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Please Break My Heart – Prologue

Please Break My Heart – Prologue

“I had to delete his number else I would be compelled to call and apologize,” I said explaining to myself the reason why I had sent such a message to my ex-boyfriend. If I didn’t include harsh words he wouldn’t have told me that “he regretted ever knowing me”.  “Whatever,” I said aloud as I switched off my phone and walked into the gallant law firm that I had just joined. Everything about Paul had to be erased from my heart, memory and head. I am moving into a new world, a new life.
Paul and I had dated for two years exactly. I have to refer to those years as the worst of his life. I made his life a living hell. Seriously, I am not to blame, I never loved him and I always made that straight. He hoped that one day I might love him, but that day was never going to come or should I say that I was too impatient to wait for infinity. It was taking forever! Paul is sweet, kind, affectionate and loving, and I; I am just some girl that really doesn’t understand the real essence of love. Honestly, I doubt its existence. Can you blame me? No, I have never fallen in love; the society didn’t give this pretty girl the opportunity to love. There are so many phonies out there calling themselves men! Not interested.
“Please wait here for Mr Ade-Cole,” a lady in a deep brown suit said as she showed me to a seat.
“Who wore deep brown coloured suits these days anyways?” I asked myself as I smiled faintly at the lady. Did I call her a lady? She must be in her Fifties, I meant Woman! I had to wait for forty-five minutes to meet my new boss. That made no sense to me at all. What was he doing inside that I had to wait for forty-five minutes?

“I had to finish my breakfast,” he said as he ushered me into his office. I scoffed silently. “Please sit Miss…,” he said. “Miss Williams,” I said sharply. “Yes, Miss Williams,” he affirmed. “My name is Dare Ade-Cole, I am going to be your new boss here,” he said. Why did he have to go over boring details, obviously I knew that he was my new boss. I listened to him talk about the history of the Ade-Cole Law Firm and the values it stood for.
After thirty minutes of the introduction, I was led to my office. “Don’t get too comfortable, you won’t have your privacy yet,” Mr Ade-Cole said. “What does that mean?” I asked. “You are going to be sharing this place with a colleague until I think that you deserve to have a personal office,” he replied smiling. I smiled meanly. He left closing the door gently after him.
Why should I have to share my office? I asked myself. I really couldn’t understand why my father did not want me at his own firm. I am world class material and I am determined to show Sir Williams that. I started arranging my desk as I prepared for the beginning of a new life at Ade-Cole law firm.

To be continued………

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