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My Virgin Husband

My Virgin Husband Episode 158

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My Virgin Husband.Written by Feathers.Chapter 158 Rose’s POVI got inside Ethan’s dad office. He was sitting and reading a magazine when I walked in….




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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 158

Rose’s POV

I got inside Ethan’s dad office. He was sitting and reading a magazine when I walked in.

“I didn’t expect you to come, you must be so courageous.” He said.

“Why should I be scared to honour my father in law’s invite?” I asked.

“Lovely.” He said and brought out a leaflet that looks like a cheque, he placed it right before me and said, “$1,000,000. All you have to do is snitch on your husband.”

“$1,000,000 to snitch on my love? what sort of disrespect.” I answered.

He smiled, “Bad girl.” He took the cheque and tore it, he brought a different cheque and wrote an amount on it.

He handed over the cheque to me and I almost furrowed my brow in surprise but I pretend like it was nothing.

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“Deal!” I said and he smiled broadly.

“See me thinking it would be tough… so tell me, did you know where Ethans kept my son?”He asked.

” Ethan is very secretive and won’t tell him anything about his acts, but don’t worry, I’ll find out…Give me a week.” I said.

“That’s my girl, has he brought your baby home?” He asked.

“We even fought about it before I start coming here. He had said he would bring my baby back in three days but it’s more than seven days and he hasn’t fulfilled his promise. I know the baby is with you, please help keep him safe till I help you out in this. I’m particularly interested in my son than Ethan.” I said.

PAY ATTENTION  My Virgin Husband Episode 157

“Your son is safe.” He said assuringly.

“Thank you, sir. I need to leave so he wouldn’t suspect I was coming here.” I said and stood.

“Be careful, Ethan is very smart.” He said.

“He would only be careful around me if he is suspicious, isn’t it?” I asked.

“True.” He said and I went away from his office.

I went straight to the bank and transferred all the $10,000,000 into a different bank account.

PAY ATTENTION  My Virgin Husband Episode 157

Ethan and I can easily run away from that wicked father of his.

On getting home, I noticed Ethan was not at home. Where could he have gone to?

Just as I was thinking, Ethan walked in.

“How was it?” He asked.

I explained it all to him and he smiled, “It’s good to be wise but it’s better to marry a wise woman.”

We both chuckled.

End of My Virgin Husband Episode 158

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