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Pregnant At 18 – Episode 5




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I am left out alone cause the whole family went to work

Can you imagine that they told me to not go to school anymore

What can I do…..I have been eating and puking all day so right now I want to watch TV

I stood up and went to the glass drawer wondering what was inside

“Omg!”I said as I saw the bliss biscuits

I so love them and I have been wanting to eat them for the rest of my life

Without wasting time I took them and sat on the couch

How do I switch the TV on ….Geez this remote is stressing me out

I pressed each button until it switched on….Yeah for now I want to watch Disney Channel

I changed the Chanel to Disney and luckily my favourite show which is Penny on M.A.R.S was playing so I opened the biscuits and ate them within 10 minutes

Now I need ice cream …I threw the packet into the trash bin and looked for ice cream in the fridge

“My favourite”i took out the mint ice cream and started eating it

I heard the door open and I didn’t mind it so I kept eating the ice cream while smiling to my show

“My ice cream!”I heard an unfamiliar voice and I turned to see Justin and his friend that he brought to the party

“Afternoon to you too”I said and continued

“Seriously you are still finishing the ice cream I drove five miles for”the guy said and I couldn’t help but laugh

“You are crying for ice cream”I said and Justin cracked earning a glare from his friend

“What you are just over reacting because of ice cream be a man”Justin said and walked to the kitchen

“I am Jake by the way”he said smiling “No you are cry baby”I said and he frowned and sat beside me

“Justin was right you are mean”he said and frowned

“I am mean”I said between tears and he noticed that and patted my back

“No you are nice you so nice”he said and I smiled eating my Ice cream again

“Emily”I heard Justin shout my name and I kept quiet

If he want to talk he will know how to call my name

“Emily tell me you didn’t”he said angrily as he entered the sitting room

I just licked my Ice cream off the spoon looking at him straight into the eyes

“Where is my bliss biscuits”he asked and I couldn’t help but laugh

“You are a cry baby too just because of mere biscuits”I said and Jake chuckled

“Hey I was craving for those biscuits”he said between clenched teeth

“Well your baby was hungry”I said and he smiled then frowned

“Don’t put this on my baby”he said and Jake laughed

“Well your wife to be was hungry”I said and he blushed and shot me a glare before sitting beside me on the other side

“Be a man”Jake said and we both laughed besides Justin who still looked angry

“I missed my show”I said hitting the couch and they all laughed

“You see how it hurts to lose something”Justin said and I stood up

“Whatever I am off to take a nap”I said walking away

“Okay wife to be”he said and I blushed….”Don’t call me that”I said as I climbed the stairs


“She is hot”Jake said licking his lips….” And she is my wife so get your eyes off”I said sternly and he laughed

“Don’t tell me you love her already”he said taking his jacket off

“Well it’s non of your business”I said taking the remote

“Well don’t forget about Sydney”he said I closed my eyes

“Sh**t”I cursed under my breath…”Just saying you promised to give her a chance and you guys are acting like couples so tell your wife to be “he said and I glared at him

“Nop me and Sydney is just a one night stand and friendship only. . no strings attached”I said and he laughed

“I wish she saw you like that too”he said and I scratched my head

“Fine then I will brake things up with her after just one night”I said and he chuckled

“Let us watch TV now cause I don’t want my wife to be to catch me talking dirty”I said and he laughed and focused his eyes on TV

I never thought about Sydney but I am attracted to her and I don’t think I am ready to brake my relatives with her

But what about Emily….But she doesn’t love me so I won’t hurt her from


I woke up feeling tired so I just barged and slumped on the bed again and anyways it’s evening

The door broke open to reveal Justin….”I am so tired”he said and jumped on the bed

“Get off the bed”I said calmly taking my phone from the drawer

“Don’t tell me I am sleeping on the couch again”he said and I smiled then pointed to the couch besides the closet.

“Oh man my son will find me dead”he said and I cracked

“You are still here”I said as he quickly stood up and ran to the bathroom to bath I guess

My phone rang and it was unknown number

I didn’t pick it up till it stopped ringing

It rang again so I decided to answer it “Hello”I said narrowing my brows

“Get out of the Carter’s family before it’s too late and abort that stupid baby”I heard a voice of a lady and she hanged before I could say anything

Stupid coward…. Why can’t she come and take me out by her own

She thinks I am scared of threats….Some people

“Who were you talking to? “Justin said coming out of the bathroom after some few minutes

I was just lost staring at his body…He is so muscular and he looks hot with that towel

“Hey stop drooling and answer me”he said with a smirk and I rolled my eyes

“My ex boyfriend”I said and I saw jealousy and anger written on his face..

“Why would you talk to your ex while your husband is here”he said angrily and I chuckled

“Correction husband to be and I was just joking”I said while laughing

He scoffed and walked into the closet….He came back wearing a white short without out t-shirt and sat on the bed

“You are going to sleep in that”I asked but he just smirked and layed on the bed without covering himself

“Just kill me…”I said and he chuckled….I can’t sleep with him like this

I want to touch his chest but I can’t….I watched his face and he was looking at me

I quickly pretended if I was asleep and I heard him laugh silently
To be continued……

Appreciate 🙏 🙏 🙏

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