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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode Eight


(am inlove with him)❤❤❤

💭Regina POV💭
Regina woke up late the next day,she quickly got dressed and soon she was off to work.
Jennifer was still sleeping when she left the house,she didn't want to think about last night, just as she has told him, its best if they left in all in the past…
her taxi stopped in front of the company and as she was paying the cab driver she saw his car arrive.she quickly hid beside the cab,she didn't want him to see her or talk to her,she wasn't ready to face him yet.
she saw him walking in and she went in when she was he was gone.
she got to her desk and saw Lucy starring at her
‘”good morning ”
“morning Reggie,you really have a knack for keeping secrets” Lucy said
“what do you mean”
“someone saw you getting into the boss car last night,you really are a fast shooter
” how did you know about that ”
“Gracie saw you”
she is trying to make things easy for herself in the company and now due to grace,she is being talked about.
” everyone in the company already know about it and let me tell you grace doesn't like it one bit”lucy said
Gracie likes the boss and she was seeing Regina as a threat.
‘so tell me about all of it”Lucy said
“just mind your business and let's get to work” Regina said
throughout the day Chris only came out of his office twice that day,and anytime she saw him,she hid behind her desk
“why are you hiding from the boss” Lucy suddenly say beside her
“me?hiding?you must have seen wrong” she denied
“I saw you Reggie”
“you saw nothing, let's just continue working” she said
she was so busy with her work, she didn't notice the Chris coming out of his office,until she heard him speak
“lunch is on me today,Gracie just pick a restaurant and tell me where it is” he said and Everyone clapped and cheered him.
he was about to go in when he suddenly walked out again and he looked straight at her before saying
“everyone needs to show up,everyone” he played emphasis on that last word still looking at her then he walked back to his office
“isn't he so cool,aaahhhh…. I just wish he would notice me one day” Lucy said dreamingly.
“In your dreams” someone said behind them before Regina could respond.
they turned and saw Gracie carrying a lot of file starring at them maliciously.
she dropped the file on her desk and said”Regina I need to you to print out all this file then after you arrange them according to their dates “Gracie said
” isn't that too much work “Lucy asked
” it isn't and you need to finish it today because they need it tomorrow so i f I were you,I will start now”she said walking off.
“what's bitch she is,she did this so you wouldn't go to lunch” Lucy said
“its no problem Lucy and besides I never had the intention of going before,so she is doing me a favour by giving me this work” Regina said, now she had an excuse not to show at the lunch.
they all left except Regina,she was busy working that she didn't notice Chris walking in to meet her.
“I thought I said everyone must be at lunch and when I meant everyone I meant you most especially” he said starring at her angrily
sorry for the short post guys✌✌✌
low battery😊😊😊
what do you all think👌👌👌
Regina is trying her best to avoid Chris but he is doing his best to get close to her😍😍😍😍
love is in the air💕💕💕💕💕

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