PiggyVest review: How to make money using PiggyVest (Detailed Step by step Guide)

PiggyVest review: How to make money using PiggyVest.

You might have come across PiggyVest but have you heard of how you can make money using PiggyVest? You can also redeem your PiggyVest N1000 bonus; This article will also serve as a PiggyVest Review.

Let's say you've heard of PiggyVest from maybe a friend or during commercials or in sponsored posts, etc.

The fact still remains that PiggyVest is one of the biggest platforms for online transactions in .

We will be talking about what is PiggyVest soon, but in this introduction, let me blast your mind on how you can make money using PiggyVest.

Firstly, you have to get a low amount, as low as N100 for a start, just to verify your PiggyVest account (The money will still be yours, you can withdraw it).

And with that N100, you can redeem your PiggyVest N1000 bonus and withdraw to your bank account immediately, and can still make close to N500,000 nonstop.

But before we proceed, please if you have questions, feel free to scroll down and drop them in the comment section. We will attend to them in a Immediately.

Note that I'm not showing you how to hack this platform, but I promise you, if you stick to these step-by-step guides, from beginning to end, then you will earn huge.

Without mincing words, let's see how we can be making money with PiggyVest.

What is PiggyVest?

So you can agree with me that PiggyVest is a platform that enables its users to SAVE and also INVEST online.

This is the concept of their name; PiggyVest: PIGGY is like a saving box carved in a pig-like image, use for saving WHEREAS the VEST is a short form for Invest.

It's a smart way of capturing all that the platform does in a single name right? 🙂

Therefore, while you are SAVING and INVESTING, you can also make money using PiggyVest, cool right?

The is located at Testmot House, 3 Abdulraham Okene Close, Off Ligali Ayorinde St. Victoria Island, Lagos.

In 2018, PiggyVest acquired Gold Microfinance Bank and its license. Meaning PiggyVest is recognized by the Government to carry out monetary transactions.

Piggyvest Review: Is PiggyVest Legit and Safe?

When I was reading a PiggyVest review, I found out that PiggyVest is very legit and safe, many people reviewed it positively but a user wrote “If you are not using PiggyVest you are dulling”.

PiggyVest is the largest single online savings & platform in .

In fact, PiggyVest is an online platform licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to carry out monetary transactions.

So, therefore, PiggyVest is safe, you can put your Debit Card (ATM Card) details on it, or your BVN.

Another fact is, since they are licensed by the Federal Government you need to provide your BVN details to be able to carry out transactions in this online financial institution.

How to Sign up and register an Account on PiggyVest

Pay attention to step 4 (It is very important). If you go to Piggyvest direct and signup YOU and I will be losing out on the bonus we are supposed to earn.

Below are the guides,

  1. Click on this link to register
  2. When you are at the website click “Create Free Account
  3. Fill in your Full Name, Email Address and Phone number
  4. Very Important: Copy this number è 0000000000 and paste it on the promote code field.
  5. Finally Click “Create Account”

Must Do: Complete PiggyVest TO-DO List

The PiggyVest TO-DO List helps you complete some tasks that will verify and standardize your account against fraud, they are:

  1. Verifying email address
  2. Adding your BVN or NIN
  3. Tell more about yourself
  4. Add a valid Debit Card, etc

Make sure you do all the 4 things listed here, to enable you to make money using PiggyVest.

They are other TO-DO List but this is most essentials, you can complete the rest at your own convenience because you can't rule them off just yet, they will help protect your account against theft.

Now the next section is how to redeem your PiggyVest N1000 bonus.

How to redeem your PiggyVest N1000 bonus

This is the section where we talk about how you can redeem your PiggyVest N1000 bonus.

Remember, you can only redeem this money if you use this number 000000000 on the promo code field while registering.

Now, redeeming the bonus is quite lengthy, so we have created a post to perfectly explain how to redeem your PiggyVest N1000 bonus.

Click the link to see how to redeem your Piggyvest signup bonus.

The next section is how you can be making money with PiggyVest after you might have redeem your PiggyVest signup bonus.

How to make money using PiggyVest

Upon completion of those 4 essential TO-DO lists and redeeming your bonus;

You can now invite your friends with your unique referral ID and earn N1000 per referral.

I know what you are thinking, how can I Possibly make N500,000 by referring, the thing is to make money online, you have to put in a tini-tiny little effort.

But nonetheless, I am going to show you how you can promote and earn money using your PiggyVest referral link.

If you go direct to PiggyVest and Signup you will be losing out on this Bonus. See the How to Sign up and register an Account on PiggyVest section.

But first, let look at how you can get your referral Link

How to get the PiggyVest Referral Links

  1. On one of the TO-DO lists, the last option is refer a friend, click on it to copy your referral link.
  2. Or you can just click on Account
  3. Scroll down then click on Refer and Earn N1000

How to promote your PiggyVest Referral ID.

Getting People to engage with whatever you are doing requires a persuasive yet honest write-up.

The write-up will be short and briefly explain all benefits in a nutshell, because nobody likes reading long boring pieces of stuff.

  1. Your referral links can be promoted on the following platforms
  2. Make sure to search for topic relating to what you are offering, e.g “Make money online”, “Safe way to make money online”, “How to make money online”, etc.
  3. Then click this link to download the text below (Just edit phone number and referral link to fit yours).
You might have heard of PiggyVest
But have you heard of how you can SAVE, INVEST or EARN N500,000 upward with just N100 using PiggyVest?
Not only that you can EARN N1000 as Signup Bonus and EARN close to N500,000 if you follow these steps below.
a. Link to create your account (paste your referral link)
b. Copy and paste this number (put your number) on the promo code
c. Read this post for a detailed guide on how to earn N500,000 upward
d. Read how to redeem and withdraw your N1000 signup bonus.

4. Click to Download this picture and upload it as media

See Example Below

PiggyVest Payment Proof

PiggyVest has a lot of payment proof if you search on google images for PiggyVest payment proof; you will see a lot of them.

Conclusion on How to make money using PiggyVest

Thank you for reading this post of PiggyVest Review and how to make money using PiggyVest.

Note: this post is overwhelming, so don't hesitate to scroll down leave your questions in the comment section of this post, let's attend to it.

As promised, the article was a very detailed guide, you can still contact on by dropping a comment Below.

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