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Pregnant At 18 – Episode 4




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He said I am beautiful….I smiled as I remember him chuckle

He is so cute when he does that.But how did he know that I am pregnant and how did he find me

Has he been spying at me…”Emily”I heard his cool voice through the door

“What!”I snapped trying to sound angry but deep down I am happy he came to take responsibility for his child

“Why are you rude anyways they are calling for our presence”he said and I opened the door only for him to fall flat to the door

I laughed and he glared at me”Little help here”he stretching his hand

“Suit your self”I said and walked past him “mean girl”he said and I chuckled

I heard him follow me behind…”You know it would help if you were a little nice to me”he said and I smiled

“For what ….For getting me pregnant”I said smiling but I made sure it sounded rude to him

“That could count”he said and we both laughed “You are crazy”I said as we laughed

“Getting along already”his mother said smiling and we both glanced at each other then looked away immediately

I heard all of our parents chuckle.. “So we have something to tell you guys”my dad said and he looked nervous which I don’t know why

“We have decided you two are getting married”Mr Carter said

“What!”I shouted almost bringing the whole house down

“You are getting married and that is final”my dad said and I ran upstairs in tears

I know I should be happy but this is not how I imagined my wedding

I wanted it to be when I was old enough with someone I love and now this

I got into my room and cuddled with my pillow

I don’t have a say into this cause my dad never takes no as an answer

Like getting married at 18 no that is not right….I felt hands on my back and no one needed to tell me it Justin cause I already know his cologne


I don’t know what to say to her cause she is crying and I am the one who caused it

Even though I am happy to marry her cause I kind of like her I am still sad because she doesn’t want to do the same thing and she doesn’t feel the same way

“Emily”I said but she kept quiet….”I know this is hard for you but can you please stay strong for me if not for me then stay strong for the baby”I said and I heard her sniffing

“This is not how I imagined my wedding….I wanted it to be like you know….With someone I love,him proposing to me not this madness”she said and I felt bad when she said with someone she love

So she doesn’t feel the same way I feel “Emily I am so sorry for ruining your life”I said running my hand up and down on her back “it is not your fault I mean if I didn’t go to the stupid party everything would be great by now”she said

I don’t know what to say anymore so I just kept quiet….”I think a hug would do”I said opening my arms and she chuckled and hugged me

That is my goal to keep her happy

“Everything will be alright”I said as we disengaged the hug

“Permission to speak to my baby boy?”I asked looking at her in pleading eyes

“Who said it’s a boy”she asked looking at me lol I just said some sort of joke or something

“His father”I said and I saw her blush and quickly control herself but I saw it anyways

“Hello baby boy daddy is so loving you right now ….I can’t wait for you to get out so I can make your mom pregnant with your sister”I said to the tummy and Emily hit me hard on my head

“Who said anything about that”she said sternly

“Justin Carter”I said placing my hand on her tummy

“Well tell him he must stop dreaming”she said pushing my hand away

“We will see about that”I said in a chuckle

“Let’s go before I kill you with my bare hands”she said and I laughed

We walked downstairs quietly “I am so sorry about what I did”she said bowing her head in respect while I just smiled

Everything about this girl is so special if only she knew how she makes me feel already

“No problem my child we actually understand….. Now can we go “my mom said

“Go?”we both asked i guess we both still want to hang about

“Yeah all of us even Emily”my dad said and for some reason I just felt happy

“But where am I going?”she asked making me chuckle which actually got her to glare at me

” Valentine you will be staying with them from now on”her father said… Valentine??but I thought she was Emily

“Oh …okay”she said but I could sense she was not happy

“Don’t worry it is going to be fun there”my mom said

“Okay then let us get going”she said getting her bag from the stairs

“Leave the bag honey your clothes are already there “my mom said

This woman is always hundred steps away from everyone

“Oh”she said and left the bag then went outside

To cry I guess… I followed her outside to find her wiping her tears

“Why do you like to cry?”I asked and she kept quiet but then responded

“It is just too much for me”she said and I hugged her

“I am sorry”I said patting her back

“When you are done with your lovey dovey let us go”that was my mom’s voice

We quickly disengaged and entered the car and soon it drove away

The drive was hard for me cause I had to always steal glances at Emily and sometimes she would catch me


We got to the mansion after a long drive

“Need some help”Justin asked and I looked at him

“With what?”I asked basically confused

“With your hand”he said as he took my hand into his hand

“Okay no problem”I said as he soothed my hand

He is been acting weird and I don’t know why ….Like he would stare at me or just want to touch me

“Wow!”I mumbled as I got out of the limo “It’s beautiful right?”Mrs Carter said getting out too

” more than beautiful”I said and they all chuckled…This family must be rich like glass doors

Omg if this is a dream god must stop joking and wake me up

“Let’s go”Justin said jolting me out of my thoughts

“Wow”I said as we entered the mansion….They all just chuckled

Am I lucky or what…”Justin show her your room I am sure she is tired”Mr Carter said

“Isn’t there a guest room?”I asked cause I can’t imagine sharing a room with Justin

“There is actually….”Justin tried to say but his mother cut him off

“No sweetie so you two will be sharing a room”she said and walked away hand in hand with Mr Carter leaving us frozen
To be continued……..

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