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Pregnant At 18 – Episode 10




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I woke up early in the morning to get ready for work

I bathed and wore a blue suit …. Emily was still sleeping peacefully on the bed so I just wrote a note

📜 Wife to be…..I am off to work see you when I come back….and don’t stress yourself and my baby📜

I kissed her on her forehead and walked out

At least today she won’t stress me out


I woke up to find the bed empty

He left without a goodbye and he didn’t even wake me up

That pervert…..I saw a note and read it

Awwn…..He is so romantic but he should have woke me up

I stood up and went to the bathroom

Soon I was done so I wore my pink baggy tracksuits

What am I going to do in this huge mansion

I don’t have friends so it means eating,sleeping and watching TV

I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge to find a smoothie with a note

📜Drink to keep the baby strong Signed mother in-law📜

I smiled and drunk it but quickly spit it on the floor

Yuck!!This is not tasty…I quickly took it to the sink and washed it away

Yeah that will make her think I drunk it

I need two apples and three bananas

Bucket of ice cream and my bliss biscuits

I took all of those things and sat on the cushion

I was about to eat when a maid came in

“Mr Carter said you must eat proper breakfast before eating junk food”she said and I glared at her

“Go tell him to go to hell”I said and ate

“Why didn’t you drink the smoothie?”she asked again

“Are you a journalist or what?”I asked and she smiled

“No”she said”Then get out of my face before I kill you”I said and she quickly left


Damn it!!She didn’t drink the smoothie

What am I going to tell boss….I called her and she picked up within two rings..

“Good news?”she asked rudely….”She didn’t drink it”I said nervously

“What!!”she screamed “She spit it on the floor”I said

“Bitch!! I guess we go for plan b”she said and hanged up

I guess my job is done here


I was still watching TV when the door bell rang

“Madam someone is hear to see you”a maid said

“Male or female?”I asked looking at her

“Female”she said and “Let her in”I said shoving ice cream into my mouth

My mouth dropped as I saw Rose….”Ahhhh”I screamed and hugged her

“I have missed you so much cuz”i said disengaging the hug

“Me too cuz and I heard you are getting married”she said grinning

“Yes I am soon to be a housewife”I said leading her to the couch

“Tell me about it I want every detail how it happened and what is your status with him”she said happly and I grinned and started narrating every detail


I was still busy with work when a knock came on my office door..

“Come in”I said and it opened to reveal Sydney in a big brown coat

“Hello Justin”she said seductively

“What do you want!”I asked rudely

“You”She said and dropped her coat to reveal her bra and panty
Omg this is my weak point
To be continued………..

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