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2nd December 2023

🌺🌻🌹My daughter’s nanny 🌹🌻🌺

🌹🌻🌺EPISODE 19🌺🌻🌹

Anny’s POV

Abby was already crying. Gosh! I can’t believe Isabella can be this cruel. She killed her own best friend by stabbing her, just because of a man.

“Baby, stop crying okay? Don’t you think we need to tell Dad?”

“Of course we will, but we need enough evidence”

“But how can we get evidence since it happened a long time ago and at your house?”

“Well, nanny, one thing u must know is that Isabella is not smart. All we need to do is to get her saying that she killed mom”

“But how?”

“Nanny, you’ll hide somewhere, then I’ll make her yell at me and make sure I make her say it”

“Isn’t it too dangerous baby?”

“Even if it is, I have to do it okay? I despise her so much and I want her to pay for what she has done” Abby said and broke down in tears

“It’s okay baby, stop crying” i said and patted her head

A little girl like her has experienced a lot.

“Nanny, can we please stop talking about Isabella? Next week is my birthday”

“Aww, my baby is going to turn 11”

“Yes nanny, and I’m thinking, we should execute the plan that day”


“Yes nanny, come I’ll whisper the plan to you”

“Do you really think it will work?”

“Yes nanny, it will”.

“Alright baby, I trust you”


Isabella’s POV

Anny is trying to ruin everything, yes, I can tell Miguel loves her. But how can he be in love with a nanny?

First I had to kill Dawn for him and now I have to kill another person for him. Gosh, Miguel is it so hard for you to fall in love with me?

Trust me, I can do anything just to get you, I can even go to the extent of killing Abby, yes. Maybe if I had killed her the day she saw me stab Dawn, then everything would have ended now.

Miguel, if I don’t have you, then you can’t be with anyone else. Yes, we are meant for each other and we must be together forever.

Come to think of it, Abby’s birthday is on Monday, today’s Saturday. I bet Miguel will take her somewhere, I must come with them cause I know she’ll want her nanny to come with her. If her nanny is killed, she’ll have no other choice than to love me more.

I’m such a smart lady. I’m so going to deal with them..


Miguel’s POV

What is wrong with me? I’m going crazy just because of Anny. Honestly, it seems like the more I’m running away from her, the more I get to love her.

Anny what are you doing to me? Honestly I can’t stop thinking about you. I see you in my dreams each night, its like we are meant to be.

Give me a sign, just a sign, yes, the universe should give me a sign that we are meant to be and I promise I’ll be with her and shower her with the love and care she deserves, I promise. Finds way to take Isabella out of my life and I know I’ll be with Anny.

“Just a sign” I said, scratching my head

“Dad, who are you taking to?” Abby said walking inside my room

“Oh, sweetheart, it’s no one”

“No one, I can swear I heard you taking”

“Baby forget about that”

“Okay Dad, you know my birthday is on Monday right?”

Wait! What? I can’t believe I forget my daughter’s birthday because I’m thinking of Anny.

“Oh, baby, sorry I forgot”

“I know, and I’m not angry. I just came to tell you that, I would love to go hiking on that day, okay”

“Okay baby”

“And yes, Isabella can come with us”

“She can?”

“Yes Dad, you know even if I say no, she will still find a means of coming”

“You’re right”

“I’m always right, dad”

“I know baby, hiking here we come” I said and we both laughed out loud. I missed this, I miss the time I had with my little girl. I miss those moments. I just want her to smile and be happy always, and I can see that Anny makes her happy, so I need Anny to stay.

“Good night Dad” she said and pecked me

“Goodnight my little angel”


“Nanny, hurry up, dad and Isabella are already waiting for us in the car”

“I know baby, you asked me to apply make up remember”..

” I know nanny but you’re taking so much time”

“I’m coming out now okay?”

“Please be fast”

“Oh my goodness, nanny you look extremely beautiful”

“Thanks baby, but don’t you think this is a little bit too much, I mean we are going hiking”

“No nanny, this is just perfect, dad will love this look I promise, he won’t even take his eyes of you”

“Alright baby, if you say so”

Anny’s POV

We got to the car and sir Mig was standing close to the car, while the driver and Isabella were already in the car.

“Good day sir” I greeted

“Yea, good morning pret…sorry Anny” he said. Oh my goodness, Abby was right. Abby got into the front seat and sir Mig opened the door, entered the car and ask me to enter too.

“All these for hiking?” Isabella asked

“Well, I thought since it’s Abby’s birthday, I should at least look pretty”

“And who says you’re pretty?” Isabella asked

“Oh, I did, you are extremely beautiful Anny” sir Mig said. This is the first time he’s complimenting me, butterflies in my stomach.

“Thank you sir” I said trying to stop myself from blushing

“You’re welcome” he said smiling. He’s smile can kill. He’s so so handsome. Suddenly, he held my hand and said

“Never let anyone deceive you into thinking that you’re not pretty, you’re one of the most beautiful lady I’ve seen”

“You think so?” I found myself asking

“Oh, I know so” he said and Isabella coughed

“Please we should focus on the most important thing here, it’s Abby’s birthday”

“We all know Isabella, no one asked you to remind us” Abby said to her and smiled at me. A smile that meant something “you’re doing great”

Yes, this is just phase one of our plan, to make Isabella jealous.

We finally got to our destination and we got down from the car. The driver was the only one inside the car.

This place looks scary, it’s like a forest.

“If we get past this bushes, we will get to where we will hike” sir Mig said

“Sir, this place looks scary” I said

“Oh come on, there’s nothing scary about here” he said

“What are you guys waiting for, let’s go” Abby said and started walking, Isabella joined her and they both walked together. The plan is going perfectly

“You see Anny, Anny isn’t even scared, let’s go” he said

“But sir…” He placed his index finger on my lip

“Shush… Just trust me okay?” He said and I just nodded.

He held my hand and we walked together

“Sir, where’s Abby?” I asked

“She knows the way”

“And Isabella?”

“She’s with Abby”

“What! Sir please I need to go look for them”

“Why, Isabella isn’t going to hurt her ”

“I don’t trust Isabella” I said and tried to walk away but he dragged me and kissed me on my lip

Oh my goodness, should I kiss him back?

But Abby? Our plan

i quickly unlock from the kiss

“I’m sorry sir” I said and ran


I hid behind a tree. Phase three of the plan. I could hear and see the both of them. They were standing

“We should wait for dad and nanny”

“Aren’t you scared of standing here with me?” Isabella asked. I was already recording everything.

“Scared? You wish”

“You should you know?”

“Why? Will you kill me as you killed her?” Abby asked. I’m scared, she shouldn’t hurt Abby.

“I’ve told you not to say that. And trust me, I’ll kill you as I killed your mom if you should try anything stupid” Isabella said

“Busted” I said and hit the stop button. Yes, we now have evidence.

“You’re busted Isabella” I said

Abby came to me and collected the phone. Abby run and go give your dad.

“What about you? ”

“I’ll be fine”

Abby started running with it. Thank God she knows her way here.

“Abby come back” Isabella kept yelling

“And you” she said facing me this time

“I’ll kill you” she said and pushed me and I fell into a deep hole.

Tomorrow this story will stop,

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