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2nd December 2023

🌹🌺My daughter’s Nanny🌹🌺

🌹🌺Episode 2🌹

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Anny’s pov

She can’t talk?

What does he mean by she can’t talk?

How I’m I supposed to take care of a child who doesn’t talk? This is just crazy

“You know what Anny..this isn’t something to discuss here, just come to my house tomorrow and I’ll explain things to you..Okay?” He said calmly

“Okay” was all I muttered and left the company with the card in my hands

I’m still doubting if I can take good care of that girl….her attitude towards me tells me that she doesn’t like me nor the idea of me been her nanny

I feel sorry for her…I wonder why she can’t talk..how I’m I supposed to know what she needs when she can’t talk

I guess by tomorrow, all my questions will be answered…


Next day


I stood up and checked the time..

It’s 10am already…like what?

How did I sleep for so long? The very day I’m about to get a job I woke up late

God help me…I said within me and rubbed my eyes..

I went into my bathroom, it was so tight

You can’t fit in perfectly unless you shut the door

I just pray I get the job so I can earn more money and get another apartment to stay

I better learn how to wake up early or better still look for a means of acquiring an alarm clock

After doing my business in the bathroom, I walked into my room and put on a nice dress..I even applied little makeup on my face..

I boarded a taxi and the taxi man was annoying me

He was driving slow..like real slow

Here I am complaining that I was late and he is looking for a means to worsen my situation

“Can you drive a little bit faster please?” I said to him

He looked at me with one side of his eyes…which made me wonder if I wasn’t the one paying him

Some people can be very annoying and rude at the same time





After what seemed like forever, we got to the house…and I paid the cab driver

At first I didn’t want to go into the house because it was huge

I was scared..what if it is the wrong house

The man I met at the company doesn’t look rich enought to own this house
But I couldn’t go back now, can I?

I just have to try my luck, who knows, it might be his house

I rang the bell I saw at the entrance and someone came out..I guess he is the security man

“Uhm, who are you looking for?” He asked calmly

“I’m looking for your boss” I said unsure if it was really his boss I was looking for

“Alright come in” he said and opened the gate for me to go in

He asked me to wait and after talking to a maid for some time, he asked me to follow her which I did obediently

I was asked to wait in the living room and was offered a sit and a drink..


I saw him..

Yes the tall handsome guy coming with his daughter

He was carrying her…he must really love her

But where is her mom?

I hope she won’t hate me

He walked downstairs carefully and beamed with smile when he saw me

I stood up to greet him and I won’t lie, I felt my heart racing fast

“You don’t need to get up, please do sit” he said still smiling

And his daughter was giving me an angry stare which made me shiver

She was holding a tablet in her hands

“For a moment I thought you were no longer going to come..I thought you no longer want the job again because I told you my daughter couldn’t speak” he said staring into my eyes

“U…h..m, no sir…its just that I woke up a little bit late and the drive from my house to yours was long” I said, my head down

“Okay but I’ll appreciate it if you call me Sir Miguel, you calling me me sir makes me think I’m too old” he said smiling

“Alright…sir mig…” I said and stopped

How do you pronounce his name?

I looked at Abby and saw that she was laughing

Like seriously what was funny?

“It’s Miguel…Anny” he said looking at me

“Mi..g..u” I stopped when I felt I could no longer pronounce the name

I was ashamed

“Don’t worry, you will get it..” he said still smiling

He is a nice man you know

He’s always smiling

I kept on staring at him

“Okay, Abby can’t talk because of something that happened…After the death of her mother, Abby was so shocked that it affected her, that’s why she can’t speak…” He said

So his wife is dead?

“But there’s every possibilty she would still talk..it’s just a matter of time” he said

“The doctor said she just need to find comfort and you know feel safe and secured with the people around her” he concluded

Wow!! I feel sorry for her…

“So will you take the job?” He asked after a brief silence and that was when I realized I haven’t said anything since

“Yes sir Mig…u”

Why can’t I pronouce his name?

“Don’t force it okay?” He said and smiled at me

Just then Abby jumped down from his body and typed something on her tablet

She was really fast in typing

“What is it baby?” He asked her

And she showed him her tablet

“No baby, she will be your nanny, you don’t have a choice…You know Daddy is always busy” he said to her

So she doesn’t want me to be her nanny

She cried and ran upstairs

“Abby?” I called out

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine” he said

“When I’m I going to start work?” I asked him

“Immediately……toady” he said

“Like now?” I asked confused

“Yes now..” he said

“But my stuff…” He replied

“Don’t worry you’ll go pick them in the night cause you’ll b staying here with us from now henceforth” he said


I would be staying in this big mission

Like me?

This is crazy

He stood up

“I’ll be leaving now…take good care of Abby, don’t rush or force her, she’ll learn to like you..” he said

“Thank you sir Mig.u” ..

“Don’t worry okay” he said and patted my back

“And one more thing Anny, Abby is home schooled….so her teacher will arrive later in the day okay?” He said

“Okay sir” was all I said and he left


So Anny can’t pronounce Miguel?😭😭


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