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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode Four


(am in love with him)❤❤❤

💭Regina POV💭
she was going to be late,she must not be Late to work, not when she was an intern.
she got to the street of her company and began to walk fast.
today was the day of their company take over,and their boss Freddie had asked them to come to work early so he could introduce them to their new boss and now due to Jennifer she would be late to work.
it had been Jennifer fault, she had forced Regina to go with her to the club last night and she had woken up late to work.
its been two years,two years of struggles and two years trying to forget that terrible incident with john.
after she had sent John off,she had continued her life and had gone back to school and finish her studies and luckily she was picked to work in Sherlock advertising company, though their company was small,it was still the best in town,that's why one of the biggest advertising agency in the city bought their company.
she made it to the company and was about to go in when someone also wanted to go in and he hit her in the process letting all her stuff pour on the floor.
“oh no,oh no”she said as she began to retrieve her things.
“am sorry miss” he said as he helped her.
“you should have watched where you were going” Regina said without looking at him
“but you were the one who bumped into me” he said
“well it doesn't matter and take it from me,you should be lucky that it wasn't some other Lady that you hit,she might not have take it lightly like I did” she said as she walked off
unknown to her she had forgotten something of hers on the floor and the stranger had taken it.
she got to her department and found all her colleagues still in the office, she walked to the far end of the office, the space given to her was a little space at the back.
“heh your so late today,what took you so long” Lucy said
Lucy was also an intern like her and they had become friends when she had started to work in the company.
“I had woke up late” Regina said
“has the new boss arrived yet” Regina said
“no and thank God you were here on time” Lucy said.
“heh your finally here Regina, can you please help me get the documents I asked you to arrange for me yesterday” peter one of her colleagues asked
“yes,I will bring it to you” Regina said and he walked off
“he is such an in considerate person, your just coming and he is already tasking you with work” Lucy said to Regina
“its no problem Lucy” Regina said .
she went to their printing office and began to look for the document,she had printed it out and put in a file for him and now it was nowhere to be found.
unknown to her the workers had been called out and they were being introduced to their new boss by Freddie.
Regina found the documents and was about to leave when someone amongst the crowd caught her attention.
it was her perfect stranger, what was he doing here and why was he here
her question was answered when she heard her boss Freddie saying “meet your new boss everyone” this couldn't be!the man she had a one night with was her new boss.
fate was really cruel😱😱😱
Regina have finally meet her stranger ooo👌👌👌
what do you guys think will happen next✌✌✌
don't forget to like and comment ooo👍👍👍👍

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