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Pregnant at 18 – Episode 16




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Today is sunday so it means The whole family is not going work

Me and Justin walked downstairs holding hands to find his parents cuddling on the couch

Miss Carter saw us and stood up smiling “My daughter”she said grinning and hugged me

“Am I not your son anymore”Justin said with a jealous voice and we all laughed

“How is my grandchild doing in here?”she said putting her hands on my tummy

“Pretty good”I said looking at Justin who winked at me causing me to blush really hard

“We have news to tell you two”Mr Carter said standing up

“What is it?”me and Justin said at the same time and chuckled

“You two are getting married this week cause your tummy isn’t that showing yet”Mrs Carter said

“What!”I said and looked at Justin who was grinning like he has won billion thousand of dollars

“Is there a problem?”Mr Carter said while I shook my head in agreement

“I mean a week is a short period of time and we still need to choose the decor and the dress together with…”I said but I was cut short by laughter

“For the few months you have stayed here you still don’t know us”Mrs Carter said and I arched my brows in confusion

“Everything is prepared what is left is for me and you to choose a dress”she said and I smiled happly

She quickly dragged me to the couch and opened her laptop

We started searching for wedding dresses


I sighed happily as I watched my mom and my wife to be laughing happily

I can’t believe I am getting married to this goddess”You love her right?”dad asked and I just shrugged trying to hold my smile

“No need to pretend I was once your age remember?”he said winking at me and I chuckled

“Look who is Mr love doctor now”I said and he hit me playfully on the chest

“You should rethink that young sister thing”I said and he glared at me

“You have a sister who is soon going to become your wife so why that issue again”he said sitting beside me

“I want my blood sister and besides Emily is going to be my wife not sister”I shrugged and he chuckled

“Your wife is your sister and friend”he said and I rolled my eyes

“You just avoiding to make another baby”I said and he chuckled

He was about to talk when a bell rang

A maid quickly went to the door and came back after few minutes

“Someone is here to see Emily”the maid said bowing and I arched my brows

“Let the person in”I said and she went to the door again

After few minutes she came back with a handsome boy but not as handsome like me of course

Emily saw him and quickly stood up running to him

“Girlfriend”he shouted hugging her “boyfriend”she squeked and my mouth dropped in shock
To be continued…..

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