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Regina walked into the office and once again she saw the rose on her desk, ever since he started courting her he had made it his habit to always leave a rose on her desk each morning, she saw a letter under it and read
“this is for the most gorgeous girl on earth, a rose as pretty and delicate as you,this is a reminder to show you how much I love you,have fun today at work,from your knight in shinning armour” she smiled as she read his letter, its been a week, a week since his courtship began and she is madly in love with him already,who wouldn’t when he is the best guy on earth,he made sure she was always satisfied and happy ,he always took her to her favourite places like the cinema,the amusement park, he had at first called it childish but still he still went along with her, she always like taking a stroll,ever since he knew that he would always take her for a stroll before taking her home, he did almost everything for her,he was just so perfect,the perfect companion, the perfect guy and he would also be the perfect boyfriend if she someday say yes to him.
but she was scared,scared that she won’t be able to cope,scared that he would leave her someday for someone else,scared that she wouldn’t be too good for him.
would she be able to summon courage and tell him how she feel,what if she told him and he just made fun of it,its best she didn’t do it,its best if she didn’t tell him.
Regina kept the rose and soon began to work,soon the others began to arrive.
“good morning” Lucy greeted as she walked in
“morning Lucy” Regina said
“why are you always early,I mean for the past one week, you’ve always made it to work early”
“I always get to work early remember” Regina said
“oh really you do or is it because of this” she said as she removed the rose
she always come early because of the roses always kept by Chris on her desk,she had never told Lucy about it
“give me that” she said
“so its true,you and the boss are both a couple”
“he is just courting me”
“well its the same and have you said yes”
“no I haven’t”
“are you still scared of the past,don’t be,from what I can see I can tell that the boss is really hook on you,he really loves you” Lucy said
“don’t exaggerate”
“am not Reggie, its time you let go of the past and embrace the future andchris is your future,give your heart a chance to love again” Lucy said
“I already did but am just scared”
“don’t be scared,as the saying goes love conquers it all,so believe in this love you feel for him,believe okay” Lucy said and Regina could only nod in response
πŸ’­Chris POVπŸ’­
he drove into the house,its been long since he has been here maybe two weeks ago,he knew his father won’t just ask him to come home for nothing, he knew his father have already heard about his relationship with Regina
thinking a bout her made him smile, she had been a perfect companion throughout this week,he knew courting her would help him win some points,he never knew that he could also fall more for her,she truly was the love of his life and he wouldn’t let what his father will say to him change that.
he walked into the house and saw his dad seating on his favourite chair waiting for him,he took a seat on one of the empty chairs
“glad you could make it Chris,I just called you to ask you what the hell is this” his father said as he threw some pictures of he and Regina on the desks.
so his father had been having him watched,he always felt that someone was following them but now he knew it was one of his father private investigator.
“those are pictures dad” he said
“stop playing with me and tell me what this is Christopher ” his father yelled angrily,anytime his father was angry he always called him by his full name
“it’s a picture of me and Regina the woman I love” Chris said
“are you crazy, do you even know what you are saying,you know she will be back today and your telling me about a Regina”
“i don’t care dad,if she comes then that will suit me perfectly because its time I call it off with her,i now love Regina and no one else”
“you know you have a commitment with her, you just can’t push her away like that”
“oh no its not me,its you who made the commitment with her and I refuse to play your games again, I now love Regina and I won’t leave her for someone else”
“I already told you that love is not meant for you,you are committed to her and you have to fulfil it”
“no dad I won’t,I won’t, am going to stay with Regina and there is nothing you can do to stop me” he said and walk out angrily
πŸ’­Regina POVπŸ’­
Regina walked into the house feeling sad and worried, why hadn’t Chris show up at work.
“hey what’s wrong” Jennifer asked as she walk into the room
“its Chris, he didn’t show up at work and when I tried to call him he didn’t pick, its so odd of him” she said
“why not just go to his house to look for him”.
” you are right I better go”she said as she pick her bag
“and also tell him how much you love him”
“stop pulling my legs”
“am not, its been a week already just accept him,you know you want to” Jennifer said and Regina walked out of the house got a taxi and then she was off to his house
should she really tell him,should she?who was she kidding, she knew she wants to and she will, she will follow her heart this time.
she got to his house and was about to alight from the taxi when she saw a familiar figure walking up to his house.
who was she?the lady turned and she saw who it was,it was Betty,what was Betty doing in Chris house.
she watched as Betty knocked and when Chris opened the door Betty kissed him,no this isn’t happening
not again, not again

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