sir Mig being mean to me?
I was already crying? He even sided Isabella.

What’s going on between them, she even pecked and called him baby. He accepted her hug. I told Abby he doesn’t love me. I just have to be on my own to avoid getting hurt by him or Isabella.

I quickly wipe my tears and went to Abby’s room.

“Nanny, what’s the problem?” She asked me

“Nothing baby, why do you ask?”

“It looks like you’re crying”

“Oh no baby, something got into my eyes. Anyways your dad wants you downstairs”


Wait a minute, Abby is talking. Like she can now talk well

“Nanny? Is anything bothering you”

“No baby, but you can now talk?”

“Well, I guess so”

“We need to go tell your dad. Let’s go”

“Good, Abby you’re here” Sir Mig said

“Abby baby, how you doing?” Isabella said and touched Abby’s face but Abby pushed her hands

“How rude” Isabella said

“Abby please behave”

” I don’t call you guys her for this”

“Then why did you call us? And sir there’s something..”

“Oh just shut it Anny, you talk alot these days” he said and I was hurt

Abby stared at me and held my hands

“Anyways, I called you guys here to inform you guys that we’ll be going on a vacation” he said

“Wow!” Isabella said

I could see Abby smiling

“But Anny will not be coming with us” he said… Isabella laughed and Abby was angry. Yes I could tell she was

“I’m not going if I’m nanny isn’t going. What’s the meaning of this dad?” Abby said.

Aww…look at little Abby .. I love this girl

“What she can talk?” Isabella finally broke the silence



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