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Pregnant at 18 – Episode 12



💥 EPISODE 12 💥

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I was still working at the office when an unknown call came through my phone

“Hello”I said as i answered….”Your wife to be is in hospital hurry up”a male voice said and I felt a loud bang in my head

“Which hospital”I asked as I stood up quickly

“DH hurry up please she is calling your name”the person said…

I took my car keys and ran out ….My head was just spinning I was just curious

What if is something bad??Omg please god

I ran into Sydney and Jake on the way

“Why the hurry?”Jake asked

“Emily is in the hospital”I said as I ran

“What?”Jake shouted and they ran after me

I quickly got into my car and they got in too

I drove the car like a drunk man”Slow down Justin”Jake said but I ignored him

Soon we got there and I rushed in….. “Where the fuck is my fiance!”I shouted causing all people to look at me

“Calm down sir she is in here”the doctor said showing me the ward

I pushed him aside not caring if he fell or what

I entered and found her cousin sitting beside her

“What happened?”I asked looking at Emily who was sobbing

“She almost lost the baby but we were too fast to remove whatever she ate”he said nervously

“What!”all people said at the same time

I quickly went to Emily and hugged her while patting her

Even Jake and Sydney were in the room already

“I am so sorry”I said patting her like she was a baby

She seemed scared and shocked
“What did she eat?”I growled at the doctor like he was the one who caused this

“Miscarriage drug”he said nervously

“What?”me and Emily shouted at the same time

“Emily who prepared your food?”I asked boiling in anger

I was so ready to kill ….She looked at me nervously and then looked down as tears fell from her eyes

“Who prepared your food?”I growled at her”Calm down man”Jake said

I angrily rushed out… There is CCTV footage and I am going to find the bitch who did this..Who has the nerve to try and kill my baby


Justin is angry and I am scared of him

It’s my first time seeing this side of him

I actually know it was Rose but I am scared to talk because Justin will kill her

I don’t know what he is capable of and it freaks me out

“Let me go and look for Justin”Jake said and walked out with that Sydney if a girl

“Cuz i am…”Rose tried to say and I glared at her

I can’t believe this….My own blood….The person I thought I could lean on

“Get out!”I shouted at her and she flinched and got out

I am so scared,angry,sad and shocked

Geez I almost lost my baby because of a bitch who I call my cousin

Right now all I need is Justin by my side but he is busy and angry


Jesus why didn’t the baby die…I don’t regret it and if I had a chance I would do it again

I am so happy that Emily didn’t bail me out…. Stupid girl

She always put others first even if they do something bad to her

I was still walking slowly to home cause I didn’t have money for a cab

A black Ferrari drove roughly and stopped infront of me

Justin came out with a gun….Omg I felt my self being scared

I have never been this scared in my life

“Say your last words”he said rudely as he pointed the gun at me
To be continued………

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