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Pregnant At 18 – Episode 6




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“You won’t believe Justin is getting married”i said to Molly who chuckled while I shot her a glare

“What ….He doesn’t love you so don’t expect him to marry you…You two were just sharing s**xy only”she said and I scoffed

“But I gave him myy virginity”I said and she laughed “I gave my virginity to Jake too and it doesn’t make us couples and anyways Justin didn’t force you”she said and I rolled my eyes

“So much for a friend”I said angrily and she chuckled “Truth always hurts Sydney”she said.

“But trust me Molly they will not last long”I said and flicked my hair

“Count me out”she said and walked away before I could say anything

I will surely make that slut get rid of her pregnancy and we will see how Justin will marry her

Even if it means killing my own blood I wouldn’t mind because I will have Justin’s money and attention


I woke up and tried standing up but I was wrapped up by Justin’s hands

How did he do this….Why didn’t I hear him wrap his hands “Justin”I called as I patted his back

“Let us stay like this for ten more minutes please”he said and I chuckled this boy is really sick

I just stayed the in his arms and I could feel his hot breath on my neck

Seriously he is still shirtless…I trailed my hands around his chest because he was asleep

“Stop tickling me”he said catching me off guarded

I quickly took my hands back and he chuckled…”By the way good morning wife to be”he said into my ear and I blushed

“Good morning to you too Justin and aren’t you supposed to be at work”I said into his neck

“Nop i want to spend the day with my wife to be”he said and I blushed

Really??This boy always makes me smile

“Okay can I go greet your mom and dad before they go to work”I said and he chuckled

“They are at Paris”he said and my mouth fell

Like when did they go and how didn’t I get to know

I guess this is how rich people behave..There was a sudden silence as we cuddled like couples

“I need to go to the bathroom”I said feeling the urge to puke

“Your trick won’t work”he said and pulled me to himself

“No I need to puke”I said holding my mouth

“Puke on me then”he said and I didn’t hesitate to puke on him

He quickly stood up while I smirked and walked to the bathroom to rinse my mouth

That serves him right for what he did yesterday

I brushed my teeth and bathed… Soon I was done so I walked to the bedroom but surprisingly Justin wasn’t there anymore

Maybe he got angry or whatever I don’t care…I walked into the closet and picked grey baggy tracksuits

I am so hungry….I decided to go to the kitchen and there I found Justin cooking while clad in red tracksuits which fitted him perfectly

“Are you okay”he asked catching me of guarded

“Yeah what about you”I asked”You know I am always fine”he said and I rolled my eyes and went to the fridge

I took an apple and started eating

“Breakfast will be ready in a moment”he said and I just nodded and sat on a long red stool facing him


We decided to watch TV after eating breakfast

“I want to watch a movie”Emily said sitting on the couch

“Anything for my wife to be”I said and she blushed but quickly replaced it with a straight face

She is dramatic and I like that about her….I can’t believe she really puked on me

I switched on an animated movie…”I am hungry”Emily said and I looked at her

Seriously??? “But you just finished eating”I said

“I am hungry again”she pouted her lips which made me chuckle

“Suit yourself then “I said and focused my eyes on the TV

The next thing I head was a strong hand hitting me “Ouch”I shouted standing up

“Justin your baby is hungry you can’t starve your baby…And she wants ice cream”she said dramatically and I laughed

Like really everytime she want to eat she involves my baby boy which is my weak point

“Let us go then”I said and helped her up

Thankfully my tracksuit had a hoodie

We got to the car and my guards opened the doors for us

Soon we got to the small market and I wore my hood

We bought a bucket of ice cream and two ice cream cones but she took both of them anyways

We were still walking back to the car when a familiar voice called my name

“Justin”she called and I looked back to see Sydney

My eyes widened… Without any other move she kissed me and I couldn’t help but kiss her back
To be continued………..

Appreciate please 🙏 🙏

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