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About NotJustOk

NotJustOk is a Nigerian music download website which was coined from Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, NotJustOk was started as a personal blog by Ademola Ogundele in 2006. It later evolved into a music website after Ademola posted a clip of 9ice’s performance at Nelson Mandela’s 90th-anniversary concert, which rapidly increased the traffic of the website. Currently, with few employees, NotJustOk is managed by Ademola Ogundele and Ovie Ofugara. NotJustOk website has over 1.2 million viewers per month, from 183 countries. NotJustOk has steadily grown into one of the most visited sites within the Nigerian communities online. is the premiere and most visited online platform that delivers spanking new Nigerian hip-hop/contemporary music, videos and music content daily to Nigerians by exposing remarkable artists and their materials from the fast-growing Music industry to Nigerians around the world. NotJustOk has regularly been Voted #1 Nigerian music website in 2010 and 2011.

NotJustOk Latest song 2022 | Download New Audio and Video Not Just Ok New Songs is on a mission to spread Nigerian music to all corners of the globe. NotJustOk is a media platform used to promote and deliver Nigerian music, videos and music content.


NotJustOk Latest song 2022

NotJustOk is the local/satellite Television and radio stations, but brings a unique and fresh solution to Nigerians in and outside of the country. offers a platform where Nigerian Music lovers around the world can access, listen, stream and give their opinions on Nigerian music content anywhere and anytime. NotJustOk is a platform for artists for a useful source of direct feedback from their fans and a way to gain insight into what their fans respond to. In addition to sharing music, videos and other content, also conducts interviews with up and coming, promising artists/producers/directors in the Hype section, sells digital albums that are usually released the same time they are released physically, gives out 10 free song downloads every month in the NotJustOk select-10 section and produces a Top Ten Video show every quarter. In 2009, amassed over 2 million page views.  In 2010, 6 million page views were recorded and in 2012, we recorded 29 million page views

NotJustOk Website Editors

Ovie Ofugara

Ademola Ogundele

Seyifunmi Akinrinmade

Oluwafemi Adebanjo

Eghosa Omoregie

Boye Akindolire

Ikenna Okpalor

Awards and nominations Won

Year               Award ceremony                                            Awards

2011       City People Entertainment Awards              Music Website of The Year

2012      City People Entertainment Awards               Music Website of The Year

2013      Nigerian Entertainment of The Year             Blog of The Year

2013      City People Entertainment of The Year        Music Website of The year

2014      Black Weblog Awards                                   Best Music Blog

2014     City People Entertainment Awards                Music Website of The Year

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NotJustOk is a website which brings the people to the best way to enjoy your favourite African music with the new and improved MyNotjustok app. Time is valuable, and MyNotjustok wants you to spend more time enjoying your favourite music than searching for it. The MyNotjustok app has over 300,000 songs and growing from African artistes all over the world: from the most well-known acts to buzzing up-and-coming talents of all categories (West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, North Africa, Gospel, Arabic Pop and much more), MyNotjustok allows you stream the songs you know and love and also discover new ones.

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