Short Stories

My Facebook Lover

BY: Maduabuchi Obioma (Mr. Suspense)
“Thank you for accepting my friend request Bisola after two long years”. Jide chatted Bisola whom he had followed online for two years.

“Smiles”. She typed. “You don't seem to give up, do you?”. She asked.
“Do you give up on something most important to you?”. He asked.

“But you're married Jide”. She told him.
“Yes dear, I am, but….”.
“But what? Men will always be men. Anyways, I saw how serious you were and how persistent you also was.

So I decided to give it a try. I've not done this before I've not dated any man ever since I got married. Not to talk of dating someone I met online,

I do not know you. But I'll give it a try”.
“And I promise you won't regret it Bisola. Can I call you my love?”. He asked.
“Call me anything you wish, I'm all yours”. She responded.

“You're too sweet, thanks babe”.
“And you're sweet too, I saw in your profile that you live in Lekki”.
“Yeah, I live and work in Lekki. What about you?”. He asked.

“Same, I live in Lekki too”. She answered.
“Wow! That's lovely. That means, whatever we do will have to be online or outside Lekki”.

“Yeah, far away outside Lekki. Don't want my husband to suspect anything”.
“I'll accord you the respect you deserve and I'll help protect your marriage”. He assured.

“You're a perfect gentleman”.
“Thanks babe, so how and when do we see/meet?”. He asked.

“This weekend will be perfect, my husband will be traveling by friday morning. So Saturday will be fine, my sister will be around with my kids”. She told him.

“Perfect, I love your maturity”.
“Thanks love. So where do we meet?”.
“I'll text you the address”.

“Alright, I'll be waiting for it”. The address dropped into her inbox and she smiled. It is a quiet place, suitable for two lovers who want privacy.

“Seen, I love the choice you made. It's a good place”.
“You know the place?”. He asked.
“Been three with my husband, I love the place”. She answered.

“I'm glad you like it, I'll be there 10am waiting”.
“10am is a deal”. She agreed and they ended the chat.

Jide got to the hotel first before the arrival of Bisola and few minutes later, Bisola arrived and the drama began.
Jide had opened a facebook account with another name and pics hiding his true identity, as same as Bisola.

She also used a different name and profile picture on her fake account.
“I am in the hotel, what room are you?”. She asked Jide when she arrived.
“I am in room 306, the door is not locked, just open it and enter”.

Bisola got to room 306, opened the door and entered. Only to meet her husband Bayo, meanwhile, her real name is Bisayo.
“What are you doing here?”. He asked in amazement.

“I should be asking you”. She responded also in amazement.
Dear reader, you know the outcome. You can end the story under the comment box. 😂😂

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