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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 8

🌹🌺My daughter’s Nanny🌻🌹

🌹🌻Episode 8🌺🌹🌻

Miguel’s pov

“Doctor, so what’s the result?” I asked the doctor anxiously waiting for a positive reply.

I brought Abby to the hospital to confirm if she can really talk again. Right now she’s in the car with her nanny.

And to be honest I’m pretty nervous about the answer I’ll be getting.

I’ve prayed for so long for Abby to talk and it seems like my dream is coming to past.

“Well, Mr Miquel, the test we conducted proved negative. There was no sign that Abby actually spoke. So I advised you reconsider talking to her nanny” he said picking up a file and going through it

Can Anny really lie to me?

She won’t stay up all night just to lie to my face would she?

“Are you sure doc?” I asked getting confused

“I’m am one hundred percent sure” he said standing up this time

“You know I’m busy so please I would like if you take your leave” he said

I stood up, gave him a handshake and left the hospital.

I saw Anny and Abby waiting close to the car for my arrival.

“Well, sir.. what did the doctor say” Anny asked smiling sheepishly

I gave her a stare and continue walking

“Sir?” She said

“Get into the car” was all I said to her and got into the driver’s seat.

She took Abby into the car and the drive was so quiet.

I was very angry at that point..

Why on Earth would she lie to me?

Or was it a joke?.. Even if it was, it was an expensive one..

I don’t use whatever concerns Abby to joke..

We finally arrived home and we got down from the car..

“Abby, got to your room” I said to her without even looking at her face

Looking at Abby’s face made me more angry. How on Earth can I possibly tell her that she didn’t speak.. that her nanny was lying to her??


I watched as she walked upstairs disappointedly..

Poor girl..

“Sir..” Anny tried calling

“Shut up Anny..!! Why would you lie? Why would you joke with something very important” I yelled at her

“Lie..?.. Joke? I did not lie or joke..” she said and I cut in

“I don’t need your explanations Anny” I said to her and tears rolled down her eyes

“All I need you to do now, is to go into your room, get your things and leave this instant.. You are not fit to be my daughter’s Nanny” I said to her and she fell on her knees

“Sir.. you and I know that I can’t go back to my house… The rent is due for tomorrow.. I’ll still be kicked out” she pleaded

“I don’t care about any of that.. Just leave my house before I loose it” i said to her

She quietly stood up, and went to her room..

I stood there waiting for her and in less than 30mins she was out with her bags

“Thank you sir.. it was nice working with you” she said and left

Why do I feel bad about this?
Well, I’m still not bringing her back.

Anny’s POV

What wrong have I done in telling him the truth?

I was only exicted that she could finally talk..

Or was I day dreaming.?..

No.. I’m very sure of what I heard..

Where should I go now.?

I guess I’ll have to go back to my house and sleep for tonight.. then I’ll find where I’ll stay tomorrow..


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