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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode Three


(am In love with him)❤❤❤


💭Regina POV💭
Regina got home and found her family and relatives all inside, she saw john family too and she saw john and Betty at the far end of the room.
“Regina,thank God you are safe,where have you Been the whole night” Jennifer said as he embraced her.
“where the hell have you been Regina” her father asked looking angry
“do you know how worried we were,you had stood john up at church” her father yelled at her.
she starred at the betrayer and saw him looking annoyed.
he even had the gall to be angry at her,what a bastard he is.
“she won't say a thing, she knows she is guilty,she made my darling son a laughing stock amongst his friends” Silvia John mother said.
“tell us Regina, where did you go to,why did you not show up” Jennifer said as she hold Regina.
Betty walked towards them and was about to touch Regina when she moved back
“don't you dare touch me” Regina said starring at her with anger
“what's wrong Regina, why are you treating Betty like that”
“you all want to know why I didn't show up right!well it just so happen that I found my husband to be sleeping with my best friend,these two have been cheating on me and if I hadnt see them both on the bed yesterday they would have continued behind my back” Regina said angrily and she heard the gaps of the people in the room,”what rubbish are you saying”her father asked
“its not rubbish dad,ask them, they are right here” Regina said
“your say rubbish, John will never do such a thing” Silvia said as she walked towards john.
“tell me John is what Regina saying the truth” Silvia asked her son
but john couldn't say a word and he looked guilty
“how could the two of you be so cruel,Regina loved you both a lot and you betray her in a cruel manner” Jennifer said as she held Regina
“we didn't want you to find out this way” Betty said crying.
“you better leave” Regina said to them
Betty walked out,while john relatives too went out,
“are you deaf,didn't you hear what my daughter said,leave before I punch your face in” Regina father said looking at John.
“its best we leave” Silvia said to her son and she walked out,john followed suit and when he got to Regina side,he stopped and gently whispered “am sorry” then he walked off.
“oh my darling” her father said as he and Jennifer hugged her.
she just needed to forget them,she needed to start her life over again,she needed to forget the night she had with the stranger,everything needed to be put at the past and that's where it will be…..
past for where?you are still going to meet him again😜😜😜
what do you guys think oo✌✌✌✌
like and comment👍👍👍👍

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