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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 4

🌹🌻My daughter’s Nanny

Episode 4 🌻🌹

I just stared at him and looked at my hand

He noticed that I was feeling a little bit uncomfortable so he took his hands off mine

“Goodnight sir, I better go to bed” I said to him and left the car

I walked fastly into the house and trust me I was looking back to see if he was behind me or if he was staring at me…but obviously he wasn’t

I went to check up on little Abby and she was still sleeping…thank God

I walked into my room which was close to Abby’s own… I didn’t even have time to admire the room properly..I just fell on my bed and slept

Miguel’s pov

I’m just so happy I’ve found someone who will watch my daughter..

Abby has gone through a lot and I just know that Anny is the perfect lady to take care of her, my only wish is that she gets to like Anny for who she is..

She seems like a nice lady to me and I’m very sure, if not one hundred percent sure that she’s not going to hurt Abby….

Tomorrow Abby and I will go visit my late wife’s grave…that’s our rule…we go visit her once in every week..

All I pray for is that Abby will get over her mom’s death fast and speak again..I miss hearing her voice…her sweet angelic voice

I went into my room..I just need to sleep..

Abby’s teacher should better be here in time to teach her because she’ll be free only in the morning…







Next morning

“Wake up Anny” I said tapping her on her legs

I can’t believe I’m the one waking my own daughter’s Nanny up…isn’t it insane?

She’s a sound sleeper…I’ve been waking her up now for almost 3minutes



“I don’t want to go look for any work today” she said rubbing her eyes

What’s she even saying?

She doesn’t want to look for work?

Isn’t she working already?

“Anny wake up, it’s sir Miguel” I said and that was when she finally jerked out of her bed…

“Uhm..sir..Mig..u…what are you uhm..doing here?” She asked me still rubbing her eyes

Is this girl okay?

“What do you mean by what I’m I doing here? Or are you planning to chase me out of my house?” I asked her and all she did was yawn

She walked slowly and almost fell and I held her by the waist

What’s even wrong with this girl

She was really enjoying this huh?

She didn’t want to stand and I left her

She fell on the floor and hit her head hard

“Ouch!!” She winced in pain

“Just get up and go take care of Abby…imagine she’s even awake before you.. Who’s supposed to take care of the other huh?” I asked her

“Uhm..sorry sir but what’s the time?” She asked still laying on the floor

God! What type of a girl is this?

“I’m telling you that Abby is awake and she needs someone to…”I stopped talking when I realized that I was already shouting..

“The time is 8:30am already, so please get up and go attend to Abby” I said calmly this time around, stared at her once more and left the room…

She’s just crazy

Anny’s pov

God! How did I sleep for so long?

I just disgraced myself

Look at how crazy and ugly I look

I better learn to wake up early or else I’ll kiss my job goodbye

I walked into Abby’s room and saw her sitting on her bed

Poor little thing she must be hungry

“Abby? Baby?” I called out

And she stared at me immediately

*Nanny where have you been and why are you like this?

“Like how baby?” I asked her

*You look like a mad person…

Wait me?

A mad person?

“ stand up so you can go take your bath” I said to her

Just then Sir Mig..u came in

*Good morning Dad

“Baby, how you?” He said looking at Abby

“Uhm…Anny bathe her and give her food..Isabella will soon be here” he said


“Sorry sir, who’s Isabella?” I asked confused

“Abby’s teacher” he said

*But why so early dad?

“Well, Abby, we are going to see Mom today” he said and left

“Mom?” I asked myself

*Yes, we are going to visit her grave

“Oh…now I understand…Alright baby, get up” I said and she stood up

We got into the bathroom and I bathe her

I went into the kitchen to get her food

Cornflakes of course

I added enough milk to it…I don’t want to get her mad this early

I gave her the food and she ate hungrily…

Miguel’s pov

“Come in” I said after hearing the sound of the door bell

I was actually sitting in the living room

I’m guessing it’s Isabella

And my guess was was her

She walked in and she was obviously shocked to see me

Cause normally I’m always at work

“Good morning Miguel” she said beaming with smile

“Isabella, good morning” I asked

“Abby will soon be here, her nanny is probably still feeding her” I said to her and I took out my phone

She sat on the same couch with me and started morning close to me

Like what’s wrong with her

She stared at me in the face

“Miguel there’s something I want to tell you” she said holding my hands and placing her head on my chest

What’s wrong with her

I stood up immediately

“What’s wrong with you, what do you want?” I asked her

“You know what I want Miguel” she said standing up and biting her lips

She came close to me and locked her lips on mine

She kissed me

“Sir Mig..u” was what I heard next


Isabella is mad😭😭

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