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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode 13


(am in love with him)❤❤❤
EPISODE 13✌✌✌.

Naijalanded writer ✍️

💭Regina POV💭
Regina sat in the car watching the two of them kissing, why did it have to be her again, she really hoped with all her heart that Chris would push her away and tell her to leave but he didn't do that,instead he pulled her into the house and locked the door .
Regina sat starring at the closed door,how could Chris have done this to her,it really hurt a lot
“miss are you getting off right here” the driver asked and she nodded in disagreement
“just take me back to where you picked me from” Regina said and the driver did as he was told,it really hurt to have seen Chris and Betty together, it felt really sad.
the taxi stopped and she got down and walked off home
she got into the house and sat on one of the chairs, she could feek the tears falling from her eyes,John and Betty betrayer hadn't hurt her the way Chris has and she won't ever forgive him,she won't
“I thought I heard a noise” Jennifer said as she walked into the room
“I thought since you went to look for Chris, you will be spending the night with him”
“as you can see I didn't”
“why do you sound like that” Jennifer said as she walked towards her
“you've been crying what happen, is it Chris doing”
“its not”
“don't lie to me Reggie,talk to me,you know you can trust me”
“its nothing”
“something is wrong, just tell me please”
“I said nothing is wrong,why can't you just leave me alone” she yelled as she walked up to her room
something is definitely wrong,if not Regina would not have screamed at her like that,what could it be?Jennifer thought to herself
💭Chris POV💭
“let go of me already” Chris said as he pushed Betty away
“hey what's wrong”.
” don't tell me you don't know whats wrong”
“you can't still mean that thing you said about a year ago” Betty said
“yes I still mean it, when will you get it into your thick skull that I don't love you again,why can't you just leave me in peace” Chris yelled at her
“you seriously know you don't mean that”
“well I do”.
” that's a lie,you wouldn't have kissed me so passionately if you were still thinking about that”Betty said
“point of correction Betty I didn't kiss you,you kissed me and if I kiss you back that was to pull you into the house so no one will see us” Chris said
“that's still a lie”.
” when will you get it that its over between us,I told you this last year,I don't love you anymore Betty, I don't ”
“but your dad…..”.
” its time you stopped believing what my dad tells you,can't you see it's just not working anymore,there is no more chemistry,no more love and I told you this last year”
“i thought you were joking then and I still do,you just can't ruin something that is so perfect between us Chris, I love you and I know you still do”
“I don't betty, I don't,if only you had taken me seriously last year and had gone ahead to find someone else that will make you happy,you wouldn't still be in love with me”
“but I can never find someone else when I still want you,I still love you”
“but I don't Betty,I don't ”
“is it because you love someone else”
“well I see that Gracie has told you already”
“yes she has and you had no right to fire my cousin,she was only defending my place”
“what place Betty,you have no place in my heart again,I now love Regina and I won't give up on her”
“she is even called Regina,ohhhhh I hate her,even without meeting her,I already hate her and I also hate you and I promise to make both your lives a living hell,you know me Chris once I vow to do something, I do it and I will suceed in breaking you both up,you can bet on that” she said angrily before she walk out.
Chris stood starring at the door,Betty was really a maniac when it comes to getting back at someone and if she vow to break their relationship she will really do her best it in,he didn't want that,he didn't want that at all

Good night guys

Naijalanded writer love 💕
sorry it's short guys✌✌✌
its my phone and its low battery😊😊😊
promise to post longer next time👌👌👌
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