[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode 16


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πŸ’­ Regina POVπŸ’­
“let me go please’she said and john released her
” am sorry I just got carried away but you look so beautiful’john said holding her hand
“thank you” why is John here,what does he wants,she kept on thinking
“what are you doing here Regina” he asked
“I am working here and you?”
“well I came to…”
“why are you still here Reggie” Lucy said interrupting john
“well I was talking to john here, John meet Lucy,Lucy meet john” she said making the introduction
“so tell me why. are you here” Regina said
“well am here to WO….”
“Regina” they all turned on hearing Chris calling her
she didn’t feel like talking to him,she didn’t even want to see him
“why are you here when you are suppose to be at work” he said as he walked near them
“we will be leaving soon Sir,it was nice seeing you again john” she said and was about to leave when Chris pull her hand
“we need to talk”
“I have nothing to say to you” she said as she walked off
πŸ’­Chris POVπŸ’­
“still as hard headed as ever,you need to give her time cause the anger in her won’t just go,give her time then approach her” the guy Regina called John said
who the hell was he and why is he talking about her as if he knew her.
“who are you and why are you talking about Regina as if you knew her”
“well am john west” he said stretching his hand but Chris didn’t accept
“I asked you a question” Chris said again
“oh John,you are finally here” Betty said as she gave him a kiss on the cheeks
“it’s so nice to see you again”John said,Chris stood watching them greet themselves
“thank God you are here Chris, this is John the accountant I was telling you about” Betty said
“and I heard you. asking him a question,well let me tell you,john here was Regina fiancΓ© in the past” Betty said smiling
so he is the famous john,no wonder he found him with Regina,he didn’t like it one bit,he doesn’t want Regina to be close to her ex
“I will take you to your office” Betty said
“that won’t be happening because I don’t want him here,find someone else’he said walking off angrily.
😠Betty pov😠
“you have no right firing him,you big bad jerk” she yelled at Chris back
“it’s okay Betty, if he doesn’t want me here then I better leave” john said
“no you are not leaving,I also have a right in this company” Betty said angrily
“but he doesn’t want me”
“its all because of that damn Regina”
“what has Regina got to do with this”
“it just so happen that Chris is dating her and he sees you as a threat”
“but am not and besides its a good thing that she is dating again,after what we did to her in the past we should be happy for her” John said
“I can’t be happy because Chris is the man I love and I won’t just give him up”
“is Chris the guy you said you were going to marry”
“yes he is and I won’t just give up on him,that’s why I called you here,I need you to help me seduce Regina and get her to fall in love with you again”Betty said

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Wow getting interested
sorry for the late update guys✌✌✌
will john accept her offerπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
episode 17 will be posted soon😊😊😊

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