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“Nwa-Oma Osiso” | The truth about this Igbo slang.

Am kennedy Eze, I have been Disturbed over the meaning of Nwa Oma Osiso, Nwa mienky and Nwa Zegemi By my girlfriend who I once call her the Name.

Am going to Explain everything,I mean the three Names, Now let start.

Nwa I’ma Osiso

Nea oma osiso

Nwaoma means good child, fine girl or fine boy.

Osiso means quickly. It also means “sharp-sharp” or “sharpali” in Nigerian Pidgin English.

That’s a literal translation.

Nwa Oma Osiso, means someone who is fast response to people with his or her beauty ❀️❀️❀️

The relationship between “fine girl” and “sharp sharp”. We have always called beautiful girls “nwaoma”, “asa nwa”, “nwa na mma” “obim” and the rest.

Some people believe that “nwaoma osiso” is derogatory. Few persons from Nigeria, I have interacted with said it’s a slang used to refer to a prostitutes.

So now you are clarified Nwa oma Osiso  is not a prostitute but some one who is very fine and attractive To you/people. Remember one Man food is another man poison, what do I mean my that, A girls/boy may not be beautiful/ the way you want don’t mean he/she is not Nwa oma Osiso.

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Papa ifeanyi call girls who massage him frequently this Name.

Nwa mienky

Nwa mienky

As we all know in igbo land that “nwa” means baby, child or kid.

Mienky mean, is a “Baby Name”

Bass on our research we find out is a Name use in Indonesia but we start using the Name because of how we pronounced it.

In Nigeria We use Nwa mienky as a girl who is good in bed, someone who has soft body to massage your body well in a Romantic ways.

Papa ifeanyi always use this “nwa mienky” when he was to have sex or he is looking for one.

Nwa Zegemi

Nwa zegemi

Nwa zegemi is the first insidelife comedy released


Other Nigeria misinterpretation

In the United States, the word “nigger” is offensive and derogatory. In Nigeria, I grew up seeing people call themselves “nigger”, it sounded American to us and we all wanted to sound foreign.

You hear things like “Nigger… Yuh mehn, wassup?” And the other person responds positively without offence. When it is used by a white, it is seen as a racial slur but when it is used by a fellow black, the understanding is different. I think the same may apply to “nwaoma osiso” going forward.

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The controversial slang and it’s alleged origin doesn’t make some people feel good about it. The first time I heard it, I didn’t feel good about it either because the “beautiful girl” and “fast fast” being used as the same word didn’t resonate well with me. Not because my mind ever went the wrong side but because it didn’t make any sense to me.

Igbo slangs like “gbawa door” which literally means “break the door” means “leave quickly”. People use if at different occasions and the ongoing conversation before it is used can determine what the user meant.

For example, during a heated argument, if one person uses the word “gbawa door!” It means “get away from here!” But when used during a conversation like “kam gbawa door”, it means “I need to quickly leave”.

In the same way, the interpretation of “nwaoma osiso” may depend on situations and who is using it. If a friend calls another “nwaoma osiso”, it will simply be understood as “fine girl”, these days ladies also use “nwoke oma osiso” to refer to their male friends.

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However, if a stranger approaches a lady and calls her “nwaoma osiso”, she may find it offensive especially with the controversy surrounding the slang.

Slangs evolve and sometimes it turns from negative to positive or from positive to negative. “Aboki” is an Hausa word that means “my friend” but in Southern parts of Nigeria, “Aboki” is seen as insult when used on a Southerner.

When used on a Northerner, it is interpreted different depending on initial conversations. If used during an argument, the Northerner sees it as an insult. Mostly, when used by a Southerner, it is considered a slur.

Not everyone is comfortable with being called “Nwaoma osiso”, at least not yet. You shouldn’t carelessly use it on anyone. Some people have problems with it, so to stay on a safe side, I’d rather choose not to call someone “nwaoma osiso”… Except when it’s very obvious that we are joking around.

Thanks you for reading

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