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[STORIES] My Father’s Killer Chapter 1


2nd December 2023


Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️

🍎🍎 CHAPTER 1 🍎🍎


A single tap and the door knob was already turned. She abruptly walked into my office accompanied by her uncle. Amazingly, it was exactly 10am as we had scheduled. Her uncle looked quite relaxed while she seemed a bit scared. She looked older than what I had expected of late Dr. Sam Dickson’s little daughter. I could barely recognize her.
“Good morning ma’am” Her uncle was the first to speak and she followed suit.
“Good morning Mrs Becky”
“Good morning. Please have a seat”
“Thank you” her uncle replied as they both took their seats in the spinning office chairs I offered.
“Well” he continued “my little neice here has something to tell us”
“Yes, we spoke on the phone. Miss Inemesit, what do you want to talk about?”
“My father’s killer”
“What!?” both her uncle and I found ourselves shocked by her outburst.
“First” she continued
“I am not little, I am 18 years old. I am an adult”
There was a tinge of anger in her words to her uncle.

“Why do you want to wake a closed case?”

“I understand you are the detective incharge of my father’s murder case. So, I have decided to help you with the truth”
I noticed the unease her uncle was experiencing. I looked at him in shock expecting he would say something. But he just kept looking at the girl. The silence was getting too awkward. I had to break it.
“Your father died two years ago…”
“If I had told you this two years ago, you would have thought me too young to believe my testimony. Now, I’m 18, an adult, licensed to fair hearing.”
Her uncle still said nothing.
“So, who killed your father?”
“I believe I am supposed to fill a form with my identity before my statement is taken”
Wow. This one is here for business. If she wants to be hard then, the news had better been worth it.
“Yeah sure”
I replied as I handed her a form. I was about to hand her a pen as well when she pulled out her’s from her bag. She really came prepared. I smiled, turned on the recording tape and stared her straight to her eyes.
“Who killed your father?”
I noticed the change in her uncle’s expression. He looked confused at first and then a bit relaxed. He excused himself and walked out of the office. Inem watched him leave. It seemed a bit of relief had gotten to her.
“Mum killed my father” she emphasized.

My mum had just returned home from work. I welcomed her and collected her jacket and hand My mum had just returned home from work. I welcomed her and collected her jacket and hand bag.
“Mum, how was work today?” I asked
“Fine. It was scary though. Your friend came around too”
“To your office? Which of my friends?”
“My bestie?”
“If that’s what you guys call it”
“What for?”
“About her father’s killer. Don’t ask futher. The rest is strictly confidential”
With that, she headed upstairs.
I was shocked. She went without even telling me? Does that mean I am a suspect? Confidential my mum said. Well, that’s only if she doesn’t play that record tape after dinner as usual.
My mum’s call brought me out of my thoughts.
“Didn’t you hear me? Bring my bag upstairs”
“Okay mum”


We had just finished eating our dinner and I knew it was time for my mum to listen to the record tapes from work. I hurried to my room and pretended to be asleep. This would warrant my mum to take the tape out of her room. As I had expected, she checked on me and I was asleep or so she thought. The house finally went silent. I felt she had locked herself in her room. So, I rose to sneak to her room to listen to the tape. As I got to my door, I heard voices, footsteps. My mom! She isn’t alone.
“Mum killed my father” That’s Inem’s voice. My bestie was with her. No! That’s the tape. I listened again.
“…I had returned from school that day and silently hurried to my dad’s room. I opened the door only to find mum standing over him, hugging a pillow…”
As my mum moved futher, the record got faint. I had to follow her. I silently stepped out of my room and saw her descending the stairs. I followed her till she was comfortably sitted in one of the sofas in the living room. The tape kept rolling
“…I didn’t see the face but I could recognize mum from behind. I silently shut the door and left the house immediately”
“You didn’t see her suffocate him. Did you?” my mom asked.
“Her? Mum was the only person in that house. My dad was suffocated right? Mum held the pillow. I returned from school at exactly 2:32 pm. Your records state that my dad died at about 2:15 hours. Mum was the only person home at that time”
“Wow. I still find it hard to buy this. How did your hospitalized mum do this? Considering she had been at the hospital was at the time due to the same accident that got your father bedridden”
“Did I mention my mom?” my bestfriend shot back
“I said mum don’t you get it? It’s an acronym for My Uncle’s Mask. I did it to get my uncle off my neck. You saw him leave right? Exactly what I expected. My uncle masked himself with love and care. He killed my dad. And if something is not done about it tonight, I’ld take laws into my hands”
I heard a bang and the player went off
No way!!! I thought to myself. I hurried back to my room. This time, I locked the door from within. I was scared.

“Inem, what was that stunt you pulled at Mrs Becky’s office?”
“Uncle, I need to sleep” I said whilst walking out of the kitchen.
We had our dinner a while ago and I had just finished doing the dishes when my uncle walked into the kitchen and started questioning me. I’m supposed to be scared but I’m not. Whatever he wants to do, I know I’ld kill him tonight.
“Inem, I’m talking to you”
“Uncle please…”
I turned to face him. Just then I saw it coming but before I could react, the knife was already in my chest. I felt myself drop to my knees, then to my face, causing the knife to borrow deeper. The last thing I heard was my uncle scream my name.



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