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My Daughter’s Nanny Episode 9

🌻🌹🌺My daughter’s nanny🌻🌹🌺

             🌻🌺🌹Episode 9🌹🌺🌻

Anny’s pov

What on Earth does sir Mig.. wants me to do now? Where does he want me to go. My house rent is due for tomorrow.. If my landlord comes, he’s going to throw me out.

I did not lie neither did I joke about it. I could swear I heard Abby talk..

I packed my stuff.. the little ones I have and left the building. I could see sir Mig.. at the veranda staring at me. How could he actually do this to me?

I stared at him for the last time and left the house.

I boarded a cab.. I can’t believe I’m going back there…


I went back to the house. At least I can crash here tonight, then tomorrow I’ll figure out what next to do. My landlord won’t even have sympathy on me even if I beg him. God help me please.

Just when i thought I have left this house for good. Why is it that good things never come my way. Abby, I just hope you are fine and you are able to talk. I can still swear I heard you talk. Just be save okay? Especially from Isabella.


Next morning

Miguel’s POV

I went to Abby’s room to check up on her. She doesn’t even know that her nanny is no longer around..

I walked into her room and she was already awake.. sitting in her bed, probably waiting for her nanny.

“Abby dear, how are you?” I asked her and she just stared at me and room her tablet.

*Dad where is my nanny?

“You haven’t answered my question Abby and you are asking for your nanny” I said trying to change the topic

*Dad, where is she? I’ve been looking for her and I haven’t seen her yet

“Well… Baby.. the thing is that your nanny is no longer here” I said to her and I could notice the look on her face changed and she stood up..

*Dad what do you mean by she’s no longer here?

” I chased her yesterday Abby, okay?”

*But why?

She said and she was almost tearing up

“That doesn’t matter, get up so you can have your breakfast” I said to her

*I won’t eat anything till I see my nanny. Why did you chase her dad?

“Okay, if you must know, she lies to me so I had to chase her”

*Lie? About what?

“About you, that you can actually talk”

*What if she wasn’t lying.. cause she said exactly what I said in my dream

“For reals? It doesn’t matter now, she’s gone.. let’s go”

*I’m not doing anything till I see my nanny

“But I thought you didn’t like her?”

*I do now

“Too bad I don’t know where she is”

*Stop lying dad, I know you took her to her place to pick up her stuff. You chased her for lying and you are lying to me

“Okay at least bathe before we go get her”

*No.. I want her to bathe me

“Fine, get up let’s go”

Anny, what have you done to my daughter. She has never loved someone this much before. Excitement was clearly written over Abby’s face as she got into the car


Anny’s POV

“Sir please, just give me one week to pay up” I pleaded with the landlord but all fell on deaf ears

“Leave my house this instant if you can’t provide the rent”

“But sir, this is the first time I’m owing, just give me just one week” I said

“Get out!” He yelled

He threw my bags outside. Why is he being all rude and harsh towards me?

He dragged me out of the house and just then I heard a familiar voice

“Let her be!”


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