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OBIAGERI By Amah Heart Episode 1

By Amah Heart Episode 1 Read and watch the of – Episode 1. Was written by Amah Heart.

OBIAGERI By Amah Heart Episode 1


“Nne ndewo (greetings to an elderly )

“Ndewo nwam, kedu(greetings my child, how are you)

“Odi mma (I'm fine)

“Nwam, lemakwa anya na uzo, ndi ojoo di na ohia o( my child, becareful as you go, there are bad people in this bush)

“Nsogbu adighi Nne… imela (there's no problem ma, thank you)

The elderly nooded as i stood beside the bush path just to allow her to walk pass on the narrow road.

After she quietly walk pass with her wooden walking stick, the grass she cut for her goats were securely tired and placed on her head.

I continued my journey, i felt like somebody was watching me as the hair behind my ear rise, i quickly turned back but there was nobody.

This was another of my evening walk to inspect my traps.
My father thought me set traps and and do so many things that a girl is not allowed to do.
Most of the villagers thinks I'm awkward or maybe crazy but I really do not care.
Since I'm the only one my father got I will do what I can to support him.

Ever since my father fell down from a tall palm fruit tree where he went to cut down a palm fruit, one part of his body is almost paralyzed, he still manages to get up in the morning which is a great blessing that he was not dead.

The medicine man stop coming to give him treatment when he couldn't afford to pay and was owning the man for long.
I sold most of the farm proceeds but it still wasn't enough for his treatment.
My father decided to be his own medicine man and I assist him most times as he tells me what to do.

My mother passed away early when I was still way younger, she died during child birth, I could have being a big sister to my brother if he has survived but he didn't.

it was just me and my father for several years until he decided to marry another woman who already has a daughter for another man.
It hasn't being easy for both my father and I but that's a talk for another, Ego and her daughter, Mma are the least of my problems.
Ego doesn't care about her husband and that saddens my father, her daughter Mma is…

I suddenly stepped on a dry stick which brings me back to the present.
many people has gone from the farm
I guess I'm just one of the few people still remaining in this bush.
I held on to my machet and my hunter bag was hanging down beside me.
I plan to check few traps, plug some medicine leave for my father and gather fire wood before going .
I needed to hurry before the evening sun will go down.
I quickly plugged the leaves first for my father and started going to check few traps.
Since the elderly woman pass I have not seen or hard any human noise.
It wasn't unusual, this evening trip to the bush is becoming like a ritual for me and it's sometimes scary but I'm not afraid.

I checked my first trap but it caught nothing, I walked down to the second trap and noticed animal hairs and blood around the whole place, the blood was still very flesh which means it has not been long the animal was stolen from the trap.
I bent over and check the hair of the animal just to ascertain what kind of animal it might have being. “Anu nchi”. (A big grass cutter) I screamed in shock.

I went to inspect the third trap and there was another grass cutter which also had being stolen.

“Somebody was here…yes, somebody has stolen game from my trap again today..a thief has stolen the animal caught in my trap…. this is not the first or second time… Chineke le bakwanu (God is watching you) whoever that is doing this I just hope one day the bone from the meat will get stuck in your throat…onye oshi(thief)

I angrily said it out , shouting it to the quiet bush.
I left the trap place to go and gather wood so that i start going home.

As I was cutting down the wood I felt cold all of a sudden, the hairs behind my ears rose in fear.
I waved it off and quickly gather the few fire wood I have already cut down and as I bent down to tire it up i felt the same way again, as if multiple eyes were staring at me this time.
something or someone was hiding in the bush and watching me.
I hard a noise, I quickly stood and looked round the whole place, I noticed something was moving inside the thick bush.
I quickly called out to whoever it might be.

” Onye no na ime ohia (who is there in the bush) I waited but got no response.
I shouted out again this time very with a threat.
The bush started shaking seriously and there was a loud laughter, it was a man and his voice was so thick.

I held onto my cutlass, one thing I learnt from my father is never to be afraid of anyone or anything and to face my challenges with boldness.
And I have never being afraid of anything And that was why many people consider me crazy.
But, today as I hard that scary thick voice coming from the bush my stomach tightens up, I waited for who ever it was to show himself and I was shock to see Nduka.
Nduka is the village wrestler, he was tall like a giant and was greatly feared by all the villagers.
Nduka has always wins his wrestling contests, nobody has being able to beat him down. He was very strong and does whatever he pleases because he knows he can't be challenged.
Fear griped me as he approached like a giant ready to swallow me alive, I try not to show my fear but to remain brave as I greeted him.

“Dee Nduka ndewo…( Brother Nduka my greetings) he didn't respond as he stood right in front of me, I can see two big animals in his bag and they looks like grass cutter. Maybe the ones he stole from my traps.
He started asking me who was I shouting for earlier, that he heard my voice, cursing and threatening the person that stole meat from my trap

“Onye ka i na abara mba (who were you shouting for)

“Me shout, it wasn't me…I didn't shout…I was Just talking to myself…”Gini mere nga eji aba mba ( what happened that I will be shouting, why will I even shout)

He looked at me all over and smile.

“O bumo we re anu ghi na onya…nsogbu adi? (Is me that collected the meat from your traps, do you have any problem with that)

“Nsogbu Kwa…mba ooo… nsogbu adighi… Dee Nduka. (There's no problem brother Nduka)

I looked angrily at the thorn bag in his hand that holds my stolen grass cutters which I would have used to cook dinner for my father but it belongs to Nduka now and he has being stealing my meat from my traps because he knows nobody can
Challenge him.

I bent and tied up my wood, lift it to my head and tries to leave but Nduka pushed me hard and I fell with a heavy thud and rolled over as the fire wood lay on top of me.
I lifted the wood off and stood up angrily.

“Obu gini kam mere ghi… what did I do to you, why did you push me…

He gave another wicked laugh and came to stand close to me.
“I hard you say earlier that the bone from the meat will get stuck in my throat, why will you say such…ara na agba ghi (are you mad) because you are now behaving like a man, following your stupid and lazy father's footsteps you think you can say anything you like to anyone… since you are now a man let me see your manhood…

“Gini… Biko hapum aka, hapumooo, eji Kwa m aha Chineke na ario ghi… hapum Kam ga fe.( whaaat… please leave me alone, leave me oo, I'm begging you in God's name… let me pass)

Nduka refused and tries to force my clothes off, I kicked his manhood hard and he screamed in pain as I tries to run he caught me and slapped me as his hand burn like fire on my face.
I screamed and kept screaming as he wanted to hit me again
Then suddenly there was a loud and heavy voice that halt him to stop.
Nduka was surprised and so was I as we stood looking at a tall and handsome man but with a mean face.
He was looking at Nduka as he came closer.
He stood face to face with Nduka and said

“If you dares lay another finger on her again you will have me to contend with.

Nduka laugh because nobody challenges him, how can a common stranger talk to him like that.
But the man wasn't smiling as he dares Nduka.
Nduka dropped the bag in his hand which has the two grass cutter.
He took few steps towards the man and looked him eye ball to eye ball.

“I'm the strongest in my village, a great wrestler, people have fear when I appears, some sees me as a god, I fear no one but I give my respect only to the Igwe of this great kingdom… who rules in great power… you are just a common stranger with no identity… do not challenge me or you will have me to contend with me…

“All I asked is let the girl go, I did not ask you to give me a stupid profile about yourself… go ahead and contend with me but don't lay a finger on her again…

Nduka laughed out in shock as he heard the stranger speak to him disrespectfully.
I quietly crawled to Nduka's bag as kept on singing his owne praises to the stranger.
I quietly removed one of the grass cutter without Nduka knowing and put it in my bag.

“If you think you can dare me then come and wrestle with me on the next Eke market day. in the presence of all the villagers, I will beat you up like a boy and break your legs like stick, I will make you a laughing stock and in that way I will be adding more feathers to my wing… through you I will showcase my might and power to everyone again and make them to fear me even more greatly…

The strange man agreed to Nduka's wrestling match, Nduka laughed again.

I felt sorry for the man because nobody has being able to beat Nduka in a wrestling contests before.

The stranger turned to me and ask me to leave, I thanked him before grabbing my firewood and bag, my grass cutter was securely inside the bag as i ran off leaving two of them as Nduka kept on singing his praises and describing the way he will beat up the stranger.
The man was very calm and quiet as he watch Nduka talk.

I silently wish the strange man will have a rethink on the contest, very soon the whole villagers will hear of it and will start getting ready to watch how Nduka will beat up the kind stranger who Just saved me from Nduka's wicked claws.

Tomorrow, I will search him out and warn him to back off, I don't want Nduka to humiliate him before everyone.
I rushed home with a troubled feeling.

My only joy is that I was saved from Nduka and I would be able to make a delicious meal for my father with the grass cutter.
And I looked forward to tomorrow when I will go to search for the handsome stranger and warn him against Nduka, the great wrestler.

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