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2nd December 2023


(am in love with him)❀❀❀

Naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’«

πŸ’­Chris POVπŸ’­
“nurse, nurse please do you know what’s happening in there” Chris said
“she is being operated on,you will just have to wait sir” she said and walk off
he is been waiting for five hours already, he just can’t wait anymore,he really had to know what is going on,he can’t lose Regina now,he just can’t he thought sadly.
when he had seen her unconscious with on the floor at the company, hr had gone crazy,he quickly called for an ambulance and now she is the ER and no information has been given to him for over five hours now.
“Chris,Chris,how is she” Jennifer said crying as she walked to him
“she has been in the ER for the past five hours and no one is telling me anything” Chris said sadly
“is she going to die Chris” she asked sadly
“no she Wont,Regina will come back to us alive” Chris said hugging her.
“urmmm are you the relative of the patient that was brought in”the doctor said behind them,” yes we are”Chris and Jennifer said together
“is she alright” Chris asked
“yes she is,luckily the scissor didn’t hit any vital organ she only loss blood which is being given back to her”
“thank God can we see her”
“yes but one at a time, she is still weak” the doctor said
“and also you need to file charges against the person that did that to her, if it had hit her organ,she would have died” the doctor said as he left
“but who would want to kill Reggie”Jennifer asked
” we will have to ask her,I will go and see her”Chris said and he went in to see her
he saw her on the bed sleeping,he took a seat beside her and then held her hand kissing it
he saw her open her eyes,
“hey are you okay” he asked
“yes” she said gently
” I thought I had lost you Regina “he said kissing her fingers
” you know I can never leave you alone,anywhere you are I will be there”she said smiling.
“I love you so much Regina”
“I also love you too” she said and he kissed her
“do you know who stabbed you” he asked
“who is it”
“Gracie, she was the one who stab me” Regina said
“that darn bitch,I will make sure she end up in jail” Chris said angrily
“what will you do”
“I need to press charges against her,Jennifer will come to see you, the sooner Gracie is in jail the better” he said as he walk off.
πŸ’­ Regina POVπŸ’­
“good morning Reggie” Jennifer said as she walked in
“morning sis” she said smiling at her
“you look good this morning”.
” yes I am”because for the past few days now,everything has been going well.Gracie has been locked up,Betty has gone back to france, seemed like she has already give up on Chris, john and Lucy is getting along well,seems like they would be hitting it off too,her love for Chris has grown deeper and his love for her has grown too but what surprised her most was the visit from Chris father,he had told Regina that he was accepting her and that she should make her son happy.everything is just going well for her.
“hello Chris” she heard Jennifer say
“she is here with me,okay she should come outside,fine we will be out soon’jennifer said cutting the call
” what is wrong”
“Chris said to take you downstairs, he has something to show you” Jenifer said
“do you know what it is”
‘no but it’s best we go see it”Jennifer said
together they got downstairs and she saw Chris standing by the entrance with flowers with him
“my love what is going on” she asked
“Regina my love,we’ve been through so much for the past few months,it’s been tough but it all went well and we are still here together,I love you and I want to be with you for the rest of my life” he said kneeling and bringing out a ring
“so Regina Davies will you do me the honour of Marrying me,to live withh me and bear me all my children, to love me even when am grey and old”
Regina felt the tears pouring,she has never been so happy in her life.
‘just say yes Reggie “she heard Jennifer say
” yes Chris I will marry you”she said and he put thg Ring into her finger and then he kissed her.
‘I will always be with you my love I love you “he said
” and I love you too’ Regina said
Regina and Chris has find their happy ending.no matter what hurt or break up you’ve have never lose hope guys because someone out there belongs to youπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
THANKS to all my fans for your encouraging likes and commentsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ a new story will be posted soon titled MARRIED TO A STRANGER πŸ‘°πŸ‘°πŸ‘° you. don’t want to miss it😊😊😊


Artist Name; One Night With A Stranger

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