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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 5

🌹🌻My daughter’s Nanny🌹🌻

🌹🌻Episode 5🌹🌻

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Miguel’s pov

“Sir Mig..u” I heard Abby’s nanny said

I immediately pushed Issabella and looked at Abby and her nanny

Abby was obviously angry..

Why did Isabella do that in the first place?

“Abby?” I called out to her and she burst into tears and ran to her room

“Abby!” I called but she ignored me

“And you, you better leave this place before I get back or else I’ll do something terrible to you” I said talking to Isabella this time

She could tell I was angry which was something she didn’t see often so she picked up her bag, gave me one last stare and walked away…

I ran upstairs to Abby room and Anny followed me

When we both got to the room and Abby was sitting on her bed crying

Why is she making a big deal out of this?

Is not like I kissed her back or something like that?

“Abby” I called out to her again but she didn’t even look at me

“Abby, my love” I said again touching her hand this time and she pushed my hand away

“Uhm… sir, let me talk to her..Just give us sometime” Anny said and I looked at her

Well, something about her makes me want to trust her to handle this situation

“Okay Anny but you should bring her down in the next thirty minutes…so that we can go visit her mother’s grave, okay?” I said to her

“Okay sir”

I smiled at her and left the room

Isabella just wants to ruin my life but I won’t let her…never

Anny’s pov

“Abby baby, can we talk?” I asked her

She was still crying…she must be really hurt by all this

The tough girl is now crying

*Nanny why should my dad do this??

“Baby, maybe he didn’t..Maybe it was an accident.. You might never tell” I said to her

*I don’t think it’s an accident.. Dad just hurt my feelings

“Hey baby, baby, you know your dad can never do that, okay?” I said to her

*He can’t?

“Yes he can’t.. So all I want you to do now, is to go get dress, put on your shoes so I can take you to your dad.. Or don’t you want to visit your mom?” I asked her

*Of course I want to.. I need to tell her about this

“No, no baby.. You can’t tell her, do you want her to get upset in her grave?” I asked her

*Of course not…I guess you are right nanny

“Yes baby, I am..Now go and get dressed”. I said to her


Abby came out after few minutes.. She was all dressed up

“Abby, you look so beautiful” I said to her

* Yes I need to dress beautifully for mom…

She must really love her mother a lot

*I don’t know why Aunt Isabella is wasting her time, she can never be my stepmom

“How do you know she’s planning on being your step mom?” I asked her

*Well, that’s what she keeps telling me each day she comes..

“Don’t worry baby, someone like her can never replace your mom, okay?” I said

*Thanks Nanny.. Uhm..can I ask for a favor nanny?

“Yea sure baby” I said

*Can you go with me and my dad..

“Uhm…I don’t know baby, what’s if your dad doesn’t agree?” I asked her

*Please nanny, he will..

Did she just say please to me?

I’m definitely going with her then

“Alright baby, I will but only if your dad let me” I said to her and she smiled

*Thank you

OMG!! I got a “please” and “thank you” from Abby

Wow!! She’s really changing

We got downstairs and saw Sir Mig.. already waiting

“Abby let’s go” her dad said

* Nanny will be going with us

“Really?” He asked her and stared at me

He just smiled and this made me blush a little

Just kidding…

But it was kinda cute though

His smile was lovely..I don’t know why he decided to kiss Isabella of all people

Abby dragged me and we both got into the car

Sir Mig… was holding some flowers in his hand

He got into the car and drove off.

Isabella’s pov

Hmm… Miguel is playing hard to get right?

He hasn’t seen a thing yet

I waited for long before his wife got out of the picture and still he is still displaying this attitude of his

I know it’s because of Abby but no matter what she must accept me or she will join her mother in the grave

Speaking of grave, isn’t where there are supposed to be now?

It wouldn’t be bad paying Dawn a visit in her grave..

Yea, Dawn is the wife of Miguel

I know she misses me, but I don’t know why she took what rightly belongs to me..


Anny’s pov

We got to the mortuary…

People really die a lot huh?

How do they even locate her grave in this place?

Surprisingly we walked pass there and Sir Mig… took us to a room

The room was huge and was nicely decorated with flowers

Then I saw her casket..

The inscription was bodly written:

“Dawn Raymond”

Abby immediately ran towards the casket

It’s a pity that a little girl is facing this

“Hey Dawn, how you doing today?” Sir Mig.. had said

Do they really talk to a dead person?

“I brought extra flowers for you” he said and I could tell from his voice that he wanted to cry

She must have been a really good lady

He gave me a sign to come closer which I did

I stood close to Abby and she held my hand

“Uhmm…dawn, This is Abby’s new nanny.. The only one Abby has ever asked to come visit you” he said and chuckled… But he still sound hurt

“Hi ma’am dawn, I’m Anny” I said to her and smiled

But truth be told, he was really hurt..even Abby was too..

I was holding Abby with one of my I used the other to hold his hands and he just stared at me and smiled..

We were backing the entrance to the room

And suddenly we heard a voice

“Cough.. cough.. hello everyone” the voice said

We all turned back to see who it was and it was..

“Isabella?” We both echoed at once




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