My Valentine’s Gift – Episode 1

(Dedicated to all singles and those in a relationship).


“Baby, you know Valentine’s day is in few days time and you promised me to give me whatever I ask from you” Emma said slowly on a phone conversation with Lizzy.

Emma and Lizzy has been together in the relationship for more 2 years now and their relationship has been going on smoothly the first 5-6 months not until they both start engaging themselves in touchy stuffs in the relationship but yet no penetration was made so far.

“Oh! Baby, anything for you” she said romantically and continues “who will I give my Valentine’s gift to if not to you, trust me this year’s Valentine will be the best for us” she said on the phone laughing while Emma also smiled in return.

“That’s my baby girl and that’s why I can’t live my life without you or with any other girl except you” he said romantically.

“Awnnn” thanks baby, thanks for all you do” she replied in appreciation.

“Lizzy baby, I hope you’ve started the plans for that day already?” he asked anxiously.

“Yes, love. I’m still planning though but it will be the best, don’t worry” she responded.

“I hope your church isn’t hosting any programme for Valentine’s day this year again? You know last year we couldn’t celebrate it together because of that even after sending you the money for transportation to come but you scammed me” he said pretending to be pained about it.

“Oh! Baby that’s gone already but my church always host programmes for Valentine’s every year and…”

“And what, Lizzy?” he cuts her short and continues “so you’re not coming to spend time together on Valentine’s day again this year?” he asked impatiently.

“Not at all, calm down baby. What I’m saying is I won’t go to church but to your place instead” she explained.

“That’s better” he said calmly and continues “you know it’s been 1month we saw last and I have seriously missed you, I need my baby” he said.

“Don’t worry, I will be coming a day before Valentine’s day, is that okay by you dear?” She asked smiling.

“Yes baby, very okay. Atleast we can have time for ourselves alone this time around. Thank you baby” he said and appreciated.

“Baby, let’s talk later I need to dress up now, I have a friend’s place to go concerning the clothes I told you about” she said

“No problems baby, take care of yourself and always know that I love you” he said while she responded back lovingly and hangs up.

“I just hope this babe will not disappoint me with the Valentine’s dress and the other stuffs I asked her to get for me sha, I can’t wait to surprise my baby with it” she said laughing while she dresses up to leave for her friend’s place for the clothes.