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Pregnant at 18 – Episode 14




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I went home after telling my private investigator to look for Emily’s cousin and when he finds her he should bring her to my secret house

I got home to find Emily seated with my parents

Here comes trouble!!!”Good afternoon”I said but they all kept quiet like I am not even here

What is going on?I went infront of them so they can see me

“I said good afternoon “I said sternly and they all stood up and walked upstairs

Is this a prank or what…Or are they robots

Or are they angry for what I did..Well I guess the TV is all mine

I took the remote and changed the channel


Bang bang!!I heard someone knock like that on my door

Geez who could it be ??I sluggishly walked to the door to reveal Rose who pushed me aside and entered inside

“What is wrong with you”I shouted at her

“Justin nearly killed me”she said as tears streamed down her eyes

“What!!”I shouted looking at her in disbelief

“He nearly killed me”she said and the door immediately broke open to reveal armed man

I hurriedly took Rose and ran with her to the last floor

If we hide in here they won’t find us…I believe Justin sent them

Gosh I am so scared….What if he kills us

I covered Rose’s mouth to prevent her from sobbing cause they will find us


We planned to give Justin a silent treatment thinking that he would realise his mistakes and apologize

But it is all for nothing cause he is busy laughing with the TV

This guy is something else…I sighed and went to our room

“Wife to be”I heard his voice from my sleep

“Justin”I mumbled rubbing my eyes

“I wanted to say sorry and I promise to not kill anyone”he said and I found myself smiling

“Thank you”I said and he pecked me on my lips

“Emily”I heard someone shout

I quickly opened my eyes to see Justin looking at me with a frown

So it was just a dream “Why were you smiling from your sleep”he asked with a frown and I just glared at him

“Nevermind just wanted to tell you that… “he tried to say but got interrupted by his ringing phone

“Good news??”he said to the caller

“What do you mean two of them?!”his voice sounded cold but still attractive

“Okay I am coming right now”he said and hanged up

He kissed me unexpectedly and I bit his lips causing him to yelp in pain

“Ouch”he said and I just smiled and went back to my sleep
To be continued……

Appreciate please 🙏 🙏

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