πŸ‘™My First Hook-Up Experience 21+ πŸ’žπŸ’‹πŸ‘™

πŸ‘™My First Hook-Up Experience 21+ πŸ’žπŸ’‹πŸ‘™ Subtitle: Xmas special. I have always fantasize on hooking up with a girl and bang her hard as I thought because I can’t remember when last I got laid because of pregnancy issues.

Subtitle: Xmas special.
I have always fantasize on hooking up with a girl and bang her hard as I thought because I can’t remember when last I got laid because of pregnancy issues.
I went around facebook and started searching for girls that I will hook up with, I always ended up with girls that are not in Rivers State and it will cost me a lot to convey them to my place, it was a huge turn off on my side.
My hard work paid off when I caught a sweet fish in Rivers State and we got on chatting, she wasn’t a naughty chatter.
I whined her and persuaded her on sending a nude to me which she did, her bre-asts looked nice and sweet, my head spark.
Things started falling apart when she told me that she have a boyfriend and red-flagged all my advances on getting her as fu-ck mate.
I boned her and continued chatting without disturbing her inbox, the long foolish ASUU strike sent us home and Corona Virus or should I say Scam19 made Ngige Minister of Education and Labour see no need in educating Nigeria youths.
After the Endsars brouhahaha I got a message from her and we started chatting, I told her about my intension of hooking up with her and she demanded for transport fare, me wey broke then die.
I wanted to know if she is serious so I ended the chat then with her and we stopped chatting again, she sent me a message on facebook at the start of November about the hook-up.
I told her am up for it and will fix date for us to meet, before she chatted me up my older brother had called me up for Exam runz in UST with one part time student General philosophy course which will fetch me whopping sum of 5k.
I planned to fix the match between both of us that weekend after the exam because I was expecting extra cash and devil just make me dump my ATM card for house, I wasn’t with enough cash on me.
The money I was expecting arrived late on Sunday evening so she couldn’t make it, she told me to fix it some other weekend because she usually go to work on week days and the werey dey with my two thousand naira, guy man no get choice I chilled and made her promise me that she will visit me.
She told me she isn’t pretty and I knew all these girls will not kill us with all these their filter pictures, I couldn’t back out so I also encouraged her that am not handsome so that she will not use her facial look and grow cold visit on visiting me.
She sent me her boobs and pu-ssy pictures on Monday the next day, I did all I could do to make her visit me but she no gree say she dey work.
While I sent her my di-ck which wasn’t hard because that thing too heavy and hardly gets fully erect if isn’t fully roused.
She told me that my di-ck isn’t big and I shocked me that my di-ck intimidates my room-mates di-cks isn’t big wahala be like bicycle, I told her she will see with her eyes how mighty I am in that department when we jam.
On wednesday that week she told she has chopped the two thousand naira and I asked the werey how will she come to Ahoada so that we can hook up she told me that she will borrow, mehnn! water pass garri for the matter.
On Friday we chatted in the Noon and I told her if we should use condom or raw, she said if she is in the mood we are going to do raw and I replied with “see your mouth”.
Friday evening she told me that she is yet to get someone who will borrow her money for transport but she still assured me that she will make it that Saturday, I just weak for the babe.
I decided to get condom fear who no fear HIV my brother, I went to the chemist to purchase condom and met somebody that knew my parents and have PHD in talking. I waited till he leave and ordered for it and my face cream, that evening First Bank decided to catch cruise with its customers and was unable to pay for the transfer I jack myself go house.
I couldn’t chat with her that night and also Saturday evening because PHCN have decided to sell darkness for the weekend because of people that have burial that weekend didn’t appreciate their services.
I borrowed my friend phone and chatted with her and she told she will come, my di-ck was just appearing in different sizes with enough veins through out the day.
I called around noon and the werey told me that she is washing she won’t be able to make it, which kind wahala be this na? I ended the call and she returned it asking if am angry I told her am not but I no get joy then at all.
I was unable to chat with her that night but she promised she will make it on Sunday after service, Church service and di-ck service one day mama de mama.
I didn’t believe so I just kept my hope on the barest minimum concerning the hook-up, Sunday came flying and I went to help my mother in the farm.
I called the babe around 11am and she told me she will be coming soon, and one of my call fuckmate don make me release one tank of akamu jehovah through stroking hearing her sweet mo-aning voice.
I wanted to call and tell her that she should cancel because the release of that cu-m will prevent me from cu-mming fo an hour if the se-x won’t be intense and if she isn’t esteemo and tight.
I took my bath and set out we never agreed on meeting in Elele but the werey called me up to meet her in Elele or she will go back, I took a bike after budgeting 2k for the romp without holding my ATM card in case of something happened.
She didn’t even know where she called me up if it is small Elele or Big Elele when I was charged 250naira to get there, I called her up to come but lai lai she no gree and there is no time to convince her I hop on the bike with pressure on her side I lost my master planner sense.
I got to Elele and she called if am the one wearing white and I said yes, the bikeman don lockup with my change the man don budget money on top my head I no blame am lai lai.
She crossed over and me that haven’t step foot in Elele before apart from flying pass it with bus was confused on what to do, the babe had a mad ass and nice hips with medium brea-sts that made her figure 8 tempting but her face come be party scatter.
I accused her of dragging me to Elele and she accused me back, wahala dey oh. I asked her what we should do the babe is without a single plan and I had no choice to ask the bike man to take us to a lodge and both of us climbed the bike together, the babe asked me if I wan naked am the way I position for her back. Her behaviour no make my body sweet me again for the romp.
We got to the first guest house and my head spark, the place no fine walahi and time dey go. I asked her if the place is okay because the way she is looking at the place somehow but she responded that it is my money, I didn’t understand that place and my head dey pain something I for just agree stay for that place lodge the babe fu-ck commot I tell the babe to enter bike make we escape commot for that place and the bikeman nofit advise me to stay put there.
When we got to the new lodge the babe was upset and I don’t know but she is checking time, I told her that I haven’t bought condom because I wasn’t prepared she start doing anyhow, mehnn.. boxer no wan stay for yansh.
When I go meet the receptionist to book room the fine babe there mention 2k for short time and my brain spark, I check my pocket discover say my pocket nofit challenge came out and asked her if she is with transport and she said no, the babe come dey yarn say she go commot here because her brother was calling her probably her parents are back from church.
After front and back I bargained with the manager for 1k for 30minutes me wey know say I no go cum before 30minutes and the whole stress is a huge turn off to me and something extra-ordinary will need to happen before I get ho-rny.
We entered the room after the receptionist prepared it and sat down, I didn’t want to rush the whole thing because I wanted my mind to settle before we go down on it and her lips isn’t that tempting and don’t know how she will react if I wanted to kiss her.
She asked if am shy and I said no then bounced on her by leaning on her body, babe just fell on the bed and I squeezed her soft melons hiding underneath her bra and soft fabric gown. I raised her gown up and met a tight she no wear pant, oh mehnn.. Niggar confuse sha.
She gradually got up and started undressing herself, I also undressed myself.
She went about loosening the curtails of the windows while my di-c-k was raging but not fully erect.
She lay on the bed naked spreading her legs while I climbed and visited her pu–ssy with my mouth, the babe no we-t at all with her cleanly shaved pu–ssy.
I just knew she didn’t have watery pu–ssy but all these kind of pu-ssy that release thick we-t.
I su-cked and licked her pu–ssy focusing on her big cli-t but the babe no wan mo-an sef, I stuck a finger in and fingered her pu-ssy while licking it and she released small voice note. I left the pu-ssy because one mind dey warn me about disease iffa I go hard on the licking so I feasted on the bre-asts.
I started su-cking the left one while squeezing the other one, the babe was trying to remove my hand but I insisted on placing it on that succulent bre-ast.
I grabbed my di-ck and stroked it ready to penetrate, babe ask of condom I told her is coming one mind dey remind me of HIV but las las she got up from bed and asked of condom she seemed ho-rny sha.
We sat naked on the bed waiting for the condom I gave one hundred naira to the manager to purchase, he knocked and I went to take it from him.
I gave it to her and the werey was telling me that she doesn’t know how to remove the condom from the pack, I just ignore her and gave it to her.
She brought the condom out and gave it to me, local man doesn’t know how to wear condom so I gave it to her and she told me she doesn’t know how to do it.
But when the babe set the condom make me fear say I don jam today, she rolled it on my not fully hard di-ck without stroking it and I just talk for my mind say na bad lay be this.
I opened her laps and thrusted in her pu-ssy making waraaa noise that am in the right hole, her warm pussy was accumulating my big di-ck but not tightly as she claimed she have sweet and tight pu-ssy, the pus-sy wasn’t tight and am happy that I have a big di-ck naso I for take disgrace my papa.
I started pounding her it felt like exercise because the Kiss condom wasn’t allowing me to feel the flesh of her pu-ssy wall, she was groaning like someone in pain and wasn’t mo-aning.
Her body became sweaty meaning that am pounding her very well, the babe didn’t even move but lay put on the bed with her eyes shut and her hands stay put.
The zero participation on her side killed my joy she wasn’t touching me, she just lay like log of wood. I told her am not enjoying it expecting her to ask me to remove the condom but the werey on said what. I told her to ride and she told me she doesn’t know how to ride, I just tire.
I skillfully put my hand under her and made her be on top of me, the babe sat on my di-ck and refused to move, I grabbed her bre-asts and squeezed it to encourage to ride me she kept repeating that she doesn’t know how to ride.
I just weak turned her over feeling mad at myself, I thru-sted again again but joy no dey again my di—-ck just dey weak.
I told her we should do doggy style and she positioned shooting her soft a—ss out. I made her use her hand to insert my di—ck from behind, immediately she did I started thrusting in and out roughly, no joy again.
The babe jumped down from bed and told me that I want to wound her, she went to her phone and called her brother all effort to talk to her was abortive.
She entered bathroom and washed her pu—ssy while I watched, she came out and told me to bath.
I took my bath and we came out to ask her why she isn’t active, she later told me on the road while we were going that she doesn’t enjoy it, she no enjoy condom na she force me to wear one.
When I told her about another hook up she jumped on it, is it because of 2k or what?
I always write short stories on christmas and it is my tradition to do so, I will continue Ahoada River 18+ after Christmas.
next story will be LIFE OR RICHES 7DAYS

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