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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episodes 1


(am inlove with him)๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
EPISODE 1โ˜โ˜โ˜

“wow you look so Beautiful Regina”
Regina dressed in her bridal gown and seated with her sister and her bridemaids smiled at them all.
“its my day I just have to look good for john” she said smiling.


she couldn’t believe that she was getting married already,john had been her sweetheart ever since she had started college,he had court and dated her for years and now finally she was getting married.


“common you girls go and get ready, I will finish Regina make up” Jennifer Regina elder sister said and they all marched out
“am a bit worried jenny,john haven’t called me and I haven’t been able to get intouch with Betty” Regina said


as she tried to call her best friend again.
“maybe she is getting ready,she is the maid of honour and you know Betty would always want to look good” Jennifer added.


“but its still so unlike them not to call,Betty was given a suite in the hotel right”
“yeah I think room 402,are you going to go and see her”
Jennifer offered to go and see Betty but Regina refused ,she wanted to talk to Betty before the whole celebration started.


in her wedding gown Regina walked to betty suite,which wasn’t far from hers,she knocked and when there was no response she went into the room, she saw some clothes littered on the floor,what was Betty up to Regina thought as she went into Betty bedroom and what she saw there shocked her.


john was lying on the bed with Betty all wrapped around him naked, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, they had both been cheating her,how could they be so cruel,Regina thought as she silently cried.


she couldn’t watch it anymore,she got out of the room and went back to her suite,Betty had been her childhood,she would never have thought that she would do something like this,she would have lay down her life for the two of them.


angrily she tore off her veil and threw the wedding presents away.
still in her bridal gown Regina ran out of her suite crying hard, she knew the other guest in the hotel were watching her but she didn’t care.
she got out of the hotel and blindly ran into the street and was almost hit by a car.


due to the shock she fell on the floor and felt the tears falling from her face. she saw someone crouching in front of her asking “are you okay” she could only nod in response


“well you don’t look okay to me” she heard the stranger say again and for the first time she starred at him and saw him looking at her worriedly.


she stood up and swayed only to find herself being caught by him “you are definitely not alright” he said again as he held her tightly.
Regina couldn’t stop herself from crying in his arms,”heh shhhh,its gonnna be alright”he said patting her back,it will never be alright she thought sadly


“that’s so mean of you letting your wife to cry right on your wedding day” a man said amongst the crowd who were watching them
“its not like that” she heard the stranger say as he lifted her into his arms”do you want to go for a ride”he asked and she nodded gently.


she just wants to leave,she needed to be far away,needed to forget everything and everyone
what do you guys thinkโœŒโœŒโœŒ
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