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2nd December 2023

🌹🌻🌺My daughter’s nanny 🌻🌹🌺

🌺🌻🌹EPISODE 20🌺🌻🌹

Miguel’s POV

Where are they? Why did Anny run away? Was I wrong in kissing her?

Why couldn’t I hold myself? Anny, maybe we can’t be together. If it was Isabella, she wouldn’t have turned me down. This was what I was scared of, being turned down by a nanny.

“Dad! Dad! ” I heard Abby’s voice

“What’s wrong baby?” I asked her

“It’s… It’s nanny”

“I thought it something important. Is that why you are shouting?” I asked

“She’s in trouble”

“Trouble? How can she possibly be in trouble?” I asked

“It’s Isabella, hear this” Abby said and brought out a phone. This is Abby’s phone, what’s she doing with it?

“If you say anything I’ll make sure I’ll kill you just as I killed your mom” I heard from the phone. It was Isabella’s voice.

“Killed your mom” it kept on ringing in my head. So Isabella killed my wife and still had the guts to threaten my daughter. She’s so dead. She even have the guts to profess love to me.

“Why are they?” I asked Abby

” Come, let me show you” she said and I trailed behind her.

“Help! Help!” I heard Anny’s voice

“Nanny!’ Abby yelled

“Anny, are you okay? Where are you?”

“I’m fine sir, I’m inside the hole” she yelled

“Oh nanny, thank goodness you’re save”

“Where’s Isabella?” I asked

“She ran away” she said

“She can’t run for long. Please stay here, Abby please stay here with her, let me get help”

“Okay Dad”

Anny’s POV

“Abby, did you play it for your dad?”

“Yes nanny I did. He was so shocked”

“Sorry your birthday was ruined” I said

“Ruined? This is the best birthday gift I can get. Getting Isabella out of my life is one of the best thing that has happened so far”

“I’m just glad you’re okay”

Sir Mig came back with the driver and a rope in his hand.

“Anny, I’ll throw the rope down and you are to hold it firmly, okay? Then I’ll pull you up” sir Mig said

“Okay sir” I said and he threw the rope down. I held it and he started pulling the rope and finally I got out.

Oh my goodness, thank God I’m alright.

“Nanny, you’re okay” Abby said and hugged me and I hugged her back..

“Anny are you okay? No injuries?” Sir Mig asked

“I’m fine sir… I’m….” Before I could complete my statement, he hugged me and whispered softly to my ear

“I would not have been able to forgive myself if something had happened to you. I love you Anny” then he unlocked from the hug

I’m I daydreaming? Did sir Mig just say he love me? Can this day get any better.

“Come on, let’s go home”


We got home and I felt very relieved. Thank God all these is over. I’m just glad Abby is safe and happy. I need to avoid sir Mig, he said he loves me, I do love him but I can’t be so easy to get.

“Nanny, I’ll be in the room, I want to bathe”

“Okay baby, I’m coming with you”

“Wait, Anny I want to speak with you”

Miguel’s POV

Honestly, I need to speak with her. I need her to be honest with me.

“Come on, sit, I don’t bite” I said to her and she sat down.

“Okay sir”

“Call me Miguel, take out the sir”

“Alright” she said and I tried to hold her hands but she moved away

“Uhm, Anny, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for treating you as if you were nobody. I’m sorry for not respecting you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you how I felt right from the start. I’m sorry for making Isabella hurt you. I’m sorry for doubting how I feel about you. If anything had happened to you I would have myself to blame, so do you forgive me?” I said and held her hands staring straight into those beautiful eyes of hers. Now I can see how beautiful she is.

“Uhm, sir, I’m not mad at you, and yes I forgive you”

“Thank you, but please smile, at least to show me that you’ve truly forgiven me” i said and she smiled. Wow, she has a cute smile, a smile to kill for.

“And Anny, I meant what I said earlier, I love you. I know it’s too early to be saying it but I do. I’ve been trying to stop myself from loving you when I could have just told you how I felt”

“It’s okay sir, I understand”

“Anny, call me Miguel okay? We are now friends. Thank you for helping Abby, thank you for showing me the truth, for exposing Isabella”

“It’s no problem sir, I mean Mig…u..”

“Don’t force it okay?” I said smiling

“It’s the least I could do for Abby, she’s a nice girl, so I just want her to be happy” she said and I smiled

“I still can’t believe Isabella had a hand in my wife’s death. She’ll pay dearly, she can run but she can’t hide.”



Can you sleep in my room with me tonight?”


“Please Anny. I need someone by my side”

“I’ll go speak to Abby first”


Isabella’s POV

I can’t believe they found out the truth. I’m so dead. I’m moving out of town, I’m going to Manilla. I can’t be found.

But one thing I know is that, Abby and Anny will pay for ruining my plan. Yes, they will.

I so much despise them and even if I don’t get Miguel, I’ll make sure no one else does.

I need to go do something else with my life and come back later to revenge, that’s what I’ll do. They must all pay for humiliating me.


Anny’s POV

“Nanny, he said he loves you?” Abby asked

“Yes baby”

“And he wants you to stay with him?”


“Then go, what are you waiting for?”

“But baby..”

“I’ll be fine nanny. Please . Dad’s hurt, so just stay with him for tonight, okay”

“Okay baby, I will for you sake” I said and she hugged me and I pecked her forehead

“Goodnight nanny”

“Goodnight my love” I said and left the room

”Yes officer, I’ll be in your office the day after tomorrow with her picture and the evidence.

Alright. Thank you so much”

“Oh Anny, you’re here.”



“I’ll stay her for the night”

“Oh, thank you so much. Come in then”


“We’ll be leaving Miami tomorrow, I’ll vacation bus already ruined.”

“Okay sir, I understand”

“Goodnight Anny, I love you”

“Goodnight sir”

“Miguel” he said and chuckled

“Miguel. Goodnight”

“And finally you got it right, told you not to force it” he said smiling as I lay on the bed. He switched off the lights and I could feel his hands around my waist. It’s gonna be a goodnight.

…… N

Of season one

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