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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 7

🌹🌻🌺My daughter’s Nanny🌺❣️🌹🌻

🌻🌹🌹Episode 7🌹🌻

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Miguel’s pov

Isabella is really something else.. I never expected any of this from her

She was my wife’s best friend before she died..

How will my wife feel about this in the grave??

The thing is that I feel absolutely nothing for her..

We got into the car and I could tell that Abby was feeling sad, she couldn’t even spend quality time with her late mother like she used to

This is Isabella’s fault..

We got into the car, she decided to sit at the back with her nanny

She is really in love with her nanny isn’t she?

I drove off with speed, I don’t want to see Isabella’s face again for now

Abby laid on her Nanny’s legs

Aww… This is so cute

At least Abby has found someone she can trust

Anny’s POV

I felt someone tapped me and I opened my eyes slowly

It was Sir Mig..

Did I fall asleep in the car?

I looked at my legs and Abby was also sleeping.

“Anny get up and take Abby to her room” he said to me

“Okay sir.. but sir, what about you?” I asked him

He stared at me and entered into the driver’s seat

“Anny, don’t worry about me, I’m going out. Just do what I asked you to do please” he said and I nodded

I carefully came down from the car and carries Abby in my hands

She is a sound sleeper

I walk quietly so as not to wake Abby up from her sleep..

I laid her on her bed when I got to her room

I covered her with the duvet then I walked towards the window

I stared through the window looking at sir Mig.. He’s not himself, I could feel it

But who I’m I to question him?

Now what should I do?

I’m bored and I’m the only one in this big house

I walked around Abby’s room looking for something exciting to do but I found none

I wanted to walk out of the room when I saw a photo album lying on the table

How come I haven’t seen this before? Or was she going through it recently?

I sat down and opened the album

Wow! They look so happy here

It was a picture of the complete family

Abby, sir Mig.. and his late wife

She was really pretty and most of the pictures here were that of Abby’s late mother

I stared at Abby and she was obviously still sleeping

She must really miss her mum

But why did Isabella have to ruin her moment with her mom today

She must be a she-devil

I despise her a lot.. She really wants something from sir Mig.. but I can’t seem to place my hands on it

I close the album and walked towards Abby’s bed

Sleeping with her on her bed won’t be a problem or would it?

“Mum! Mum!” I heard someone scream and I jerked out of the bed

I stood up and rubbed my eyes and looked towards the direction where the sound was coming from and it was..


“Nanny please come, my mom is dying” I could hear her scream

Who was she talking to?

Keep that aside, she can talk?

I can hear Abby talking for the first time

This is a miracle

“Nanny! Mom!” She yelled louder

“Abby? Abby baby, get up, it’s just a dream” I said while tapping her

This dream of hers is really getting out of hand…

“Abby! Abby!” I yelled this time and she got up immediately

She was sweating like someone who had run for hours

She held her chest and was panting heavily

“Need some water?” I asked her and she nodded ‘yes’..

“Okay sit here, let me go get you some water” I said and ran downstairs to the kitchen to get her some water

I hope my ears aren’t deceiving me

No it can’t be cause I heard her talk more than once

I walked into the room and gave her the glass of water and she gulped it down immediately

I collected the glass and drop it down at the bedside table

“Abby baby, I have great news for you.. You can talk agian” I said to her

And she gave me a confused look which can mean “you say what?”

“Yes, you can. Just now I heard you screaming in your dream, calling out for your mom” I said and she opened her mouth wide, she was in total shock

“Abby are you okay” I said and she nodded

“Good, so try talking, try to say something..” I said to her

She opened her mouth to talk but she couldn’t… But I could swear I heard her syaing something

“Okay baby, don’t force it, try saying something simple like mom or dad, okay?” I said again with hope and faith

She tried saying it but she couldn’t

And she burst into tears

Oh my goodness, what have I done?

I broke her…

“Abby, what’s the matter?” I asked her

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked again

*No nanny, you didn’t is just that..

“Is just what baby?” I asked curiously

* I just want to be like my mates, going to school, having fun and not being locked up in the house all day

“I know baby, you still have the chance to do that, just hope and pray to God that you talk again. I could have sworn I heard you talk” I said to her

*It doesn’t matter now.. Nanny do you think I can ever talk again cause I’m starting to doubt it

“Hey don’t say that baby, of course you can, just have faith okay?” I said and she jumped on me and hugged me tightly and I hugged her back

So sad she has to face this


It was late already and Sir Mig.. isn’t yet back

Where could he be? Abby is already sleeping and I want to go to bed but I can’t lock the door when he is out

Just then I heard his car horn

Finally he is back

Actually the main reason I’m still awake is because I want to talk to him about Abby

He walked into the house and was shocked to see me
“Good evening sir Mig..” I greeted

“Good evening Anny, where’s Abby?” He asked..

“She’s sleeping”

“Oh that good, why are you still awake?” He asked me

“Uhm.. I was waiting for you to get back so I could lock the door”

“Anny? It isn’t that late so you shouldn’t have bothered” he said

“Okay..” I said and he wanted to walk away

“Uhmm.. sir Mig.. can I talk to you” I said

“Anny, I’m really not in the mood to talk right now” he said

“But it’s about Abby” I said to him

“Abby? What happened to her” he said

” Nothing serious but can we talk?” I asked again

“Sure sit” he said

So he can now talk to me because it’s about Abby

He really loves her

“Well, talk” he said

He isn’t really in the mood to talk

I narrated everything that had happened and he just opened his mouth staring at me

“Sir?”, I called out..

“Uhm..Anny I’m speechless, are you sure of what you just said?” He asked me..

“Yes I am”

“If I find out you are lying I won’t be happy with you”..

“No problem sir”

“Don’t worry tomorrow we will go to the doctor” he said and walked away



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