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2nd December 2023

🌻🌹❤️My daughter’s Nanny🌹🌻

🌻🌻Episode 3🌹🌹


Posted by #NaijaLanded

Anny’s POV

Wow! Look at how pretty this house is.. it is magnificent

But the little girl doesn’t like me…why don’t she like me

I’m likable..

I better go talk to her and find out what’s wrong… I walked up the stairs and there were many doors

How do I tell which was hers?

I walked throught the passage and I decide to check the first room I saw…I opened the door slightly..

Wow this must be Mr mig..u

My boss’s room…the room is so big and nice..

I love how it smells… I walked into the room and truth be told I was really amazed

I saw his clothes laying on the bed and I sniffed it…

Oh my goodness..he has a nice scent…

I walked towards the mirror and stared at myself…I was pleased

Indeed I was beautiful…is just that poverty has decided to ruin my life…

I can’t wait to start earning lots of cash so I can take care of my mom…I know she misses me so much…but I just have to leave her and come to manilla..

There were lots of phones on the bed…what do he intend to use all these for…?

No wonder Abby has a huge tablet at her age.. I saw his laptop, it was on

I saw a picture of him and Abby..

Awwn they look cute…I started checking out other pictures one after the other…

They were too many pictures and I couldn’t view them all.. Time to check his bathroom

I opened the door I saw thinking it was his bathroom but hell No…it was just an empty room which has three different doors..two at the side and one at the extreme end…

I opened the first door which was at the right and side and yea that’s was his bathroom…

It was sparkling clean…I love this man already…Nice, clean, handsome and rich

Well, I guess that’s all I need to see… I walked over to the next door and opened it…it was full of clothes, shoes and other fashion items

He loves fashion too huh?

I guess this is his dressing room

I tried on some of his sun glasses and caps…it looked nice on me..

Hope I would be able to afford some of this things one day..

Now onto the last room..I walked towards the room

And on the door there was an inscription:

“Restricted Area”

But trust me, my curiosity wouldn’t let me..

I went ahead and tried to open the door but I couldn’t

I kept on trying until my hands pushed a button…


I just activated the alarm

I’m so dead!!

I tried running out of the room but before I could make it out..Little Abby was already at the entrance of the door with her tablet in her hands..

She showed me the screen of the tablet with what she had written on it

“What do you think you’re doing here?” Was what she typed

“Abby baby..it’s not what you think okay? I was looking for your room and I entered into your dad’s room instead..” I said pleading with her

But she didn’t even care

She gave me an angry stare and walked away

What a child!

I’m so dead at my first day at work..

I ran after her..

“Abby baby, please hear me out” I said but she didn’t even look back

“Abby please..” she walked into a room and slammed the door

So this is her room?

What trouble have I gotten my self into?

God please save me!!

I opened the door and saw her sitting on her bed..such huge bed for a little girl

Her room was just like a princess castle..

Everything in it was pink…I’m guessing pink is her favorite colour..

I knelt down close to her..I really needed her to forgive me..I don’t want to loose my job on my first day

“Abby?” I called out and she gave me a hot slap on my face…


How can a slap from a little girl be so painful

I held my cheeks…I still couldn’t believe I was slapped by a ten year old girl

She typed something again on her tablet and showed it to me

“I’ll make sure I report you to my dad”

“Abby please hear me out okay? It was mistake..” I said to her

She typed again..

“Didn’t you see the inscription on the door?”

“Uhm….i d..idnt okay..I did not” I said to her

*Don’t you dare lie to me…

“Okay..Abby I saw it but my curiosity won’t let me…but I promise it won’t happen again” i said to her

*Oh yes it won’t because today is the end of your job

“Abby please…I will do anything you want me to do” I said

I can’t believe I am begging a little girl this way

*You will huh? Fine…that’s the only way I can forgive you..

She threw some books at me

*Here’s the assignment my stupid teacher gave to me…do it now before she arrives..I despise her so much even to do her assignment..

She must really hate her teacher so much

“Okay Abby”

I said and took the book and pen from her and started doing her assignment for her

I cause this for myself

“But don’t you think you need to learn this yourself?” I asked her

She hissed

*Don’t act like you are my mother okay? You’re just a nanny her, so do your job…


For a little girl, she’s rude..

When I was done I turned to her…she was busy watching “SpongeBob” on her television

Spoilt brat

“Uhm…Abby baby, I’m done with it” I said to her and she acted as if she didn’t hear me

She was busy laughing

“Abby?” I called out again

*I heard you…I’m hungry go get me some food to eat..now

I stood up and went downstairs to go get her something to eat..At least this is part of my work…

I went back to her room with fried rice and gave it to her and she threw it on the floor

*What is this??

“Your food” I said to her

*My food? Eww…I need corn flakes not this rubbish and make sure you clean this place.. okay?

“Yes Abby” I said

I brought a broom and starting sweeping the food this spoilt brat had threw away

After that I went back to the kitchen to make her cornflakes..

After preparing it…I gave it to her..she gave me a stare and ate it

She looked at me again

*What’s this?

“What wrong Abby?” I asked

*I’m I a child? There’s no milk in this cornflakes..go get more milk and add

She doesn’t know she’s a child?

I brought the milk as instructed and added a large quantity into the cornflakes

*Now that’s better..

She started eating the cornflakes smiling…

This is what she calls food..

Just then..the door bell rang

“Abby baby.. someone’s at the door” I said to her

*Oh..leave it..it will be my stupid teacher.. she’ll find her way in


Now long after the door bell rang…someone knocked on Abby’s door…

I opened the door and saw a lady

She was pretty and elegant

Her fashion sense was beyond expression

She gave me a disgusting look and pushed me and I fell on the floor

“Abby, how’re today” she said

Abby turned her face elsewhere

“Hey you..get up and leave this room immediately…I’m about to teach” she said to me

Abby hit the bedside table and we both turned to looked at her…

*Don’t ever talk to my nanny like that again..you don’t have the right to

Aww..look at little Abby defending me

“Hmm” the lady muttered and I stood up and took my leave..
Few hours later

The lady had gone and I went upstairs to check on Abby

It was already late and I had to make sure she sleeps

I walked into her room and saw her sitting quietly

“Abby baby, what’s the matter” I asked

*It’s nothing…

“Okay…but you need to go to bed now okay?” I said to her

* Well, I can’t sleep unless you read me a bed time story

She can’t sleep without been read a story

That’s insane

“Okay..so what story should I read for you?” I asked

*Any..and nanny you need to learn to defend yourself okay..?

“Okay baby” I said

“Once upon a time..”





After reading the story I looked at Abby and found at that she was already sleeping..

That’s nice…she looks like an angel when asleep but acts like a beast when awake

I covered her with her blanket and gave her a goodnight kiss on her forehead..

I switched off the light…and went out of the room

I’m thirsty…I need to go drink some water

I went downstairs and I was shocked..

So he’s back?

Sir Mig..

He turned when he felt my presence

“Oh Anny, you’re still awake huh?” He said smiling

“Yes sir Mig..u…I just came downstairs to get a glass of water” I said to him

“That’s nice…at least it’s a good thing..you can go get your stuff now” he said

I just kept on staring at him

“Come on, let’s go” he said and I trailed behind him…

He beckoned me to get into the car which I did

I gave him directions to my apartment

To be sincere I kinda felt uncomfortable because we were the only ones in the car.. together

The drive was super boring…no one said anything to the other

We finally got to my apartment and I ran upstairs to pick up my stuff

Finally I’m going leave this God forsaken place

I packed the few things I had and went downstairs

I walked to his car and he opened the door for me

It felt weird

“Is that all?” He asked

“Yes” I said

“Hmm..I was expecting more things..but that’s not a problem..get in let’s go” he said and I did

We drive back and it was more boring
We finally got to the house and I was about coming down when he called my name

“Anny? How’s thing going between you and my daughter?” He asked

“Uh..m…I don’t think she likes me sir Mig..u” I said

“Don’t worry okay..she get used to you..just give her time okay?” He saw and held my hands

Butterflies in my belly


Anny is crazy…who goes around sniffing people’s clothes

She have enter one chance with Abby

Someone should hold that teacher for me o

PS..where you see “*” just know that’s what Abby typed in her tablet


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