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OBIAGERI By Amah Heart Episode 2

By Amah Heart Episode 2 Read and watch the story of Episode 2. Was written by Amah Heart.

OBIAGERI By Amah Heart Episode 2


I went to my trap first thing after during all my chores that day, and and I was so happy to meet an antelope caught in my trap. I never expected. It was not so big but it was big enough to me.

I felt so proud of myself as I unstrapped it and stuff it into my deep hunter's bag. The leg was still out but I did not care as I lifted it to my shoulder and rushed home.

I called my father as I got home to come and see what I caught and he was also happy to see the antelope.

I was really happy, if it was before It would have gone into Nduka's fat belle, he would have taken it from the trap even before I get there, it was as if I was setting traps for him, because he goes out to people's traps, collecting meat and taking things that are not his, but ever since his defeat, everybody has peace of mind, no more worry and trouble over Nduka, we cook and eat in peace, harvest our crops and meet out games intact.

That alone is my greatest joy.

Mma came out with her mother Ego, they stood praising me.

Mma assisted me in gathering dry leaves to set fire to roast the meat.

After all the preparation was done, I shared the meat and gave some to Mma and her mother, who complained that what I gave them was small, Mma'a mother said that her daughter assisted me and she deserve a better meat than what I was giving them.

I went ahead and added more of the antelope meat for them, and Ego was still doing face as if I should carry the whole antelope and give to her and her daughter.

I ignored her, I quickly prepared something for my father first with the meat.

I shared the remaining meat, for some people around which includes the old woman who lives in the outskirt of the village, I also cut out some for the strange man that beat Nduka. It will be my own way of telling him thank you for the good thing he did, not just for me but for all those that have being tormented by Nduka.

I couldn't go that night to go and give out the meat because it was late, so I decided to wait until the next day.

I preserved the meat that night close to our fire place in the kitchen, I washed it and sprinkle salt all over the meat before putting it close to the fire, in doing so it will not spoil or have smell.

The following day, when I was done with chores again I decided to take the parcel to those it belongs to.

I went to the old woman with the antelope meat and she was happy, as she thanked me and said she will use the meat to prepare ofe onugbo (bitterleaf soup) but she needs to wash it first but have not being able to do that.

I quickly plugged the bitter leaf which was growing in her backyard, I started washing it, it took time for the bitterness to reduce before I finally let go of it.

I set up her fire which was positioned outside, I helped her prepared all what she will use to cook down before leaving.

She was so grateful and asked me to always visit her, she doesn't get much help or people coming to see her and she appreciate the few like me that does.

I promised her that I will return.

I started going to the stranger's place, it was almost sun down, and very soon it will be dark. I rushed down

When I got close to his hut, I called out to him because he may not like me getting close.

“Dee…Ndewo oooo (I shout out my greetings)

I didn't get any respond, I repeated it again and the parcel almost fell off my hand in fear as I heard a voice whisper behind my ear.

My hair stood in fear as I quickly turned and saw him standing right behind me, with a straight face. He was looking right into my eyes and I stammered few words as I try to make sense with my words.

But with the fear that came with the evening air after he startled me, my heart was beating faster and all I wanted to do was to run away, he was standing right in front of me and I wonder why I was still feeling this strange cold,

I don't easily get scared but I was today or maybe it came with the stories of him probably being a spirit.

He stood right there without saying anything, so I managed to say something

“nwetara ghi anu ohia mmatra na oyam mu (I brought the meat I caught in my trap)

“odimma…imela…(that's good, thank you)

“biko, gwa num aha ghi, obu na iweghi aha (please tell me your name…or is it that you don't have a name?)

He did not say anything and stretched his hand as I handed the parcel to him

He moved closer to me and brushed my skin with his other free hand, and I felt sensation and more cold, as my head grew big, I started shaking and he pull back his hand and walk pass me.

I stood there trying to get myself and my tumbling heart in order.

I looked back at him as he entered his gate.

I needed to run away but I just stood there and wondering if he is truly a spirit. If he is a human why don't he have a name or an identity, even after he defeated Nduka, the chiefs asked him to come and take a plot of land in the heart of the village and build his choice of house or whatever he wants to do with it, they asked him to come, live and farm among us and even take wife for himself but he turned down all the offer.

Who does that, good offers that people will kill to have and he turned it all down and now even his presence scare me yet I can't seem to keep away from him.

I quietly started leaving and suddenly i heard him say something, I stopped and asked

“biko, onwere ihe ikwuru ugbua (please did you say anything now)

“Uka…Dike…call me Ukadike…

I nodded without saying anything, as I turned and run off.

I ran with speed until I finally got to the main village and to my house.

Through out that night all I thought off was “Ukadike” that was what he said his name is, finally I got to know his name. “Wow, he told me his name himself”.

I was so happy that at least I'm heading somewhere, he is probably not a spirit as I was beginning to think, he touched my skin, he brushed his hand on my arm, I felt cold and I had this sensational feeling but I enjoyed his touch and I plan to go back again to look for him.

I was coming off age and I was already attracting suitors but I don't need a suitor, I want to know more about Ukadike and I will do that.

Whoever he maybe I will gradually find out, he was beginning to occupy my mind and every thought and I hope is a good thing to be feeling this way over a man who never speaks much, I have never seen him smile and he doesn't interact with people.

I don't know what is wrong with me but I love the way he makes me feel anytime I thinks of him.

I hope I'm not running ahead of myself, I needed to speak to somebody about this man and the strange feeling that comes with him.

I don't want to talk to Mma, she may end up telling her mother and I will become their every topic maybe I will speak with the old woman, she may know something about this stranger called Ukadike.



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